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Sade Montoya

Submitted by on November 20, 2010 – 4:15 pm 32 Comments

Sade Montoya at stars2come

Sade is one amazing young lady. She can literally do it all. She is an actress, dancer, and singer. Sade has been making quite a name for herself with Movimiento Satelite of  Telemundo 33. Watching her doing her show, you can see how much fun she is having, and how professional she is. The camera likes her very well, and she has a good clean and clear voice.

Sade started her journey at a very young age. At just three years old she won the Mini Model contest in 2004, and this was the beginning for her entertainment journey.  When she was four years old she started ballet. She took classes from, “Casa de la Cultura” in Tijuana, and went on to perform at several festivals. At six years old she started a different dance class at the School of Dance “Ojo de Horus” here she was learning Arabic (TRIBAL) and Jazz. She then performed in various cultural forums such as the Municipal Palace, CECUT, TV shows and others. This all paved the way for her next step. At eight years old she entered a contest on the Internet for Movimiento Satélite “Vamos a la disco”. From this win she was cast for the mini ballet of “Movimiento Satélite”.  She also won a scholarship for “Centro Artístico Satélite”, here she started learning everything, acting, dance, TV and radio and a different class for leadership.

sade Montoya at stars2come

Sade auditioned for the program Satélite TV of Telemundo 33. This audition earned her, her own show called, “Chismecitos con Sade”. Here, she is a host introducing the top artists of today.  Soon after Sade began, she was invited  to a workshop for the Society of Film Castings “Barbarella Casting” the most important casting agency in the region, where she was chosen by the Actor “Pascascio Lopez” to participate in the Short Film, “Rumores”. Sade has certainly come along way in a short time. Her presence on TV is growing rapidly, you can now find her as well on the network “Sintesis TV”, here she has her own show called “Festeja con los Niños”, it is a new  cooking show with the famous Chef Cristo.

She is not only limited to just TV, she particapates in a wide aray of things.  One of the other projects she does is, she severes as Director of Public Relations of Movimiento Satélite. She also has been chosen for a Christmas album “Pasitos de Navidad”  which many other artists from USA and Europe countries are participating. This is Sade`e singing debut.

Sade says, it has been a good experience. She gets to do what she likes most, but her life is different from most kids, she has to work harder with school, when others are out doing things she is home doing school work, sometimes late at night because she has been shooting a show.  Even though she misses out on regular kid stuff, she does make a lot of other great friends. She said, now that people are getting to know her, she can help  with community events, social events and ecological institutions, and she encourages children to take care of our planet, to have a better future for us all. Sade is a very kind young lady, she does enjoy being on TV, but she does not let that go to her head. Instead she reaches out to help others, taking her celebrity status and using it to make the world a better place.

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  • Maricruz-tij

    love this girl she is very beautiful and talent !!!!

  • Lagsbartt

    This page is very good, theres a lot of talent our thre and you are doing an amazing job with all of them

  • Aurora_mc0417

    yes she is a very talented girl and very sweet… and of course beautiful.. good luck !!!

  • Danny Mendoza

    I have had the pleasure to work with Sade and I can only say that she is a PRO at her craft. I am glad to read that people are recognizing her talent. Best of luck for your future projects. Sade is an up and coming star. Continue on the road to success!

  • Anaislasalvajebabymodels

    kiss kiss a ti Sade!

  • Correodevictor

    sade is the best ! 🙂 great talent ,singer ,all! 10 a 10

  • sandra

    Me encanta!!♥
    Sade is the Best!!:D

  • Andrea

    congratulation Sade you are the best !!!

  • caro

    love you Sade you do have a lot of talent and a future ahead !!!

  • J Glenn Davis

    I have not had the pleasure of working with Sade yet ! We met on Facebook and I can tell you this much she’s going to be big because of her positive outlook on life and wonderful personality. Now let’s talk about talent she can act, dance, sing, model and she does all of them with great enthusiasm.
    Sade has a wonderful 1000 Megawatt Smile and seemingly pops right off the page in photo’s. Personally I believe she has the talent and determination to go far. I wish her the best.

  • Olicarla_95

    i love my nephew she’s so talent and beautiful.. i love uu sade you’re a star 😀

  • Childrenscorp

    En Childrens Corporation reconocemos el talento, carisma y altruismo de Sade, es una gran artista y una excelente persona!! Muchas felicidades por tu esfuerzo y dedicación, estamos seguros que seguiras brillando por mucho tiempo!!!

  • Albana!

    She is beautiful!
    I am charmed with his talent
    She is a good friend!
    she is quite super pretty
    He sings beautifully
    It has a super giant talent
    And of big tendra a good future

  • Xymox4me

    I am lucky to say that I know Sade personally and needless to say, She is talented and has a great future ahead of Her. Best wishes for Sade even tough I know that She is going to acheive all her dreams, Her hard work shows it all. Love You Sade.

  • Ojo de Horus

    her my student, a beautiful girl and her young enterprising, responsible and decisive, kiss, always be my little girl, I love you. Ojo de HOrus waiting for you…

  • Meriyourenna

    Sade ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡felicitaciones que linda trayectoria eres una niña muy especial,cariñosa y luchadora por tus sueños este es el inicio de muchos exitos mas…desde venezuela un super abrazo…tkm…sigue adelante…diositpo bendiga tu carrera artistica…tkm…besos…
    Sade ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡ congratulations nice path you a very special girl, loving and fighting for your dreams this is the beginning of many more successes … a super hug from Venezuela … tkm … go ahead … bless your artistic career diositpo … tkm … kisss

  • Aracely

    She’s a beautiful, special, talented girl who I’m very glad is having such a wonderful journey. I’m sure we’ll see many great accomplishments from her. We are very proud of you Sade…..keep up the great work! Love ya!

  • Jenny

    que niña tan talentosa exito en todo Sade!!! ya eres famosa

  • dancelina

    Sade eres una niña muy carismatica que me consta que te has esforzado y trabajado muy duro para cultivarte y destacar en el ambito artistico siempre avanzas mas y mas, eres un gran ejemplo a seguir para todas los niños por tus grandes logros, por tu sencillez, por tu disciplina, por tu talento. Como tu maestra y coreografa de baile que soy estoy muy feliz y orgullosa de ti como persona, como estudiante y como artista, te quiero muchisimo y te deseo un gran exito ahora que incursionas en Televisa Mexico, para Tijuana eres nuestro orgullo y nuestra pequeña gigante ♥

  • Correodecruz2

    Sade es la niña mas talentosa que conozco, es de verdad una muchachita con una cantidad de virtudes que todos quisiéramos tener, gracias a su gran esfuerzo y dedicación ah llegado a donde esta, y eso que apenas esta iniciando su carrera. Sigue así Sade y en un futuro no muy lejano serás una estrella de Hollywood.

  • BetsyNBM

    im really happy that Sade is really pretty but not only that she’s also really talented , she knows how to act , dance & sing. Im really happy for Sade because she started so little , that when she grows up she will be really famous , & im also glad because she is a montoya & she makes all the faimly happy because of her talent (:

  • Alfonsomontoya

    I have known Sade since she was born, she has always had a big star in her soul. I love her so much!.

  • Susy

    que puedo decir de esta hermoza nena si la describieron a la perfecion Sade es Unica y con el corazon de oro que tiene puede llegar tan alto como ella lo dece te adoramos preciosa recuerdalo siempre 🙂

  • Gaby_escarfra

    Sade es una niña hermosa por dentro y por fuera, con grandes cualidades, le encanta bailar, es una pequeñita muy sociable, simpática, tiene una gran carisma, pero sobre todo lo que mas me gusta es que disfruta estando en el escenario pues cuando esta ahí se desenvuelve con gran facilidad, esto a pesar de su corta edad, definitivamente es una estrellita con un futuro prometedor. I LoVe SADE =D … mil bendiciones pekeñitaaa =)

  • Normabmontoya


  • Robonyc

    sade the best

  • Kyra

    Hi Sade! Thank you for writing. I have seen your videos from Telemundo and you are SO talented! Could you please look at my videos on You Tube and leave a comment, and I will do the same. –Kyra Mejia

  • Jeffdelong

    this amazin young star haves a gift she is amazing dancer and amazing singer she haves a dream and she following her dream, she nevers gives up what she loves,she loves to share her gift with her fans
    keep up the good work my friend,,jeff the artboy 12345artboy

  • jeff delong 12345artboy

    sade is amazing singer and dancer she loves to sing and dance and she cooks to she good at it to she love what she does and she never give up on her dreams you are a star sade

  • Marianaaamg

    La mejor! 😀

  • Joel Ivan Pvrvno

    yo ya te veo actuando en un escenario de broadmay,pequeña haciendo lo que te gusta y disfrutando lo que mas sabes hacer bailar. te deseo un futuro de lo grande.sade.

  • ChicoAtcheson

    I have been following Miss Montoya for 3 or 4 years now. First saw her cooking and fell in love with her. After the first cooking show I looked for as many as I could find. She is so very talented in all form of entertainment. I’m sure we will see her for many years to come. Love you Sade. God bless.