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There is a brand new CD that has come out that is a must have for any music lover by, American Hope. The CD is self titled American Hope. The CD  consists of ten songs …

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Devin Fox

Submitted by on May 17, 2010 – 3:56 pm 6 Comments


 Devin at twelve years from Ohio USA has an amazing voice. I have been enjoying Devin`s music for quite sometime and he keeps getting better and better with every video he puts up. ( Above ) He is singing  ” Hallelujah ” an Alexandra Burke cover . I like this video and song,  he shows some good facial expressions and along with a little emotion. I feel,  he presents himself quite well.

 Devin who just started singing about two years ago is doing a very remarkable job of it. He Says he just started taking singing seriously with in the past year and a half. He also takes voice lessons which he started about two years ago and started taking piano lessons about two months ago ( if I know Devin he will be great at piano ) . Devin started performing last summer at county fairs and summer fairs. He entered in a competition and came in second place, then entered another and won , which got him recording time at a studio,  but has not used it yet,  he also got to perform at the Michigan State fair. Most recently he got to sing the National Anthem for the YMCA swimming finals with a crowd of about 3500 people , ” he said ” that was really cool.

Devin certainly has been gaining ground with music in such a short time. ( above ) Is a song he wrote called ” Lookin ” I think he done very well with the lyrics .

 Devin not only is doing well with his singing but he has many different talents that he is very good at from drawing to photography Devin is the whole package . One of Devin`s favorite things is acting he has been involved with theater,  his favorite rolls were Grandpa Joe in Willy Wonka and Rooster Hannigan in Annie,  he also shot an Indie film that should be out soon. One of his big dreams is to be on a show with Dylan and Cole Sprouse  and ( I think he could almost pass for their brother ). I believe Devin would make a wonderful addition to the Disney family. Devin really loves to act , he was in LA for a while and hopes that someday he will get to go back and pursue acting, well that just might be in the works. Devin and his mom are leaving for LA in June , and try and bring Devin`s dream to become an actor a reality. After talking with his mom I am certain that Disney is one of their destinations and I wish Devin all the luck in the world that his dreams come true. I for one will be right here supporting him all the way. I have seen a couple of acting videos of his and he is very good at it,  plus imaginative. I will leave more videos you him for you to enjoy below. Please stop by Devin`s channel. I know with Devin`s many talents he will have his dreams come true.

 To learn more about Devin`s talents and great art work visit


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  • dylancragle

    Devin you have a great voice. It was fun to talk to you at Now after reading this great story I know you a bet better. Hope I get to talk to you again sometime. Have fun!

  • Devin

    Thanks Dylan, And thanks so so much Tommy!

  • Ever since I first watched a video of Devin on YouTube I recognized the talent in him. At first I thought that at times he way too shy – but singing in front of the millions as YouTube gives you that opportunity is not such an easy thing – yet he started singing and I was set to promote his talent . And since his first days in singing to perform live in front of 3500 people is quite an accomplishment . Whatever choices he makes about his future carrier we will be supporting him on the way, won`we !!!

    Great article Tommy – it was a pleasure leaning even more things about Devin ( now I have to start bugging him to update his Twitter more often) .


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  • Bricia

    there’s my best friend!<3

  • devinfox

    Hey its me the real Devin, I just wanted to know, could you post more recent photos?

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