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Nikki Rain

Submitted by on October 14, 2010 – 5:03 pm 46 Comments

Nikki Rain at stars2come Introducing, a fabulous up and coming country music star, Nikki Rain.  Nikki, at thirteen years old, has a quite unique voice, it is soft, and has very tender tone  to it. This unique voice helps to add more meaning and life to the stories she is telling in the songs she sings. For country music this is very important, to be able to tell the story, and make the people listening, believe the words and find themselves living it. Nikki can do this very well.

 Nikki has been singing for a while, she began at five years old singing at church. She remembers singing, Ray Bolts ” I Pledge Allegiance to the Lamb ” and everyone crying after the performance, but didn`t understand why. Now when she looks back, she can see how emotional the song is.

 Nikki, has since performed at many places, but one place she would like to perform at again is at, Six Flags. When she was nine years old, she was there and they asked if anyone would like to get on stage and sing. Nikki raised her hand, and out of several hundred people, she was picked and got up on stage  and performed, she definitely would like to do that again.


nikki rain at stars2come

 Nikki is taking vocal lessons from Judy Rodman, she feels that, Judy is the most amazing person, and that it is very cool working with her. Judy wrote a song that turned out to be a hit for Leann Rimes. Nikki says, it is so cool knowing that. Nikki has been taking lessons from her for about, four and a half months, and that Judy is so close to her, that she feels like family.  Judy is also helping Nikki with song writing as well. I had the chance to ask Judy about Nikki and here is what she said:

When Nikki Rain first sang for me in my vocal training studio, I immediately noticed the usual vocal tweaks I could help her with… and I also instantly recognized something I DON’T see often: she sounded like no other singer. Her originality, her inner fire, her outer gracefulness, her intelligence and her artistic personality needed no tweaking. Co-writing songs with her, I found that she has a lot to say, and am frequently floored by the unique lines she comes up with to express herself. Producing her vocals in the studio I found her a very quick study, professional attitude, easily corrected and focused on the song. I also noticed what I believe will help her carry the mantle of fame and role model without falling under the weight… her compassion and her wisdom-beyond-her-youth. I have noticed in my work with her that she truly cares for others… it’s not just a marketing ploy. She is simply a beautiful singing angel.  Both, Nikki and Judy seem to have a great chemistry together and no-doubt, this is going to lead to some amazing music. Nikki`s original songs has some outstanding lyrics, and with the melodies that are in the songs, everyone is going to love them.

 Nikki`s goal is to be the next big thing. She has a lot of people she wants to help, and that she believes one person  can make a difference. Singing is a passion of Nikki`s, and she says, that she plans to work at it all her life, if that is what it takes and never giving up.  With the attitude and determination Nikki has, she will be on top of the charts. People do love her music. I have witnessed this, people are amazed at her performances and truly loves to listen. Nikki is currently working on recording a jingle for, Cancer Cure, she said, if everyone did one thing to help, it would really make a difference. This is why her goal is to be the next big thing, to do something she loves, and to help others.

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  • Me

    OMG this girl is awesome where can I get her album?

    • Kaitlyn

      Keep checking Nikki’s site for the release date of her CD.

  • Me2

    I love Taylor Swift but now I like Nikki Rain just as much! if not more!

  • Krisy

    I saw Nikki Rain perform and she is Amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Barbara

    I LOVE to listen to this girl. I LOVE her voice.

  • Dustin

    Nikki is very talented my wife and I saw her perform at Nashville Palace a few weeks ago, she is extremely entertaining to watch, and our daughter wants her CD for her Birthday, so Nikki if you read this please get a CD out soon.

  • John

    I do like your voice.

  • Jeff

    Nikki is a great new talent!..Her voice is wonderful and she has what it takes to be a star!!!

  • Wrightkatie31

    Omq !! You Are SO qoodd !! iLoveYouu qirl ! (:
    Yer quna Make it Biqq , <3

  • josh

    hey Nichole its josh, I just wanna say ur a great singer and friend.

  • Mpatenaude

    Very unique and pretty voice! May actually be the next big thing!

  • NikkiFan

    WOW! I Love Her Voice! When her CD comes out I want to be the first one to buy it. Keep up the great work =)

  • Lancey17

    nikki hi dear. it’s lacey- Autumns friend! wow girl had no idea you were a singer. You look adorable and sound fantastic keep going for your dreams!!

    • Nikki Rain

      Thank you !!! and I will defiantly keep following my dreams(: !!! Love you !!!

  • josh

    its josh again I just wanted 2 tell u that u r very talented

    • Nikki Rain

      Josh you are soo sweet(: !!! Thank you So much !!!

      • josh

        Your welcome Nichole and im glad i have a great friend like you because your so kind, and your the definition of a true,nice,sweet,kind,awesome and so on friend. Keep up your good work Nichole

  • Big Beat Box

    you’r voice is beautiful and you are an amazing singer keep doing you’r thing you have a fan for life here.

  • Lizzy3161999

    i relly like her songs does she write them herself? i showed my mom and she even liked her

    • Anonymous

      Yes she writes them

  • Dylan

    where is she plalying? I would love to see her in person

    • Kaitlyn

      Nikki plays at Nashville Palace all the time. Keep an eye out for her!

  • Ms. K’leetha M. Gilbert

    Nichole is one of my students. From the moment that I me her, I knew that she was like no other student that I have ever had! She simply is not of this world.Being in her presence is a breath of fresh air.Her spirit is innocent, and mature at the same time. It is not a surprise that her vocal style is so appealing.
    Ms. Gilbert

    • Nikki Rain

      Thank you so much !!! ((: <3 Love yeah Mrs. Gilbert !

  • Leah Z.

    Nicholee Ashley Rain!! You are amazing. I wish I could sing like you. NO joke. My fav song used to be If I die young by The Band Perry ( Haha I seen what you said on Facebook about it) But now its all of yours. Your voice is just simply and naturally beautiful. I mean, I can sing a little, but not like you. But, I wish I could. And btw im the one who ALWAYS talks about you on Facebook. Cant wait to see you in the TOP of the music awards. 😀

  • annalise

    You sing better than any of the other people on this site. Do you have your own site that I can go to? You are going to be big!!! there is NO Doubt. I know talent when I see it and you got it!!! I would love to know where I could go to watch you perform. Do you already have someone Producing you?

    • Kaitlyn

      Nikki’s site is located at
      Nikki performs frequently at Nashville Palace.
      She is not signed currently, but will be as soon as a producer takes the time to see her! She’s awesome!

  • Kaitlyn

    Nichole is beautiful and EXTREMELY talented. I almost feel bad for those who don’t KNOW her because she is the sweetest most compassionate person-no one would ever guess she is only 13. She is so genuine and just fun to be around. Love you Nikki.

  • jerry

    very unique voice, appealing

  • Peggy

    Love her lyrics. They are so honest and universally appealing to the young teen group. Her words show such insight into her feelings and where she is in life right now. I would love for my pre-teen to listen to her music. I’m sure she would identify and that would help her see she is not alone and, maye, it would open opportunities for a real conversation between us.

  • Kasmire2

    very good vocals with a nice voice this girl will be a star

    • Nikki Rain

      Thank you !! (:

    • Nikki Rain

      THANK YOU !!! ((:

  • Jwhazmat

    I just have to say as hopefully a suggestion. Need a new photographer. Pictures are very revealing and sexy for a thirteen y/o.

    • Nikki Rain

      I just had a photo Shoot today(: Thank you for commenting !!(:

      • Nikki Rain

        Thats weird ? Anyway same thing goes for Linda and Jwhazmat :)) About my photos

    • Nikki Rain

      I just had a Photo Shoot today((: Thank you for commenting !!(:

  • Linda

    Yes I have heard about this girl before, She sang at Yogi bear camp ground !! My daughters thought she was great !!! Keep up the good work, You have what it takes !!!!

    • Nikki Rain

      haha sorry Linda I was trying to comment to you but I put in your name so I commented as you opps !!haha anyway Yes I remember you !! I I met your daughters down in the game room !!! You guys said you stay there a lot hope to see you soon !!! Thank you for your comment!! and you said the same thing about my photos when I met you a Yogi and same reply for you , I just had a photo shoot today!! Thanks for commenting !!

  • Nikki Rain

    Hey everyone it’s Nikki Rain. Thank you so much for commenting(: !! It really means a lot to me! You guys are awesome !!!! <3 Love you guys ~!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    When I first heard Nikki Rain sing, I was an immediate fan. I had not, since I can’t remember when, heard a voice so pure and sincere. Then, when I found out she had also wrote the song “I Could Care Less,” I have been impatiently waiting for the inevitable release of her debut CD. This unique singer is, in my opinion, destined for stardom.

  • Anonymous

    When I first heard Nikki Rain sing, I was an immediate fan. I had not, since I can’t remember when, heard a voice so pure and sincere. Then, when I found out she had also wrote the song “I Could Care Less,” I have been impatiently waiting for the inevitable release of her debut CD. This unique singer is, in my opinion, destined for stardom.

  • Nena

    I have heard this young girl sing and she is absolutely AMAZING! I can’t wait until she comes out with more songs, I am excited to hear what she comes out with.

  • Katherina <3

    Nikki! i miss you! You have such a great voice!! Cant wait to see you soon!! <3 Keep singing girl! your great!!!

  • let me tell you about Nikki.
    This is a girl with natural born talent to entertain. She is confident, charming
    and brilliant. She has a gift for lyric and a voice so unique that she will
    make her own category. On top of that, the music she makes is FUN!
    and that’s what it’s all about.
    All my very best to you Nikki.
    Rock ON!

    Mark Weisman
    Nashville, TN

    • Nikki Rain

      Thank you so much Mark !! (: That’s very sweet:))