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There is a brand new CD that has come out that is a must have for any music lover by, American Hope. The CD is self titled American Hope. The CD  consists of ten songs …

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Richard Istel

Submitted by on May 23, 2010 – 11:17 am 19 Comments


Richard is a fabulous performer I love how comfortable he is on stage. He has great control and a good tone to his voice.  He is singing ” I`ll Be There ” ( above ) and he is right on the money with this song, he did not miss a note or waver. It is a great clean and clear performance.

 Richard ( Richie ) ten years old and lives in Leipzig , Germany. He started singing at age six after watching the movie Titanic and hearing the song ” My Heart Will Go On ” . That has proved to be a very positive thing. In 2009 he placed fifth in the Supertalent contest which was on TV at RTL.  He may have placed fifth but he won the hearts of the people there in Germany now  performing all over. He has also appeared on Stern TV , RTL Exclusive , RTL Extra and RTL Punkt 12 

 ( above ) He is sing ” My Heart Will Go On ” at age seven. This is the song that changed his life. Now he is quickly becoming an icon in Germany. His innocent voice adds great feeling to this beautiful song. It is truly a remarkable performance.
 Richie has a big heart lending his talent to help thoughs in need. He has performed for many charities. He has performed at the Festival for ill and Disabled children in Schwarmstedt and the Children’s Association festival in Leipzig just to name a couple.

 Richie has some up coming engagements you may wish to attend and see this fabulous performer in action. On June 11 , 2010 he has a concert in Leipzig and June 12 , appearing with ( Oliver Roemer, Carlotta Truman, Karin Andreev, Dave Kaufmann ) then again on August 15 , in Leipzig together with  ( Michael Hirte ). As you can see Richie is making great progress from TV to radio , concerts and private bookings. He does not have a label yet , but Sony has an option to a contract but not signed as of yet.

 Even with his busy schedule he still has plenty of time to enjoy being a kid,  a few of his hobbies are bicycles, running and skating. He certainly enjoys music you can see it in every video,  he is having the time of his life on stage and this is very important with any performer, if you are enjoying yourself then it is going to translate to the audience. As far as Richie goes the audience loves him. Richie is such a great performer he is certainly going to keep climbing all the way to the top, here in the near future, and I am going to watch him all the way there. Please stop by and give him your support at his channel or his web site

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  • Hey Tommy it is great, but Richie isn´t eleven years old. He is ten. 😉
    An not Stren TV the really name is Stern TV
    Bit thanks for this article, it is great

  • A little man and such a great voice. This is fantastic to hear him live!

  • 99shedhead

    A confident & talented young lad!!

  • dylancragle

    WOW!!! you have a great voice….outstanding!!!

  • Richard is in Germany, the winner of all hearts, and we remain always. Listening to him you and your heart leaps.

    Love greetings


  • Manni78

    He's a great singer and such a lovely little boy. In June you will get the chance to hear him live in Leipzig, Germany. So come there and listen to him and you will not be disappointed. Carbon is right, when he say that Richard, or Richie as we call him, is the winner of all hearts in Germany. The people should make a run on the music stores to get a CD of him, instead commercial success is missing until now. I don't understand that. He's a very talented performer, so honor his work, watch him and acclaim …

  • stars2come

    completely agree

  • stars2come

    Thanks Dylan for supporting so many people…..

  • Mario

    “Little Richard” or Richie (as we call him) is an outstanding and excellent singer, and we all love him. His performance in the final of RTL-Supertalent 2009 with the song “Hallelujah” made me become a big fan. Although I´m a man, I was crying and couldn´t believe what I heared and saw. It was simply fantastic. And I´m not ashamed of these tears… Please give Richie your support, we all hope that he will start a great career. Thank you all and best regards from Germany!!! 🙂 Richie for ever 🙂

  • Guest

    Richard Istel sounds absolutely great! Glad you are promoting him Tommy! Great find! Richie is THE REAL DEAL!

  • Felix

    He´ s great!

  • David

    New Video´s from the Concert in Leipzig and Grimma are online.
    Watch the Hallelujah the best of all

  • David

    New Video´s from the Concert in Leipzig and Grimma are online.
    Watch the Hallelujah the best of all

  • David

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  • Mucki

    Richard is getting better with time! 😉

  • Guest

    he is wonderful

  • Mucki
  • O K Ay

    He is the best!!!

  • David

    Wenn jemand die Single von Richard Istel und Carlotta Truman mit dem Song Break down the walls (Geschrieben von Carlotta´s Mutti) kaufen möchte, so schreibt eine E-Mail mit der Stückzahl und eurer Adresse an und ihr erhaltet die Kontodaten, wohin ihr die nur 8€ überweisen müsst.