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Rebecca is a very sweet twelve year old living in Brazil. She is a new rising star of South America, and her music is reaching across all borders gaining fans  from around the globe. She has such great potential, and she has a face that belongs on TV. Rebecca is very photogenic, and has great charisma that radiates from her. That big smile she has comes from a true love of life. Rebecca loves to sing, and smile, but not for the same reasons as many. She was called back from death to celebrate life, and now enjoys everything life has to offer, but she does have orthopedic braces in her left leg for her to walk. Now she is a super happy girl, singing to help make others happy.

She started sing when she was eight years old. Rebecca started out presenting emcasamentos Khanate and then was hired for the Khanate Tocatta Orchestra of Brasilia. She enjoys singing the songs of people like, Adele, Bruno Mars, and Kari Jobe. Rebecca has had the pleasure to perform on TV and in SBT Brasilia Fest Brides. She has also been selected to participate in a CD recording.  She was also involved in a program for recording Astos.

When Rebecca is not performing songs from people like Adele, she enjoys singing gospel. She has been expanding her musical talents by doing some of her own writing.  She currently has two musical compositions, and she gets all her inspiration for writing from events, and moments in life.

Rebecca hopes to someday to be a singer or an architect. She has good start to her goals, with some invitations from some producers in Brazil, and believes that soon she will have a Granvara CD and DVD in a solo career.  Rebecca has a lot of dedication, and has won some major battles in life. In the song “The Climb”, it talks about moving mountains, well for Rebecca she moved the biggest mountain there is, death. She understands the “Climb”, and up hill battles, but she has the strength to carry on with what ever she wants in life. She will keep pushing on bringing happiness to many people, with her music, and wonderful personality. Rebecca is one very happy girl, and when you look at her, you are not just seeing a new artist, but, “Life”.


  • Great story Tommy. You always find good singers. Very nice voice Rebecca

  • Anonymous

    Another great feature Tommy! Rebecca is someone I have only recently become aquainted with and now I have learnt a whole lot more about her!

  • Chicoatcheson

    She is to beautiful and talented not to make it. She is Great !!!

  • Geojam2001

    Beautiful in every aspect of the word, and the proof that life’s struggles can be overcome, with persistence, dedication, and hope, but mostly, the love of life enough to spread life with her gift of song, to all who feel they can’t always sing in life,,,,a star is born, for sure…Best Wishes to you, Rebecca, for success in your dream,,,and thanks to you, Tommy, for acknowledging her talent, and helping to make her dream come true…Peace-Tommy Stevens of Jacobs Guardian

  • Eric Duetthe

    15 décembre : Miruna Popescu
    31 décembre : Rebecca Garcia
    En à peine deux semaines, Tommy publie un article sur les deux stars qui partagent mon cœur ! Hasard ou non, je ne sais pas; mais je sais qu’il fait ainsi, au moins deux stars et un homme heureux ! Merci Tommy !
    Cela fait à peine un mois que je connais Rebecca (et justement parce qu’elle est amie avec Miruna !)
    Dès l’écoute de ses premières vidéos, j’ai été séduit par la chanteuse, et puis j’ai commencé à discuter avec elle, et puis à l’apprécier … et puis …
    Attention ! Quand Rebecca commence à vous accorder son amitié, ce n’est pas par quelques paroles aimables qu’elle se manifeste, mais par une vague déferlante d’amour ! et moi, je me suis laissé emporter par cette vague …
    Et Rebecca met sans doute dans son chant, la même puissance d’émotion que dans son amitié, la même passion, mais aussi la même gentillesse, la même générosité du cœur !
    Ce délicieux cocktail d’émotions, ajouté à son incontestable talent est sans doute l’explication de son succès d’aujourd’hui et du futur.

    Hier, Rebecca a publié cette jolie phrase : “I believe we can achieve our dreams as we strive to make it reality. I believe in friendship from the heart of God for my life. Eric Duetthe and Tommy Neal, you are friends from the heart of God!”.
    Ai-je vraiment pu aider mon amie à réaliser ses rêves ? Je ne sais pas … En tout cas, cette douce pensée est certainement venue habiller mes propres rêves, cette nuit.
    Mais tu sais, Rebecca, je crois et j’espère qu’il y aura encore beaucoup d’autres rêves qui viendront … et si tu m’autorises à être à tes côtés, malgré les 8000 km qui nous séparent, pour t’aider à les réaliser alors je crois que j’aurai encore beaucoup de jours et de nuits pour songer à Rebecca et à … Miruna et à leurs rêves d’enfants.

    (Et maintenant, je vais lire et traduire l’article de Tommy 🙂 )