Mikeboymaster : New Original

     Mike`s new song ” Generations ” is another tribute to his talent as a writer and composer.  He always has a good message to tell , and you can tell, he cares about people and the world. He talks about giving a helping hand.  I believe Mike  ” is ” giving a helping hand in his music , reaching out to people with his songs. Getting people to think about others not_ only of their selves.   It takes a great deal of thought and a good heart to put together a song, not only with feeling but meaning. Mike really showed what a good heart can bring to a song on this one.  This song_ will make you stop and think about people around you and around the world. There are many around the world that needs a helping hand. Mike you are ( SPOT ON ).

  • Hi Tommy,
    It's a great article. awesome! It's good to hear for me.
    Thanks for you support.
    Mike (Mikeboymaster)

  • mickey

    hey where do live. i hope that you can come to Maryland

  • Happy Birthday, Meik!!
    Congratulations for the Young King of Yamaha :))