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There is a brand new CD that has come out that is a must have for any music lover by, American Hope. The CD is self titled American Hope. The CD  consists of ten songs …

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Jackie Evancho

Submitted by on June 10, 2010 – 4:10 pm 27 Comments


jackie evancho at stars2come I would like for you to meet Jackie Evancho ten years old and lives Pittsburgh ,Pennsylvania. You are   not going to find many people at Jackie`s age or even older that has the range as Jackie. The video above is a great example of her range,  singing ” Ave Maria ” ( Bach ) She did this classic brilliantly, it is so beautiful.

 Jackie is!,  a true prodigy, she started with a 2.5 octave range and now with training it has brought her closer to 3 octaves , her range currently is F3 to E6 this is extraordinary for someone at age ten. I have listened time and again to her music , with complete amazement. She,_ was truly born for classical music.

 Jackie says , she prefers pop ,  but  because her voice is more naturally classical in sound she dosen`t sing pop  because she dosen`t want it to effect her classical voice. Her goal is to have a solo singing career in classical crossover and she is well on her way. Jackie got her start in a local talent contest Kean Idol, ” she says ”  it was so much fun. There she was a finalist in 2008 and first runner-up in 2009 then went on to win first place in the 8 to 18 soloist category , USA World Showcasein Las Vegas 2009 she says , this was her first  ” rush ” feeling from being on a big stage. Also in 2009 she was a semi finalist in David Foster`s Hitman talent search and performed live on the David Foster and Friends concert tour. She has earned several awards in 2008 and 2009 won the Audience Choice Award at the Kean Idol talent contest, in April 2009 she won the Golden Ribby – Wonderworld TV in Massachusetts and ten more in July and August. A couple of her performances I would like to point out are , July 9 , 2009 on TV at the Nashville Palace with song writer James Breedwell , October 9 , 2009 on PBS solo for WQED with conductor/songwriter Tim Janis titled Celebrate America this was broadcast locally then national. All this as impressive as it is , is only a small portion of her awards and performances. One of the performances coming up would be a great honor for anyone. On December 2 , 2010 she will be performing with Tim Janis at Carnegie Hall and not just  anyone gets to perform here.

jackie evancho at stars2come

 Jackie is gifted  with a high range, but in the video ( above ) She is singing ” Lean On Me ” using her low range for a special project  and because she has  a wide range she did this song with perfection. As you can see not even a challenge when she had to switch up , she could do it with ease. All the songs she performs is done with outstanding precision and perfection. The control she has with her voice is impeccable. The training she  had enables her to do so much and here is her training resume : Acting, Singing, Dance – Pittsburgh Musical Theater
Children’s Festival Chorus – Christine Jordanoff In Residence at The Duquesne University School of Music
Children’s Festival Chorus troubadour – Lisa Jaworowski In Residence at The Duquesne University School of Music
Vocal Coaching — Paula Signor-Richter University Music Education Graduate and Matthew Evancho, Masters CMU in music education
Cover EP — private, Audible Images, Pittsburgh, PA Release Date 11/09.

 Jackie is a true artist in every sense of the word. Not only can she sing,  she has such grace and beauty , combined it is pure elegance. I know you will enjoy listening to her as much as I. Jackie has a CD available entitled ” Prelude To A Dream ”  which you can purchase through her web site , Jackie Evancho . She is also currently seeking funding for her next CD . Jackie`s first was amazing  I know that her next will be even more spectacular , there will be a live orchestra backing her. It is hard to believe this powerful voice is coming from a sweet little ten-year old , whom you can find frequently playing with her ducks.   For more about Jackie…      ( Sorry CDS are sold out )

jackie evancho at stars2come

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  • Harold

    Jackie truly is an amazing talent.
    I found Jackie on YouTube in February 2009 and was immediately taken by her beautiful voice.
    If I hadn't seen the video of her singing I would have guessed she was much older than the 8 years old she was at the time.
    Her debut CD “Prelude To A Dream” is wonderful from beginning to end. And Jackie effortlessly goes from Brittany Spears “Everytime” to “Starry, Starry Night” to “O Mio Babbino Caro” showcasing her versatility.
    I would highly recommend picking up the debut offering from this amazing young lady!
    It's sure to become a collectors item!

  • Beverly

    I liked it, she is amazing. I never heard someone that young sing as good as her in my life. Hope she becomes really famous someday.

  • dylancragle

    ok I'm speechless…and that never happens.
    Just Phenomenal!

  • stars2come

    awesome isnt she

  • Harold

    Hey ALL! Exciting News – Jackie was selected as one of the 40 videos for AGT online voting through YT!

    (That's Americas Got Talent)

    Jackie can win a spot for an audition on TV in with the Celebrity judges!

    Once a day go to and click on the “Voting Gallery” tab then on Jackie's video thumbnail.
    When the video comes up click the “Thumbs Up” button.

    Also please forward this to everyone you know! Let's get Jackie in front of the judges!

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  • A Jackie Fan

    The contraction of “you are” is “you’re” not “your.” The many other mistakes distracts from Jackie’s vocal and physical beauty. Have someone who knows English clean it up. Jackie has become a national star and deserves better!

  • MSirbaugh

    Jackie is a truly amazing talent!

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  • Carolyn

    Someone, please edit this article. Several wrong word usages, mostly the word “done” instead of “did”. I know this sounds petty but since she is going to be a professional, she needs to be treated that way, and she definitely is going BIG. She is unbelievable at any age.

  • Shirley

    i’m shirley from Hong Kong, i would like to invite her to come to Hong Kong to have a performance.
    does anyone have any contact of her can give to me???
    like email, thanks!

  • Popsy6767

    absolutely fabulous….would love to see jackie sing a duet with Charlotte Church it would be pretty wonderfull!!

    • Robertedgarmartin

      I know I’m a little late to this party. My 9 year old just introduced me the Jackie on youtube last week. The absolute most amazing talent I have seen in 42 years.
      I must disagree with anyone about her singing with Charlotte Church. Jackie is much better than that by every measure. I’m not saying there is anything wrong with Church, but she ain’t no Jackie Evancho!

  • Boxers_are_great

    I don’t think a little girl with a career that is already such blossomed as Jackie’s had any business entering a show such as america’s got talent. Since she is already scheduled to play at Carnegie Hall and has produced one CD and is well on her way to another. I believe she is highly talented but should have let what is already happening with her career take her where she is going going instead of trying to take away from the undiscovered talent that the show is really meant for. Tsk Tsk to Jackie’s parents for allowing this.

    • Ken

      I repectfully disagree. and here’s why. Jackie is a GLOBAL supestar as we now know. But without the exposure she received on AGT, it would have been years before the rest of the world got to hear and see her. Now, everyone in the world has the same opportunity as we in North America to hear this priceless child sing !!!

    • Edmund Charles

      Jackie needed the exposure, that’s why someone else was given the #1 prize, the judges knew that she, like Susan Boyle, was going to be rewarded and compensated in many other ways and she has.

  • sherry Gwardyck

    Jackie you are truly a gift from heavens….so precious and amazingly talented…refreshing … thank you for sharing your special musical gift!

  • Grumpy

    For Jackie no other word really applies, your voice is “Absolutely Captivating”

  • Darryl McKitchens

    Somethings wrong with the judging. Maybe a 10 year old should not be on Americas Got Talent when they are expected win a Las Vegas adult showroom along with $1,000,000.00. Jackie Evancho is by far the most unusual singer ever, just go back and here the crowds go nuts over singing. Jackie is the best.
    Best and God bless. I listen to her sing every day and ordered her CD. Darryl McKitchens From Las Vegas

    • Anonymous

      You are right she is a good singer, I have her CD too and it is fantastic

    • Edmund Charles


      I initially thought the same thing too! Then I realized that the judges wanted to give the other contestants something too. Jackie although not the #1 winner (nor was Susan Boyle), she is on a multi-million dollar tour and her future is unlimited. The publicity she got put her into the global spotlight and that was all that she needed. I am sure Jackie now does not think twice about being #2 on AGT.

  • Brenda Ibarra

    she should of won the America’s got Talent show. she has a great voice for a 10 year old..! keepit up she isgonna be really famous..!

  • Ken

    Not sure how many of you saw my replay to Harold: …7 Months later: “And the rest is history” as they say. Jackie is quiclky becoming global superstar. And Harold get this – a Copy of Prelude to a Dream ” just sold on eBay for – hold your breath – $ 1,775.00 . Yes it true 🙂

    Those of you who predicted last year that Jackie would someday be a star, pat yourselves on the back, you were PARTLY right. She already is a star and will soon be a MEGA-star 🙂 O Holy night, here first major lablel release went platnum after less than a month (yes that’s one million copies plus)

  • MaryJo

    I truly love to hear Jackie sing.  I feel her penetrate my very soul and shake the inner foundations of my spirit.  She gladdens my heart and my being.  Thank you Jackie Evancho for allowing God to work his miracle through your most awesome tender voice.  Keep up the good work sista’ and follow your dream and may God provide you with all the wisdom and power and energy to enthrall this world and for generations to come.

  • BillieJean

    Jackie Evancho today, Wow Stars2come was correct about this girl. She is becoming a superstar. Have you seen Jackie lately?

    • stars2come

      No I have not heard anything from her…