Noelle Maracle : I Believe

 I am a big fan of Noelle,  she has one of the most powerful voices I have heard from a nine year old. Her new video ” I Believe ” is spectacular, I love how she just seems to become a part of the story,  it is like she is living it. Noelle adds so much expression to her songs and comes across very well on video.  When I watch her what comes to my mind is,  Disney animation, I can see her performing songs like this for Cinderella or Shrek because her expression comes across so well in the way she performs a song. I have never gotten tired of listening to her , there appears to be something magical about her you just can`t help but like what she does.

 Noelle also does gymnastics and if she does that,  the way she does music,_ well,  here`s your trophy Noelle. Taking from some of the lyrics : being all that I can be ; that is exactly what Noelle is doing,  being all she can be , and nothing can stop me; true she just keeps growing in every way with her music, believe in the power that comes from a world brought  together as one; music does bring the world together and Noelle is a part of that and she not only has the power with her music but with her voice.   I  believe Noelle can accomplish anything she chooses . I believe Noelle`s time is right now and that she is going to,  not just fly,  but soar to great heights.

 This is one of the best things about writing these articles for these young artist , you get to watch them grow and flourish . I am proud to be a small part of it and honored to get to know people like Noelle to watch her achieve so much with her music and what ever life may bring her. Noelle is not a selfish person either she is often supporting others and I am always glad to see young artists supporting each other, that is the way it should be. Would like to learn more of Noelle ?…..

  • noelle maracle

    You're the best Tommy…thank you sooooo much!
    ♥♥ love noelle♥♥

  • Ivan

    “I believe” is a great song and in Noelle's rendition it sounds absolutely awesome! When I heard it for the first time I was simply speechless and listened to it over and over again. And I absolutely agree with you Tommy about Noelle's expression. I always enjoy watching her videos as much as listening to her singing. There's something… even… magical in the way she stands in front of the mic and waves to the rhythm of the music and moves her hands up when putting emotion into the voice and closes her eyes on the high notes… She's really living her music.

  • stars2come

    She is really amazing how she just gets right into what ever she sings . Noelle is very impressive to watch on video as well as listen. The comment I made in the article about gymnastics well that very weekend she won 4 gold medals …..

  • stars2come

    Your awesome Noelle