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There is a brand new CD that has come out that is a must have for any music lover by, American Hope. The CD is self titled American Hope. The CD  consists of ten songs …

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Loic Van Hoydonck

Submitted by on April 17, 2010 – 6:57 am 13 Comments

Would like you to meet this fantastic young man , Loc Van Hoydonck , twelve years and lives in Champery in the Swiss Alps  .  He plays the guitar and sings so smoothly , his voice and guitar are  very well balanced. This is something many people don`t do . Above he is playing ” Mr Rock and Roll ”  ( I just love how nicely it all fits together ).     He has Belgium and English nationalities and his first language is French , he also speaks German , English and a bit of Italian.


Loic started playing the piano at age six then about three years ago he started playing the guitar and then singing to accompany his playing.  I am glad he decided to sing with his guitar so beautifully matched.  He started putting videos up on YouTube about a year and a half ago mainly to show his family and friends in Belgium and England his music.  That was a great decision not only did his family and friends see them but! , so did other people and his journey began .  A French television company TF1 seen his videos and contacted him to be on a show called Petites Stars in which he performed live. They told him he had a great voice ( he does )  so he began taking singing courses,_ his teacher is Polish and was a jazz singer. He got to play some of his songs in Switzerland at a humoristic festival  Maxie Rire ( below is one of the songs he performed ) .

This year he got contacted again by another French Television for a competition on Canal J he made it through to the semi final.  He will be singing in another contest this year on a Swiss Television but, the dates are not set yet. How ever each time he is asked to do a contest he insists on performing live with his guitar , because he considers himself a guitar player first. He was also filmed for a TV magazine for channel M6 called 100% Mag .  Loic certainly has a big future ahead of him.

I asked him how he picks his songs ” he says ” he prefers songs with nice text , and likes to put a lot of emotions in them , ( I think does fantastic with that ) .  Loic is also a very rounded young man not only does he makes great music he competes in running , swimming and triathlon as well as tennis , and has many medals and trophies from these events.  In all aspects Loic is certainly a winner. He has a fantastic voice, he plays the guitar beautifully . I enjoy listening to him and I hope that many of you will too. Please give Loic your support and stop by his channeland say hi.. Thank you so much Loic..

Loic Van Hoydonck Audio Introduction

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  • Loic van Hoydonck

    Thankyou very much for writing my story.I`ve just read it with my parents and sister.I really appreciate the time and energy you`ve spent on the story for me.I`ll certainly keep in touch and let you know what I`m doing music wise.Thankyou once again for all the effort you`re doing.
    I`ve looked at the other singers and there`s some really good talent out there.

  • stars2come

    You are most certainly welcome…It was my pleasure

  • Loc Van Hoydonck – I wish I was able to sing and play guitar as good when I was his age. And wow Loc Van Hoydonck is a real smart boy for knowing so many languages ( I myself know about 6 , but can really consider useful 3 of them the – based on my language skills ) . While naturally I have no idea of Loc`s personality what I have seen in this post and the polite comment he left made me think that he must be a great person being as friendly and fun loving as he seems to be. But Gosh Loc how do you manage so many sports – I did triathlon and that alone did not leave me time for much else…however you do it doing sports is always a good thing. Oh and you are free to send me some music samples of you to play on Radio if you want – just ask Thomy he knows how to get them to me.

    And thanks to Tommy for introducing another bright young talent !

  • evaklirowska

    Hi Loïc,
    It's always nice to see and hear you doing good stuff…
    I'm so proud of you and I'm proud of being your teacher.
    Anyway, see you tomorrow! Eva.

  • sabrinastar99

    Awesome story Loic you are a really talented musician and good luck in your career. i'll check out your channel too 🙂

  • douge3d

    A very nice article.
    I've been listening (in delight) to Loic's great voice for a year now. Stumbled upon him through Youtube and fell in love with his voice immediately.
    He handles his guitar playing quite well ! (Too bad we only get to hear your excellent Gibson through 8 bit sound!… I'm jealous of that beautiful instrument!.. But I am happy it is being played in your good hands!)
    Loic seems to have good tempo, timing, memory etc… As well as a great repetoire of song choices that seem to fit his voice very well.
    Oops!.. Desole Loic!.. this is starting to sound like a school report card!

    Loic's parents must be extremely proud of him! (Ok,.. well maybe if he would have done his homework last night they'd be more proud!… (joke)) Seriously, I applaud Loics parents for nurturing his musical talents and capabilities ! **insert hand clapping here**

    It is good to see that you are getting more recognition through some more sites!

    I look forward to seeing and hearing more from Loic in the future!

    P.S. I would like to possibly incorporate one of your 'cover' songs into a future animation that I am working on. I will attempt to get in touch through your channel regarding this, if you are interested (?)

    Keep the great music coming !

  • jez

    What a great voice you have Loic.
    You will do really well and I am sure that we will be seeing a lot more of youas you get older..
    Good luck

  • loic van hoydonck

    Hi Jez
    thanks for looking at Loic, hope all is well with you.We ll have to see each other before another 10 years go by! All the best Liz Koen

  • Loic van hoydonck

    Hi Jez
    thanks for looking at Loic,hope all is well with you.We ll have to see each other before the next 10 years go by! All the best Lit and Koen

  • This article is now in audio version and being played on beginning tomorrow at 1:00 p.m. EST. This is one fantastic young singer and I so much enjoyed reading more about him. You can be assured that I am already subscribed to his You-Tube site and friend invitations sent. I look forward to doing a writeup on him as well in the future. This is one voice that needs to be shouted from the roof tops! Simply beautiful and guitar playing to match. Thanks Tommy!

  • dylancragle

    WOW!!!!!!!!! I love the story really interesting and you are really really good!!!!
    Thank you rivenmaster for sharing this with me. Great job Mr. Neal.

  • stars2come

    Thank You so much for visiting Dylan , I hope to see you back soon,,

  • I agree that he has an awesome voice and at the same time he plays very well several instruments !!!