Joshua Flores



   Everyone keep your eyes on Joshua this young singer is going to do wonders.  At eleven years he has a fabulous voice and has no problem singing anything.  You will be amazed when you listen.( I know I was ).

   Joshua lives in Texas , U.S.A.  He started singing about two years of age , then began to sing in public at eight.  He has performed at Bay Fest , local television programs , sports games and area festivals.  In the fourth grade he auditioned along-side eighteen others from Texas for a spot in the ” The American Boychoir School in Princeton, N.J.”   Joshua came out on top and was excepted .  They put together a fundraiser for him to go and got to sing along-side pop singer ” Paula DeAnda ” he was very excited about that.   Unfortunately he wasn`t able to stay there but a short time , due to the economy and had to move back to Texas . How ever while he was there he did get the opportunity to perform with the ” New York Philharmonic ” at the Lincoln Center in New York .  This set back of having to leave N.J. has not stopped Joshua ,_ he is going to be on a T.V show   called the Nashville Spotlight.  He will be leaving this month for the tapeing ( once the airing date is set I will post it ). 


                                                               Joshua  not only sings , but is learning the guitar and writes songs.  His dad , Nick  helps him , being a director of music and teaches the guitar you couldn`t get a more perfect helper.  The video at the top of the page is of Joshua singing a song written by his dad ” I`m Gonna Stand ” and originaly played by his dad and band,  but Joshua changed the melody a bit , as you can tell when you listen it worked out fabulous.  For me once I heard this song I couldn`t pull myself away.  Above is another original song by him and his dad ” Just Be Me “. 

   I had the opportunity to talk with Joshua and Nick they are very nice people I enjoyed it alot . They are really  down to earth and provided all this wonderful information. I did ask Joshua a few questions : 

  1.     How does it feel singing in front of a bunch of people ?    It feels good.  I enjoy when the crowd gets into the song that I am singing.  I also like that the crowd is sometimes surprised when I sing.  I guess, I don’t look like the way I sound.
  2. Do you ever get to sing at school for your friends ?    Sometimes, when they ask.  I’ve sang in front of the whole school a couple of times.  That was cool.
  3. What do you like most about singing and playing the guitar ?     I like that I can play whatever I want to.  I like that I can do both at the same time.
  4. What do you dream of doing, music, acting, other?      Music is my first choice but I am interested in acting.  I’m taking acting lesson right now.

   Joshua really does enjoy music and you can tell, he puts all he can into it.  I think with his talent he has a very good chance of  living his dream.  Below I have more of Joshua , please take time and listen , _enjoy.  He does have songs to listen to and available for down load if you would like at and CD`s are available at   He would greatly love to have your support,(  he sure has mine. ) Go get`m Joshua 





  • Not only does your site look fabulous but your writing style and content is one of the best I have ever read! Thank you for introducing me to Joshua Flores! Wow what a talent! I will be sure to look in here now and then for updates! You have really found a true gem! Not just a diamond in the rough but already on his way to being polished! Congratulations Joshua you can really sing! Keep it up! You are on your way to big and exciting things!

  • stars2come

    Thanks Riven he is something special indeed , I believe hr has exciting things coming too….

  • Gloria

    Joshua is special and comes from a special family. His mother, Angelica has a beautiful voice, but due the demand of her job does not sing as much as when she was younger. Joshua grandfather also sings and used his guitar and voice in conjuction with his job as a school Counselor. His grandfather sings with a group of marachis around the south texas area. Joshua genes made be prefect but he seems to love what he does and is very comfortable with people. We pray he will accomplish what he sets out to do.

  • stars2come

    I believe Gloria that he has the talent to accomplish his goals , and I am with I pray that he does he deserves it

  • Sademontoya

    congratultion .. good luck in all your projects !!!!