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There is a brand new CD that has come out that is a must have for any music lover by, American Hope. The CD is self titled American Hope. The CD  consists of ten songs …

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Mikeboymaster “Brushed Off”

Submitted by on July 1, 2011 – 11:51 am 4 Comments

mikeboymaster at stars2come



Mikeboymaster (Mike) has always been a tremendously talented at writing songs, and every song he writes has a great story to tell in them. When anyone can write a good story and deliver that story in a meaningful way, this puts them on top of everyone else. A true artist when writing songs will also compose their own music and that is exactly what Mike does. These extra talents he has makes him a star quality artist. It is important to stand out from the rest in music, Mike does this by writing, but Mike also has a unique voice. He has a great deep sound to him, that when he performs his voice compliments any song he sings.  Being different is what helps in getting noticed and that is exactly what happened with Mike. Tony Warman of VHProductions was taken by Mike`s uniqueness, and writing abilities, and has become Mike`s official promoter. When Tony first approached Mike about wanting to promote him, Mike really was not sure about some one really wanting to help him, especially coming from YouTube. After they talked a while Mike and his family became good friends. Mike says, that Tony is a great help for him and makes his music more popular.

Mike wrote a great song called “Brushed Off”, this will become his first single in a recording studio. This song once finished will be promoted throughout the US under VHProductions. Once this single is released it will also be available on itunes. Mike said, he did not know exactly how he came to write this song, it just came from with-in,  but he already had an idea for the melody long before the lyrics.  He did how ever found it cool writing a love song.  Mike wants to continue making music, and try and have more success. He says, he keeps looking for more performances on stage, but the most important thing is having fun with music. Mike has always had fun with music. From the very start it was easy to tell how much fun he was having, and the pleasure he was bringing to those who listened.

This is a great opportunity for Mike, and Mike`s family is very happy with the progress Tony as made with his music. Through VHProductions Mike`s first single will be promoted to all the US airwaves stations. The promotions will begin in the South West US. This is a great starting strategy, with the music Mike writes he should be a great hit right off.  Mike`s music is more of a pop style and this section is where some of the best pop music is made. Now here comes Mike from Germany, and he is going to show them all who the best really is. Get Mike`s new single “Brushed Off” at itunes now!

mikeboymaster at stars2come

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  • Tony Warman

    Thanks Tommy for standing with Mike and I during his USA Promotions.

    Tony Warman

  • Hello Tommy,

    thanks for your support and the awesome article about my music !!!!

    Mike (Meik )

  • Liaqatali07

    very nice song

  • Rstroh1

    thats awesome will make it in time  🙂