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There is a brand new CD that has come out that is a must have for any music lover by, American Hope. The CD is self titled American Hope. The CD  consists of ten songs …

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Sabrina Carpenter : Nothing Compares 2U

Submitted by on July 19, 2010 – 3:27 pm 13 Comments


 Sabrina is one performer that continues to amaze me. Her performances are indeed some of the best. The last article I done on her she was very good , but in this short time she has gone from , very good , to one of the best, she is now at the_ WOW!_ factor. Just like the song says,  Nothing Compares 2 U Sabrina. The videos which you create are first class all the way. The way she does her videos reminds me a lot of Selena Gomez , in which they both have a character representing the song , she does this for many videos. Selena has done this with great success and Sabrina is right on her heels.  Sabrina gained the experience for this through the Mileyworld competition where they were required to come up with different themes , this along with being in dance and having to wear different costumes has prepared her to do what she does best , perform.  Sabrina`s voice has such a good quality tone to it , it just makes you want to listen. I for one love to listen. Her control is outstanding every note is smooth and unwavering.  A some  of the things that I have always liked about Sabrina is the emotion , expression and attitude she puts into her songs.  One of my favorite things is attitude , Sabrina does this very well and makes her stand out from the rest. It also helps to define who one is , as an artist and not every one can achieve this , there are many who have been performing for years and are unable to capture this defining quality. Sabrina has mastered this very well.

Sabrina recently got ot perform with the band Saturn, it was for a fund raising event for the firefighters in Philadelphia. She was very excited about this, they allowed her to sing some cover songs with them without ever having worked with them before. Sabrina`s sister even got to join in the fun,  they sung   So What  by Pink . Sabrina got to perform her original song  Catch My Breath  written by Matthew Jordan and Robert Strauss at the Community Day event along with four other songs. Her original song will be available soon , how ever in the mean time you can listen to the song at . Sabrina always seems to pick just the right song she says this comes from her parents , vocal coach and herself. The videos she gives credit to her dad for those ,  ( he certainly has a creative mind ). She favors R&B and POP but she wants to be diverse and not be known for doing only one thing.  This is always good , being different allows a person to stand out and be noticed. Getting noticed in the entertainment field is a must and having your own sound and style can make the world of difference and Sabrina definitely has this. She has so much talent in different areas that she will have a great career in music or as an actress what ever door opens for her, I know she will excel….


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  • erin :)

    i love her! 🙂 sabrina is an absolutely amazing singer!!

    • Rosalie Elise Elise

      me too

  • Cameron

    sabrinas voice is good. i dont think shes a good dancer and i never seen her act soo i dont know

  • pinkblingy

    Sabrian is an AMAZING dancer AND singer. I don't know where you saw her dance to make that comment? PLEASE SHARE because I am curious how you were able to make that comment. For those of you who would like to judge for yourselves on the “dancing” comment…just check out her youtube page sabrinastar99 and look for the video where she sings AND dances: singing “Makes me Wanna Pray” by Christina Aguilera cover. here is the link…….you can decide for yourselves ( and at the time she did this she was ONLY 10…) To me she is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There are also other videos on her site that you can see her dance. And to me WOW is all I can say…. I certainly can't do that…

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  • Absolutely beautiful! No words …. I guess she just takes my breath away!

  • stars2come

    I agree all one needs is to watch some of her videos , and you will know she is a great dancer….WOW

  • IanJZ

    Great article about an amazing young star!. Thank you for helping to bring them up to the attention of the world. Sabrina is definitely one to watch out for, with that huge bag of talents she's got, she will no doubt reach full-blown star status in the near future!!

  • Wow I am sure Sabrina Carpenter will Do something best performance

    • Rosalie Elise Elise

      what do u mean i am L8 right

  • your best choice.

  • Misstpxx

    GO Sabrina! Not only an amazing singer and dancer but an amazing actress toooooooooo! She has a wide range of variety and to be honest, nothing does compare to her at all!!!

    • Rosalie Elise Elise

      not at all

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  • Rosalie Elise Elise

    she is my role model