Gabriela Sepulveda

Gabriela Sepulveda at stars2come

 Gabriela has a beautiful voice, with great power and can sing in both English and Spanish. Her vocals in English are awesome, but in Spanish, she is magnificent. She can really bring the emotions and expressions out very well. She has one of those voices that, you just love to listen to.

 Gabriela is eleven years old and lives in California. This wonderful singer began at about a year and a half old, she says, after she learned her ABC`s. The first songs she learned to sing were from movies, Little Mermaid, Pocahontas, Beauty and the Beast, Hannah Montana and others in English. How ever, she loved the Mexican Folklore music and the  Mariachi bands, she says, they are full of emotion and strong feelings. Gabriela can really bring those emotions and feelings out in a song. One time when she was four years old, she sang happy birthday to her Aunt at a restaurant, the people in the restaurant gave her applause’s and requested other songs from her. Afterwards some of the people gave her money, $14.00, which she still has to this day, she says, that it is her lucky money. She is currently learning voice technique and opera from  Nayo Ulloa, who is a well known flute player from Peru.


Gabriela Sepulveda at stars2come

 When Gabriela first started performing, she was performing for family reunions, having mini concerts for her dolls and her family. Her family said, she was the “Little Show Girl”. Her first real performance on stage was at her schools talent show  where she performed, Como la Flor of Selena. All the performers was singing in English, but she sang in Spanish and the audience gave her a standing ovation for her performance. One of her favorite performances was  on the TV program, “Sabado Gigante International”, at the age of nine. It was very emotional for her, because she had always dreamed of being on that famous Spanish TV show. Another favorite of her`s was with a well-known mariachi ensemble in the  USA, “Mariachi Cobre” serenading the activist Mrs. Dolores Huerta this past September, on the International Theatrical Premiere of, “Adelita”, Women of Revolution, in San Jose, CA.  It was awesome for her to work with the producer Dan Guerrero, and meet in person the director of the Premiere Linda Rondstad, one of her favorite singers. Gabriela really loves to perform, it makes her feel free when she is on stage.

 She has made quite a name for herself  in contests and on TV,  when she was eight  years old she performed in “Juguemos a Cantar”, “Let’s Play Singing” a children’s talent show in Gilroy California. She won 3rd place. After this contest she received invitations to perform on TV shows like, “Al Despertar” and “Encuentro en la Bahia” of Univision network, “Comunidad del Valle” of NBC, and Radio Informativa of Telefutura and community events. She also triple tied first place in the TV show, Sabado Gigante International from the  Univision network, at the children talent show on May 2009. She was invited back on, December 2009, to the same program for a special end of the year contest, and she tied first place again. This year the same program invited her back to participate in an international contest, “Estrellas del Futuro”, “Stars of the Future”, with other contestants from other countries, in which she made it to the semifinals. In April this year, she participated in the reality show on the, Americas Got Talent  version in Spanish, in Los Angeles, CA called ” Tengo Talento, mucho Talento”, where she made it to the semifinals.

gabriela Sepulveda at stars2come Gabriela has spent a great deal of time on TV, but she has also spent a good deal of time on radio as well. When she was seven years old she recorded a commercial about “Earthquake awareness” for the radio program called “Nuestros Niños” in Oakland, CA. She was on the  international 104.9 FM radio station in the Bay Area. The programs that she participated in are, “Noches de Fama”, “Nights of Fame” and “Celina al Medio Dia” , “Half of the Day with Celina” on September 2010.

 She has been working on some original songs. She wrote one when she was nine, kind-of a rock song and her dad helped her with the music. She is working on more that are in English and Spanish. Gabriela has one CD out   “Mis Primeras Canciones”, she recorded the CD this year. She is looking forward to her second in which will have some of her own songs on it. The songs on her first was inspired by  Linda Ronstad, and Selena, these are two of her favorite performers. It is clear that Gabriela was made for music. She can deliver a song better than most people that have been performing for years. She has one of the most emotional tones to her voice making you feel every word, and this is what a true performer can do, and Gabriela is just that..

  • Children’s Discovery Museum of San Jose is proud to have hosted performances by Gabriela on several occasions. We are so honored when she shares her amazing voice with our visitors. Gabriela helps to bring cultural awareness through her singing, making us all feel more connected. Way to go Gabriela!

    • Dnsepulveda

      Dear Autumn, thank you so much for your comment. It is a placer for me to perform regularly at the best place for the children in San Jose. Thank you for the always support for me and my family.

  • Marina

    Gabriela espero que te recupres muy prontito ! te deseo lo mejor , que tengas mucha suerte y lleges muy lejos!
    muchos besos desde España ( Mallorca )

    • Dnsepulveda

      Marina!!! Gracias por gustarte mi música. Un dia me gustaria ir a España para conocer a todos los fans de alla y cantar para todos ustedes. Os quiero mucho!!! Gaby

  • Noemi

    Gaby, es muy bonito ver tus videos y que bueno que ademas de tu talento vocal tengas el de componer tus propios temas, felicidades y mucha suerte siempre


    • Dnsepulveda

      Te quiero muchoooooooo!!! Gracias por tu apoyo!!!! Besitos, Gaby

  • Hank

    Gaby, you have an incredible gift! It is so wonderful to simply listen to you sing. I had the privilege of watching you sing to Dolores Huerta–a extraordinary and beautiful moment when traditions and courage came together across generations. Congratulations and all the very best wishes for your work and your future!!

    • Gaby

      Hank, as always, it was so nice to see you at the concert. I would never forget that historical moment when I serenaded Mrs. Dolores Huerta with Mariachi Cobre. It was very emotional and excited!! You are a fantastic photographer!! Regards, Gaby

  • Octavio

    Tengo tu CD is es hermoso. Continua con tu carrera y echale pa’ adelante.


    • Dnsepulveda

      Que bueno que te gusta mi disco!!! Gracias, por escucharlo y tenerlo contigo. Gracias por tus palabras. Gaby

  • ortega

    Gaby ia an amazing and professional talent. I was fortunate enough to work with her (and her monther) during our 2010 Día del Niño event. The audience went wild for her! She had an overwhleming request for autographs and pictures. I’ll definately be inviting her back for the 2011 event.


    Gabyyyyyy que hermosa estas un fuerte saludo desde México de tu tía Fabiola
    gran talento éxito

    • Dnsepulveda

      Prima, wow!!! Tu tambien eres muy bonitaaa!!! Gracias por los saludos desde Mexico. Abrasitos y cariños para todos mis fans de por allá y toda la familia!!! Gaby

  • Tino Brodard

    Excelente, Gaby. Cada dia mejor !!….Sigue asií. Llegarás lejos.
    Besos desde ESpaña.

    Tino Brodard

    • Dnsepulveda

      Tino, le agradezco de corazón se haya tomado la molestia de leer el articulo. Estoy muy contenta que la gente de España le guste mi musica. Gracias por el comentario. Gaby

  • Sanmoratalla

    Beautiful and very talented girl , i love her and wish good luck in every thing that she do .

    • Dnsepulveda

      Sanmoratalla!!! Muchas gracias por comentar sobre mi articulo. Es un honor conocerte y muchas gracias por apoyarme. Blessings!! Gaby

  • BRENda Ibarra


    • Gaby

      Brenda, the honor is mine!! It was terrific to sing a Duo with your brother, Brian Ibarra. I’m sure he is the next Pavarotti. Love Gaby

  • Nereidas_ch

    Gabriela no tengo palabras para expresarte lo grande que eres con esa maravillosa voz,
    con tu entrega y dedicación llegaras a la cima como cantante y compositora.
    besos y abrazos desde Tlaquepaque, Jal.

    • DnSepulveda

      Le agradezco mucho haya leido el articulo!! Estoy muy contenta que todos ustedes me apoyan. Nunca lo olvidare!!! Saludos, Gaby

  • Sonoma

    “Gabriela is very good. She is very pretty. I want to see Gaby’s shows.” –Sonoma, 4 years old

    • Dnsepulveda

      Somomaaaaaaa! You are the best fan ever!! Ilove you very much!!! Gaby

  • Chill66

    Dear Gaby,
    You are such a beautiful person both inside and outside with an unbelievable voice. We feel blessed to have you in our lives and we love you very much. Best of wishes with your career.

    Love, Carina and family

    • Dnsepuvleda

      My dear friends and fans!!! I love always!!! Love, Gaby


    • Dnsepulveda

      Amiga Belem y Familia!!! Belem eres fantastica y nunca olvidare la gran amiga y gran artista que eres. Te quiero y te recuerdo con mucho cariño siempre! Tu amiga, Gaby

  • Jambrizm

    Hola Gaby. Eres grandiosa, tienes una voz privilegiada y hermosa, dios te ama mucho y te ha regalado esta bonita voz y todo este talento natural que tienes. Sigue asi, luchando cada dia para mejorar, no te rindas nunca.
    Mis mejores deseos, desde México.
    Tu tio Javier Ambríz

    • Dnsepulveda

      Gracias por ser mi admirador y por dejar tu comentario!!! Eres un gran persona y buen amigo de la familia. Nunca me rendire, te lo prometo!!! Abracitos, Gaby

  • Guillermo

    Hi Gaby!!
    el limite es el cielo para ti… 🙂
    no se que mas decirte despues de tantas cosas
    tan bonitas que te dicen y desean todos tu fans,
    Se siente que disfrutas tu arte, se siente que es
    natural para ti cantar, eso permite que quienes te escucan
    sientan tambien esa energia, permitete a ti misma
    siempre sentirte asi natural en todo lo que haces, al jugar,
    al estudiar, al ser humilde y al soñar,
    sueña en grande,
    Un abrazo, Guillermo, 🙂

    • Dnsepulveda

      Si, muchas gracias por tu apoyo y ver mis videos! Saludos tambien para ti.

  • Carlos Alberto

    Gabriela usted eres hermosa y tambien tiene una voz hermosa. Saludo desde Brasil.

    Mi canal de youtube es: carlosalberto200911

    • Dnsepulveda

      Mucha Gracias!!! Tambien saludos para usted desde California!

  • Pamela Darington

    You’re amazing, Gaby! It’s been astonishing to watch you and your talent grow! I always told your Dad that you’d be a star someday but I had no idea it would be so soon! You have a such a beautiful voice — thanks for sharing with all of us. Sigue adelante!

    • Dnsepulveda

      Gracias por tu apoyo! Y seguire adelante siempre!

  • Aurora

    Hello Gabrielta,
    My children and I were at the Quinceanera expo in Watsonville not to long ago and my only son has been since infatuated with you, thanks to your charm! You have such an amazing voice! I was going to buy your CD that day but was not able to locate an ATM nearby so is there a website were we can purchase your music? I kow you will make it BIG very soon!


  • Michell odett

    eres exelente gaby una gran artista y gran amiga se que llegaras muy lejos cantas wow exelente saludos desde mexico DF

  • Geraldine

    Felicidades Gaby! Tu talento es sorprendente, tu carisma sin igual y tu humildad unica. Sigue tus sueños y veras que llegaras muy lejos. Un fuerte abrazo de parte mia y de Amberly y toda mi familia. T.Q.M. 🙂

  • Gabriela Sepulveda

    love and admiration to Stars of the Future, Gabriela Sepulveda