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There is a brand new CD that has come out that is a must have for any music lover by, American Hope. The CD is self titled American Hope. The CD  consists of ten songs …

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Natalie Tuvey

Submitted by on May 11, 2011 – 3:17 pm 5 Comments

Natalie Tuvey at stars2come


We have an awesome young lady coming from the UK. Natalie is twelve years old, and  shows a great deal of promise, she has a very nice tone to her voice along with great control. She is some one that is really enjoyable to listen. When listening to her it sounds like she would be amazing in theater, because she tells the story so well and clear.

Natalie`s first song she ever sang was “Don`t Cry For Me Argentina” at just three years old. She heard this song once on the radio and she sang it word for word. This is a big sign to the talent that Natalie posses. It is not always easy to remember songs at any age, but at three that’s incredible.    For the past two years she has been taking vocal lessons from Christina James, and Natalie says, that she encourages her a lot. Christina has prepared her for exams in musical theater and classical all of which she achieved higher grades than expected for some one her age. Also for the past two years she has been learning the classical guitar and just recently started learning the keyboard. She has been writing some songs and wants to be able to put the music to them. This is a great attitude she has with her music, it shows her determination to take her music to the next level.

Natalie`s first performance was when she was four years old. Her primary school decided they wanted her to perform “Silent Night”  for the church nativity, that was in front of 300 people.  Then when she was eight she performed for her primary school singing “Annie`s Song” for another 300 people. She has also done some theater work, where she sang solo for a company called Stagecoach at Harrogate Theater, when she was nine. She appeared and sang a solo for a dance company doing “High School Musical at The Royal Hall in Harrogate. Like many at her age she too is getting involved with charity. She performed with a charity concert called Young Voices held at the Sheffield Arena. Music is her life and passion, and hopes to be in the recording studio to work on her original songs this year. Natalie has so many good things going for her, that she is sure to have a wonderful life in music.


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  • Anonymous

    Natalie has a sweet voice. I was recently introduced to her at and look forward to future videos!!


  • Rhetorical20

    I love listening to Natalie Tuvey. She is so wonderful and amazing. This is a very inpirational story about this very deserving young girl.

  • Guest

    checkout her new homepage now:

  • PaylerJ

    I have met this girl at a park with my friend and she was very rude to me and swore at me alot and the description of her is all praise. Why can’t the truth be told?

    • Brad Benzz

      I want to know what happened in gory details. It is very important I know your side of the story