Noelle Maracle


   You are not!  going to believe the voice on  nine year old ,  Noelle she is completely amazing. The power she has and control,  you would think , she has been sing for years.. Above his Noelle singing  ” Hurt ”  by Christina Aguilera.  I believe you will be as amazed as me. Don`t just listen,_ watch , you can see how wrapped in the story she becomes and the emotion she puts into it. It just blows me away!

   Noelle lives in Ontario Canada , and this adorable little girl who loves to sing all the time, even at her brothers , dismay.  How ever all that singing has started to pay off . Her first public apearence was on  Karaoke Star Jr. 2009 a TV show on YTV in which she was the finalist. Then on YTV`s Virtual Next Star 2009 she won the competition.  One of the perks she got for winning was to present Justin Bieber with his platinum award, but at the time she did not know who he was , so when the girls in the audience started going a bit crazy she couldn`t understand why.  ( don`t worry she knows now ).  Noelle was also asked to sing on a TV Christmas show , Sparkle , she was flown to Winnipeg in December, 2009,  the show will air in December , 2010. This was a huge honor for her to do this, because she was contacted through someone who had heard her and liked her.

   Noelle has also been her local town`s JR. Idol , and been in plays at the local theater. In such a short time Noelle has for sure accomplished a lot . She will be on a CD coming up later this year. The CD is to raise funds for abused women and her next performance is a fund raiser for ” Almost Home ” this is a place where families can stay while loved one`s are in the hospital.  ( that’s an awesome thing to do ).

   Noelle is a tremendously talented vocalist , and truly loves to sing.  She hopes to oneday make a career out of singing. Noelle is already treating her performances just like a pro,  the video above is her singing ” Put Your Records On ” she had just come from a soccer game where it was pouring rain , went and performed soaking wet (now  that`s a pro ).  I was really astounded by Noelle`s voice and how well she can tell the story in a song to be only nine ,  I just couldn`t believe what I was hearing and seeing. I am so lucky to have run across Noelle , the talent she posses shouldn`t be missed by,  anyone! She has the passion the heart and emotion to be a true star. I hope that everyone will enjoy listening to Noelle as much as I.    Please stop by and say hi to Noelle her and her mom are very nice people and will greatly appreciate it.

  • nickflores

    Awesome voice. Wow! I am blown away. Wow!!!


  • lindamaracle

    Wow…Thank you so much Tommy, for that beautiful write up. Noelle will be “tickled pink” when she reads it! It's a wonderful thing that you are doing for these kids…and an honor to be one that you feature.
    Thank you so much and have a great night.

  • lindamaracle

    A special thanks to tommy!!! This is very nice of you to do! I hope everyone enjoys these videos.
    love noelle <3

  • Noelle has many fans already at TFCTalent Forums. She and her mother are members, and we look forward to enjoying Noelle's music now and in the future.

  • 99shedhead

    Nice piece Tommy. Noelle has a great voice for one so young. She could have a great future!!!
    I look forward to seeing more of her at


  • sabrinastar99

    This was a great story about you Noelle! you have a great future ahead and hope we see more of you 🙂
    <3 Sabrina

  • IvanTeslenko

    Noelle, you have an awesome voice. There's one mistake I guess – you should be named not Noelle Maracle but Noelle Miracle! xD


  • Philbill

    What a lovely voice for someone so young. For me Noelle epitomises what this website is for 🙂


  • Noelle tem muitos fãs aqui no Brasil ! poderiam traduzir a página para português também, Mas ela é Perfeita. Realmente transmite emoção nas músicas, como na Hurt , eu amo essa música e adorei ao ouvi-la na voz de Noelle.

  • Soundman

    Спасибо, милая Ноэль. Мы очарованы безмерно, и твоим удивительным голосом и самой тобой.
    Новых тебе творческих успехов. Твои поклонники из России. Thanks you, Noelle, for your beautiful voice and a nice face! Russia.

  • Johnsonervin

    omg amazing little kids everywere with amazing voices -head explodes- i cant stop listening to connie talbot,kaitlyn maher,noelle maracle,rhema marvenne and the rest voices ITS JUST SO ADORABLE

  • Littlekozak

    You are the greatest little thing I have seen since little Christina,amazing and so pure.Best luck;)))

  • Mariely85

    amazing voice now u have a new fan in latinoamerica (Dominican Republic) 
    Tu voz me calma durante las mañanas en el trabajo (ur voice make me feel peace every morning in work)
    love u xoxo

  • Bbenjo51

    I like your version of rolling in the deep, in fact I’ve replaced the original version with yours I like it better. Keep up the good work some day you will make it big I sense it .

  • Imogen

    You have the amazing voice I want you to make more songs you really inspire me.

  • octavia pleznal

    your just so beautiful if you want to ever talk then we can here is my phone number a.k.a only for Noelle 814-384-0624

  • Jacob

    My wife and I just fell in love with you and your incredible, I mean incredible voice. You have better voice than some of the famous celebrity signers. America has to discover you…God Bless!