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There is a brand new CD that has come out that is a must have for any music lover by, American Hope. The CD is self titled American Hope. The CD  consists of ten songs …

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Dylan Cragle

Submitted by on May 15, 2010 – 9:24 am 20 Comments


 Dylan age fourteen and lives in Washington state USA , has some outstanding vocals. I love the soft tone he has in his voice.  That soft tone tends to lend more emotion to the songs he sings. Not only does it give a little more emotion to a song , it gives his voice a great country sound . ( Above ) is him singing ” Bless The Broken Road ” a fantastic Rascal Flatts song and they would be honored by Dylan`s cover of it. I think it was a brilliant idea for the video out on a gravel road, perfect!

 Dylan started singing on his tenth birthday , his mom surprised him with an interview with a vocal coach. ( I am so glad she did or we may have missed his wonderful voice ) . He still takes voice lessons and says he has a great producer Victor Holguin of V.H. Productions.

  Dylan has a guitar and piano he plays around with but needs lessons , ” he said ” that no one would want to hear him now ( sounds like me ) but as talented as Dylan is,  I am sure he will master both before you no it. He has performed at many different venues,  at fairs , malls , local contests and at school. The one that was special for him was a contest at a local mall,  this was the first contest that he won , he had his family and friends there too to cheer him on. He said he won $150.00 and a thirty minute show at the state fair, That was real cool he said.

 ( Above ) Dylan is singing ” Leave The Pieces ” I like this song and the video , you can see his performance on stage real well and his $150.00 win. I like how he moves around and dances a little bit on stage , not only does that show what a great performer he is,  but how comfortable he is on stage. His inspiration for singing is that he loves doing it,_ this means a lot,  if  you love what you do,  you will be a sucsses no matter what it is you do. He says he gets real excited when he sings ( I get excited listening ) . He also gets inspiration from Captain Rock , his vocal coach , the singer Pink and always his mom.

 I know Dylan will be very successful in life,  there is so much going for him. He has such a great talent,  he has a good stage presence and when the camera is on him you can see he belongs in front of it. He has a fantastic personality to go along with it all. Dylan is not only fantastic with his covers but his original song ” He Taught Me ” was outstanding and his soft voice really added that great emotion I like to hear in songs. You can catch Dylan at any one of the many venues that he will be performing at this year, he will be back at the mall in a contest,  but in the teenage group this time, he will also be performing at the street fair on fathers day, plus the farmers market on the weekends , he will be singing at the school talent show on May 24,  he will be singing ” What Up With School ” he said ” that’s going to be fun. He is currently recording a new original a ballad and is writing another song ( I am sure it will be awesome ) . Dylan is a wonderful person and it was great to get to know him while writing this. It has been a pleasure talking with him, please stop by and give him your support. Dylan Cragle



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  • Hi Dylan, your work is great! You have an awesome voice. Keep the good work…
    Elizabeth Elias

  • Joni

    Great job Dylan. Your doing good, keep up the good work. Have fun with it. Great support.

  • 99shedhead

    Keep it up Dylan & as Joni says “Have fun with it”


  • dylancragle

    Thank you so much…I do have fun!

  • dylancragle

    Awww thank you Joni I wish I could meet you. Your so nice. lol lol lol lol

  • dylancragle

    Thank you so much Thats so nice of you.

  • brady1298

    Dylan you are unstopable of making me smile!

  • Carol Mcknight

    Dylan I can see why Rock is so proud of you !

  • Joni

    Your so silly Dylan maybe I will bake you a cookie or a pie someday when I get to meet you. LOL
    I have some rocks that need picked out of the pool too. 🙂 My feet and back are killing me.

  • dylancragle

    lol thanks so much Brady

  • dylancragle

    AWWwww that means so much to me!!!!!!!!!!!
    I'm very proud of him too!!!!!!!!!!
    Thank you

  • Devin


  • dylancragle

    Thanks Devin

  • For whatever reason I feel Dylan more close than the test of the young singers I am in touch with. It might be his participation in the radio chats which gave me and the other listeners to know him as a person in addition to his star image. I just heard his song “Bless The Broken Road ” and like the harmony in it He also has a unique dressing style which is quite interesting to me ( the scarf ..etc they appear in more than one of this videos ). Great article Thommy

  • dylancragle

    OH! Thank you so much! That is way too nice of you to say. I'm glad you liked Bless the Broken Road too. lol the scarf my friend made for me lol it was cold that day. Have a nice weekend, talk to you Sunday.

  • Vinny Bonina

    Your a great singer Dylan and have great taste in music. Good luck to you.

  • KaitlynThomasAust

    You are an amazing singer Dylan!!! Mum and I are going to look for you on you tube!! Hope to find you there!…

  • dylancragle

    Oh! thank you Vinny….so are you…..and so do you. lol Have fun!

  • dylancragle

    Thank you so much Kaitlyn. Your very good too. Thank you for finding me on YT

  • Geojam2001

    Well, Dyl, you know I think your great,,,I keep looking for places to promote you, but, lol,lol lol, you seem to have covered most of the web already,,,great job, kiddo, ( and Thank You Tommy Neal for the page interview),,,,well, I guess I got to think big, eh Dylan ??? How big did you say those dreams are ??? You’ve proven you can reach them, my friend, I have no doubt,,,,talk to you soon, bro,,,Peace