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Nocturnal Rush

Submitted by on November 23, 2010 – 8:27 am 5 Comments

Nocturnal Rush at stars2come
   If you like rock n roll and want to rock the house, then you need Nocturnal Rush! These guys can bring down the house! Everywhere they perform the crowds go crazy over them, and their fan base is growing quick.

 Nocturnal Rush from Virginia, is made up of four teens, Kaela Heiston (lead vocals), Trevor Fichtner (guitar), Jake Rosenthal (drums), and Aidan Hall (bass).  They have been performing together since January 2010. Since they got together they have been making quite a name for themselves throughout Virginia. Trevor and Aidan both grew up playing music, Jake began taking drum lessons at seven years old, and Kaela started vocal training at age ten. Together they form an awesome group with outstanding music.

 Their first performance together was at a local country club in Gainesville, Virginia. One of their favorite performances was at the Watermelon Festival. This  is the largest one day festival in Virginia, here there were more than sixty bands and Nocturnal Rush drew the largest crowd.  They also performed at the Celebrate Fairfax Festival as the youngest band chosen out of  five hundred that auditioned.


nacturnal rush at stars2come

 Nocturnal Rush plays a lot of covers but they are quite good at writing their own songs as well. When it comes to writing it is a group effort, with assistance from John, Trevor`s dad. Trevor and Kaela comes up with parts of a song, then Trevor and his dad takes on most of the music, while Kaela does most of the lyrics. As the song comes together Aidan and Jake work in the drums and bass. They truly work as a team with everything they do when it comes to music. This makes for a tight knit group and it shows when they are on stage. The combined effort of the group has already produced one EP with three songs “You”, Heartless Warriors”, and “Nocturnal Rush”. These guys are getting so popular that they have already sold out the CD`s. You can look forward to a brand new music video that will be out soon of Heartless Warrior, this should be exciting to see.

 Although they work very hard on their music, to not only play it well, be to master it, they still lead pretty normal lives and go to normal schools, but their passion is their music. This passion shows well when they perform. On stage they mean business and they are going to rock your world! If you are around Virginia anytime be-sure to look these guys up, you will not be disappointed with their performance.

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  • Great group of very talented kids. They played a gig live with SIXVOLT and Whitney Kelly on the Youth Rock Live Simon Malls Tour this summer, amazing. See them if you can. They were also featured artists on Youth Arts Forum, Congratulations Nocturnal Rush!!

  • Kaela Heiston has quite a powerful vocals and Trevor Fichtner is great at the guitar . The band is good and I guess they ca only benefit from some more branding and exposure in the social medias

  • Thanks for the comments! Please visit us at for FREE downloads of our originals! And from there please join our FB page!

  • Wow that lead guitarist Trevor Fishtner is really good! While rock is not my most favorite genre group like Aerosmith and lighter rock like the Eagles ect top my list of favorites. I think with a little more practice and some additional gigs these guys could go far! Like I said the instrumentals really rock. I”m quite impressed to say the least.

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