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There is a brand new CD that has come out that is a must have for any music lover by, American Hope. The CD is self titled American Hope. The CD  consists of ten songs …

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Matthew Parry Jones

Submitted by on October 20, 2012 – 3:32 pm 5 Comments
Matthew Parry Jones at stars2come

Photo by Kat Lopez





Matthew is fantastic when it comes to acting, dancing and singing, but the kindness he shows others is “extraordinary”! Everything Matthew does comes from the heart and because of this he will most certainly touch yours. He is  quickly becoming known not from just his talents, but reaching out to help others in need. Matthew is part Filipino and his mom once showed him a video of children in the  Philippines digging through garbage bins for food. This video truly broke Matthew’s heart, and so instead of sitting back and doing nothing, he created the well known Jeremiah Foundation to help feed the children. This foundation is currently feeding 200 kids a month and growing. The foundation was named after his brother who died only a short few months before Matthew was born. Even though Matthew never met his brother, he does know a lot about him through his mom. Just like Matthew, Jeremiah’s heart was also in the right place. Jeremiah use to tell his mom that he wanted to build a church when he grows up. He was also an excellent singer, he would often take his keyboard through the neighborhood and knock on doors and start playing. From all the wonderful things Matthew’s mom told him about his brother, the Jeremiah Foundation was born. Matthew says his brother’s music will live on and his plan follows. He also says, ” All we have on earth is only temporary. But the gift of giving will live forever”. Jeremiah may have past away in body, but perhaps his heart and soul lives on through Matthew, their hearts have become, “one”. With this foundation he will continue to feed more and more kids in small ways or massive, he will do all he can with what he has.If you would like to help Matthew feed the children, please donate here, Jeremiah Foundation. In a news cast he was slated as one of the most outstanding Filipino. He truly is!

Matthew Parry Jones at stars2come

Photo by Kat Lopez

  Matthew has an amazing heart, but he is also amazingly talented, he is a triple threat. His mom is a singer herself and a Performance coach, she started training him at the age of four. By the age of eight he was singing in public. He has performed for just a few people, to crowds of 5,000 to 10,000. Matthew has a lot of energy on stage and his performances are outstanding, but he says he has to give all the credit to his mom. She is a Performance Coach Specialist and she specializes in working with children. She works a lot on facial expressions and feeling the song. Whenever she is coaching him, she is the coach not mom. He says he feels just like one of her students, so he listens and respects her has a coach, but when she is mom, he says she is the best mom ever. Matthew is currently preparing for a big concert in December. This is one you should not miss. (Details posted soon). He just recorded his new single, “Slammin” which will be out on itunes soon. Slammin is a fantastic song written and produced by Jeannine O’Neal. Jeannine noticed him from a performance at a church fundraiser U.S. tour. He sang CCR, “Have You Ever Seen The Rain” and “When God Ran”, then she said you are a heartthrob, you’ve got “it”! She said to Matthew, we could make a song that would be just Slammin, and it just came out of the blue. It really is a Slammin song.

When it comes to dancing he is as good as anyone. Matthew owes the credit again to his mom. She is a great dancer, and almost everything with Matthew was choreographed from the beginning when he was little. She taught him when to turn and how to turn and spin while holding a mic. They would spend a couple hours everyday dancing. All of this hard work he has put into it, and still does, has paid off greatly. Dancing has added so much to his performance, and with all this put together has made him a real heartthrob.  However just like everyone else he does have some nerves at first, but as soon as he steps on stage the nerves suddenly goes away and the moves take over.

Matthew has been doing his share of acting as well, and one of his favorite projects was shooting the commercial for “Sour Patch Kid”. Matthew lives in LA, but grew up in England and there were no sweeties there called Sour Patch. His mom went out and bought some so they could get familiar with it before the shoot. For the commercial the director told his mom he needed to look like Elliott in the movie, “ET” and needed to ride a bike. He also had to wear a red hoodie and jeans with holes in them. His clothes were in good shape so he ended up wearing a pair of his mom’s old jeans. There was a tiny kitten in the commercial, and it was hard for Matthew to work with. He said the kitten kept running everywhere and he had a lot of scratches when it was over. Here recently he filmed a pilot for a kids TV show with Ryan Hailey. This show is called, “Campin with all my Friends”. He was one of the leads in the pilot. He said you have to be crazy to get the role, and he says he was the craziest of them all.

Matthew has done many great things, but he is not done yet, because modeling goes right along with the rest. He has been modeling since he was a baby in diaper advertisements. His latest project however takes him straight to the front cover of a magazine in Canada, to be out in  December. They really like him for all his humanitarian work in feeding the children.

Everything Matthew does is now all just a part of everyday living, and he loves doing it. He is a down to earth boy, and just like everyone else he does get hurt sometimes. He says life is a struggle, but we have to continue to do what we want to do. Matthew is an avid church goer and believes highly in God, and may pray several times a day. He also assists his mom in Sunday school teaching the children bible stories and songs. He says God is the reason he is on earth, and put him here to do something extraordinary and he is going to do his best to please him.  Matthew is extraordinary in every way. He is not only talented in dance, acting, singing and modeling, but also feeling others from inside. He is doing a great job pleasing everyone that comes in contact with him, and you can bet God is very pleased. Everything he does, is done as a family. He has his mom guiding him along with her teachings and Jeremiah watching from above and guiding him from within. This is an outstanding trio, and Matthew can not fail with a family like this.


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  • Wonderful write-up Tommy ! It’s so heartwarming to see a person like Matt using his God given talents in such extraordinary ways ! He most certainly has a bright future ahead of him, and I truly believe the world will be a better place in him doing so…A wonderful boy, indeed…Peace !

  • Great kid with a good heart wish more kids was like him great kids equals good parenting. Wish more parents took more time to raise their kids to be like this.Wonderful story about an amazing talent

  • I love you little brother, because you’re a really good person with his heart in the right place! Jeremiah and your dad would be proud of you. I for one am very proud to be able to call the my friend and brother!

  • Rennie Cajetas Saranza

    great kid with a big heart…. more power for my son and more blessings…. extend the best of my regards to your mom

  • James R. Bossiquit Henry

    Wow, an amazing story indeed. And I’m glad to have been able to speak with both him & his mom, they are truly amazing. Matthew, I see you going very far. The main thing I have enjoyed seeing in you, my friend, is that you give to others. It is in giving, that you receive a whole lot more, and I don’t necessarily mean in possessions, but in joy; a joy in knowing that you’ve brightened the lives of others & have given hope to so many who lack the love that you have shown them in creating the Jeremiah Foundation. Keep being a blessing my friend!