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 Jasmine is a remarkable young lady who continues to amaze and bring happiness to everyone that listens to her music. After learning from her first appearance here at stars2come that she is basically self taught, which is incredible it say the least, she has grown into a sensational artist over the past two years. Every time she puts up another song  you see more growth and you wonder how can she get better than this? Then comes another song, and the only thing that comes to mind is, WOW! The amazement is never ending, and the beauty and emotions she brings to the songs she sings is equal to no one except, Whitney, and Celine Dion. This is where Jasmine’s destiny lies. There is not many artists that can be compared to people like Whitney and Celine, but Jasmine truly brings honor to these legions.

  Over the past two years Jasmine has had some great adventures. One of the amazing opportunities to have come her way was the Perth Telethon. She was asked to be one of the artists for this great telethon, and was honored with performing two songs, one of which was for the opening of the telethon, “What A Wonderful World”. The other song she sang was, “Over The Rainbow”, and both of these songs was brilliantly delivered by Jasmine, and the audience reaction was phenomenal.

  Last year Jasmine treated the world to her very first original song, “Nothing To Hide”. This song allowed her to show off her creativity in story telling, and there is only one thing to say about it, “genius” . This song was so well delivered that you can see the story in your mind as it unfolds, and feel every word in your heart. This song was written and produced by Michael Tan, and he could not have found a better person for this song. The video that was made for this song allowed Jasmine to tell the story visually and she played all the parts exceptionally well. She is a true artist on the mic and behind the camera.

 Jasmine may live in the far reaches of Australia, but it was not far enough for LA not to find her, and they certainly did! Jasmine was asked to come to LA and meet with some music people, and off to LA she went. The first ten days that she was there was meeting and working with producers and  some original songs. She made this trip with her dad, and later the rest of her family came to LA and spent another two weeks for a holiday. LA had to have fell in love with her music just like the rest of us, because she was not back home but three weeks when they asked her to come back. So she turned around and went back for another ten days. She had a lot of fun on her second trip as well. On this trip she recorded four original songs, which she says, was really cool. She also worked with a another producer for a day and recorded another song. The producers that Jasmine had the pleasure of working with has also worked with great artists such as, Katie Perry, Lady Gaga, Niki Minaj, and Drake. Jasmine may be going back again this year, but because she has already missed so much school she might have to wait and go during the holidays.

 LA is certainly where Jasmine belongs. She has brought so much joy to the people that has listened to her music and now it is time for her to bring happiness to the people that has yet to hear her. The adventures she has had so far in life is a mere drop in the bucket to what lies ahead for Jasmine. There is not many young artists that can deliver so much expression and emotion in a song as Jasmine. Someday you will be seeing Jasmine’s name in lights everywhere you go and when that day comes everyone that goes to listen to her will  have huge smile on their face throughout the entire performance. Jasmine is brilliant, she is happiness, and Jasmine Clarke “will be” one of the greatest artists ever.

  • PerryMalinos

    What a great article!  Every prediction made is something I completely agree with and echo with great sentiment.  Tommy, your article is spot on and written with expressive style.  Something I always want when reading an article is to learn some things I didn’t know prior to doing so and this article delivered on that count.  Jasmine truly will “bring happiness to the people that have [sic] yet to hear her.”  You’re also correct in stating that what she has done thus far “is a mere drop in the bucket to what lies ahead for Jasmine.”  We all know this incredible young lady is one of the most promising young ladies that we all have had the pleasure of paying witness to as she makes her ascension to the spotlight.  We truly are the fortunate group of people that will be able to say “I knew her when…”

  • Shaz & Kait

    Great article tommy!!! 

  • 99shedhead

    Another great article and update Tommy. Jasmine has amazed me from the first time I saw and heard her. There promises to be many exciting adventures in her life and lets face it, she deserves them all and has already had more than most of us!!

    Richard (TFCT)

  • Chicoatcheson

    Great vocals and video. Jasmine is Amazing. Thanks Tommy

  • This is a excellent article about Jasmine Clarke ! I would like to give a special Thanks to Tommy Neal for letting us put this article on the Jasmine Clarke Fan Page ! Tommy your doing great things here supporting these young folks with their future in the Music Industry and with whatever gift or talent they may have. Thumbs up and a well done ! Thanks again Tommy !

  • alex alipio