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There is a brand new CD that has come out that is a must have for any music lover by, American Hope. The CD is self titled American Hope. The CD  consists of ten songs …

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Sarah Billington

Submitted by on June 1, 2010 – 2:39 pm 8 Comments



 Sarah at age fifteen has a voice of an angel ( above ) she is singing Eva Cassidy`s ” Songbird ” it is absolutely beautiful,_ what a voice!  The power and control she has is astonishing you can feel each and every word and every word has meaning. This! is the way music was meant to be.

 Sarah who lives in the United Kingdom ,  says that music has always been played around the house since she was born, mostly from her mom and dad`s era, music from the 70`s and 80`s . Sarah really started to sing about age ten , when her dad bought a PS2 and Sing Star . Her and her sister would sing together and against each other ( she said her sister usually won ) . Her music developed further from listening to some of the famous female vocalist such as Eva Cassidy, Christina Aguilera, Beyonce and Celine Dion.( Sarah belongs right along side these people ).  She would always sing along with the songs and found she could do quite well and in her own unique way. Sarah tells me that one day while riding in the car she started to sing ” My Heart Will Go On ” and when it got to the power part, her dad noticed and said ,” I didn`t realize you had such a voice  “.From then on her parents has supported her and encouraged her,  with her singing from then on.  She was a bit shy at first about being in the limelight , but her dad finally persuaded her to take vocal lessons.

 In Febuary 2008 she began her lessons with Vikki Bunney (now StLedger) . For the two and a half years Sarah has been with Vikki she has learned so much from her and has given her the confidence to be on stage. During this time how ever Sarah  develpoed some throat problems and had to take two long breaks .

 Sarah has also accompanied Vikki to her group classes as a teaching assistant and helped teach students from 5 to 8 and 8 to 16 years old ( these kids couldn`t have gotten anyone better ) . Sarah has been an active member of Vikki`s academy singing live on stage on two occasions . Sarah then went on to teach a group of dancers of 15 to 19 year olds rehearsing to sing in London`s West End . As a result the dance teacher heard her sing and asked her to sing the lead in the show. She learned the dance routine in six weeks and performed at London`s Sadler Wells Theatre this past March. The show was entitled ” Stars In Your Eyes ” she sang and danced to a medley of Micheal Jackson`s songs.  She has now joined the dance academy to continue dance training and prepare for an up coming performance in “The Hall for Cornwall” this summer.  In September she will be joining Truro College to study in Popular Music and A Level dance. A diploma requires the development of a band , organizing and publicizing your own gigs. Ultimately her goal is to write her own songs and sing solo. She would hope to have a successful career in the music business and to perhaps one day teach others.

 One of the outstanding things she does,  is every year for her dad`s birthday she goes to the recording studio and performs a song for him and I must say,  her dad must be the proudest and luckiest dad there is, to receive such a wonderful gift as that ,_ is priceless.. It has been a wonderful pleasure learning about Sarah I don`t think I have talked with any,  that quite has the passion and the love of music, to be able to perform it, with such precision and excellence.  Sarah has a gift to bring joy to everyone, and to think about the kids she may teach one day and what she will be able to bring to them. She has such a big heart and it shows in her music and her life.   I would like to thank Sarah`s dad for asking me to write this and allowing me the chance to hear and get to know her, and you my friend are a very luck man to have a daughter as wonderful as she…….

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  • 99shedhead

    Great piece as usual, Tommy. I've been following Sarah for a little while, since she & her dad started posting at TFCTalent. She is developing into a fine singer & I really do look forward to future postings.


  • Lesley Ellis

    Sarah Billington truly does have the voice of an angel & both her parents must be very proud of her. She should go far in the music industry.

  • Lesley Ellis

    Sarah Billington truly does have the voice of an angel & her parents must be very proud of her. She should go far in the music industry.

  • Philbill

    Great article Tommy, Sarah is thrilled and My wife (Marie) and I are very proud of her.

  • lula

    What an amazing young talent .She deserves to be recognised .

  • Louise

    Nothing But The Truth, Sarah has the most beautiful voice and deserves recognition for all her hard work and talent. She always has so much to give to her music and continues to improve, Keep up the good work little sister, im very proud of you x x x x x

  • stars2come

    Sarah needs to be heard she is an outstanding vocalist I hope that someone will take her and sign her on she deserves it

  • Callum Adlington

    she is exelent