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There is a brand new CD that has come out that is a must have for any music lover by, American Hope. The CD is self titled American Hope. The CD  consists of ten songs …

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Gaby Borges

Submitted by on April 30, 2010 – 1:57 pm 48 Comments


   Gaby an adorable  ten year old girl, that lives in Florida ,USA. She has a beautiful  sound to her voice , I love,  to listen to her music.    She is singing ” Viveme ” above and she, sang this song , better,  than the original ( in my opinion ) I have heard this song many times and for me Gaby as done it the best ( just beautiful! ). Her parents originally from Mexico making Gaby fluent in both English and Spanish. You will find when you listen to her videos she does an exceptional job singing in both languages.  ” Viveme ” was originally sung by , Laura Pausini who won a Billboard Latino award with this song and was the theme song for TV soap opera LaMadrastra ( stepmother ) .

   Gaby has accomplished so much in her ten years,  most can only dream of doing half  of what she has done. Gaby at three years , started dancing Salsa , when she was four she won first place in that category at the World Salsa Federation competition. After that she started to like Hip Hop , so she auditioned for the Miami Heat Jr. Jam Dance Team and became part of a group of kids that dances at the Miami Heat Basketball games.  At age seven she started playing the guitar and joined MDA Studios , where she learned acting , ballet , jazz and hip hop. This opened the door for her to start working as a backstage dancer at Univision Television on the TV show Sabado Gigante and Don Fransisco Presenta shows since 2008. ” She said ”  she was excited about one show where, she was a dancer for a couple of kids impersonating Wisin and Yandel, and got to meet them after the show, ” she says”  they were real down to earth. Gaby also started working at the television network Telemundo in a soap opera ” El Rostro de Analia “.  She won first place on  Stars Power Talent competition in the hip hop category in the same year , also she was accepted in to the ” Marlin Minnows ” this is a group of kids that dance at the Florida Marlin`s baseball games. Gaby truly is a fascinating dancer and singer I enjoy very much watching her perform and I know you will too.

   She started to perform in music videos such as “The Padura Girls ” a Kimbara production and ” Deuce I Deuce “. At age nine,  she auditioned for a music video called BKIDZ . Then she signed her first music contract with Top Stop Music a company owned by composer and producer ” Sergio George ” .

   Gaby does an exceptional job on her music and great song choices. I asked her about how she goes about choosing what songs to sing,” She says ” her vocal teacher chooses between songs and she decides which one to record. (I think,  she does an awesome job of deciding ). It dosen`t matter if she performs in English or Spanish it comes out beautifully. Her dancing is always right on the money , dose not seem, she ever misses a step in her videos. She tells me that her dad,  films the videos and when they  filmed Viveme at the beach and it was really windy , messed up her hair and fell in the cold water ( brrr ) a real disaster ” she said ” .  (  Well it came out great despite the set backs ). Gaby tells me that she really wants to be a star ,_ well in my eyes she already,_ is!  

    Gaby is a fasinating young lady.  I have enyoyed talking with her very much,  she was very  helpful in many ways and always kind and friendly. This tells me that Gaby has a brilliant personality that will indeed be a big part in full filling her dreams. Gaby has a large resume which I have only shared part . Hopefully in the near future I will be able to share more. In the mean time please give this talented young lady ” Gaby ” your support. I will leave more music and some of her dance videos to view below…..

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  • Awesome job! And congrats on the cover story!

  • Gaby

    Thank you so much Tommy!!!!!!!

    • Jesuskido111

      i hope u grow 2 be a really good singer.

  • Jorge

    Tommy thank you so much
    for this wonderful story!

  • Uge

    Felicidades Gabita eres una estrella
    mi vida!!!

  • Dani

    Prima te queremos mucho
    y te damos todo nuestro apoyo
    Ricky & Dani Medina

  • 99shedhead

    Thankyou Tommy for doing this feature on Gaby. It's a great piece.
    For someone 10 years old she has a great resume already. Gaby as you say has a wonderful personality & is a beautiful girl in every sense of the word. She thoroughly deserves write ups & promotion like this!!!

    Thankyou again

  • lolo

    gabita…eres un gran talento.. felicidades!!

  • lolo

    gabita eres un gran talento!!

  • dylancragle

    Outstanding Gaby! Your really good. Very nice blog, good job.
    ~Dylan and Lynn

  • I discovered Gaby thanks to this blog and a thankful for that as especially as she really surprised me with her immense talent and lovely voice. Her songs in Spanish are heartbreaking – I live in Spain as its well known and already had few of my relatives and friends listen to her music they all consider themselves her fans. Bravo girl – you are on your way to star dome !

  • Jessica

    Hey Gaby….YOU ROCK!!!!
    This is magic sweetie…..your a natural!

  • Guest

    Wow. I came here by accident, but I'm so glad I did. This girl is amazing & soo pretty & sweet. I wish I was her. She is doing what I always dreamed of doing. I'm going to check out her youtube now.
    I love her!!!

  • Cory

    I wanna feature her on my YouTube Channel……. Sent everyone here to see this Amazing 10 yr old.
    Next Mega-Star.. Born with Natural Talent…

  • kaitlynthomasaust

    Gabby is amazing… her voice is sooo beauitful!!!

  • kaitlynthomasaust

    Gabby is amazing and has such a beauitful voice!!

  • Robynn

    I LOVE HER wow. she's gonna make it big. x

  • Fg

    Congratulations Gaby. You have amazing talent. I hope you enjoy your road to fame, fortune and success as a pop star in the coming years.

  • Cyrus

    ou're awesome :). I think you really have a chance at a future in music 🙂

  • The 80's Music Channel offic.

    Gaby is awesome,this great talent with her young years,is unique.

  • stars2come

    Yes it is and she is awesome in every way

  • terraingmar

    Hi Gaby,now you can see me the first time,i have an account.lg Ingmar

  • Justice

    AWESOME Gaby ! We are sharing this page with some good friends in this business.
    Keep up the good work's you and your parents deserve a whole lot MORE!
    Peace and blessings
    We are brothers and sisters on one ROCK!

  • Sirena

    Gabby té magnifique té tro belle tas quelle age

  • Ronnie

    Gaby sigue asi porque llegaras a donde muchos quisieran alcanzar llegar….tienes mucha carisma y eso es importante para que la gente te accepte en todos los aspectos de tu carrera….bendiciones y, te deso lo mejor de esta vida, porque te lo mereces y mucho !! mucho! mas que eso!…..

  • lolo

    Gaby you're incredible! your voice is divine. better that witney houston! you will be more famous than britney spears & cristina aguilera ! your voice is fresh. best wishes. from galicia,celtic land. greetings.

  • Chris

    Our compliments to you all the time, keep on going this way Gaby, if you would be on stage in our country I would bring you roses !!!!
    Dearest greetings from – The Netherlands – Europe

  • Philbill

    You have a lovely voice young lady, follow your dreams as I have no doubt in a few years we will see you on the big stage.


    you`re really just fallen from heaven. GREAT TALENTED GIRL! thumps up!
    ************* For you all best wishes!

  • Charlotte

    Gaby you are definitely a natural with so much potential.

  • Karma

    Gaby you are Fabulous….!!! ..when ya gots it ..ya gotst it.!. and you GOTS lots of IT.!
    A 'Star' shines from the inside out..Shine on! Brava to you.

  • Meriah.Jason

    Gaby…you have everything and more….this demands attention…personal beauty…Pure True Talent….vocals that will not stop….stage abilities that
    wrap this in SoLiD GoLd…….
    most enjoyed.
    simply said….You have every star in the sky.
    many many many starz***************
    god bless

  • Polly

    Gaby—You are ” AMAZING” hard to believe that
    you are only ten years old..You are destined to be a big star..
    You can sing as good as and better than some of the
    big names….

  • Hilda

    Gaby cantas como un angel
    sigue adelante que nosotros te
    apoyamos en tu carrera. Te deseamos
    lo mejor del mundo

  • Fillyww

    Wher is Baby now? I am looking for a girl to sing in a duet about a father and daughter.

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  • Kevin

    I can not say enough about Gaby Borges. She is one of my favorite entertainers to watch ever. Gaby is so creative and natural in her style. Her voice sounds so beautiful I could go to sleep listening to her sing. I think she is an incredible dancer and she looks so happy when she is dancing. I love it!

  • Jesus Arriaga

    GaBy BoRgEs is hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • Jesuskido111


  • Kaylie

    On youtube there is a girl whos jealous of her. The girl is named nicole, she claims she dances and sings better, and she made two hate videos about her, one saying let them two have a challenge and the other one saying how bad gaby dances and sings at her video cant be tamed. While gaby sings her her keeps going on the wrong side, which makes the song even more cool and that what nicole was doing, Nicole in my opinion dances and sings bad, every comment said that gaby is better then her, she even lip sings just to make people like her. AND BTW GABY YOUR AMAZING HAHA I LUV YOUR CANT BE TAMED VIDEO

  • Lourdiesgarcia

    omg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ur so cute

  • Lourdiesgarcia

    OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ur so cute hey can u email me o and u sing so amazing on ur songs i think people are just jeaulos becuz u r so talened


    Give your e-mail please Iam your 1 big fan I like how you sing and I think you are going to be a great singer !


    I see the novel of EVA LUNA and I like how you act in Eva Luna!


    I like how you sing

  • Mbetsy57

    hey Gaby Borges i want to meet you soon nd just to let you know your a great actor i saw you en eva luna very great

  • Lourdies garcia

    omg can u plz email me u r a perfect little girl u sing spanish real good?

  • Mbetsy57

    hey contact me

  • Amelia Blow

    I love Gaby Brges she’s outsanding in common sense I don’t know how she gets to be famous there are lots of famous people but i wanna be famous but i don’t know how. i always told my mom that i wanna become an actress, singer but she always says no. I need tips or maybe hints from Gaby Borges. I know. I just wanna be like her all the other famous people. I’ll go over to florida in the USA  I ive in England so I’ll go over there to see Gaby and she needs to give me some information of how to become famous., 
    From your biggest fan
    Amelia Blow

    Ps  I’m !4