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There is a brand new CD that has come out that is a must have for any music lover by, American Hope. The CD is self titled American Hope. The CD  consists of ten songs …

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South Six 5

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South Six 5 is a duo out of Indiana, and these guys are turning heads everywhere they go. It does not matter where they go and perform the audience loves them. This great duo consists of Jacob Bates – guitar and vocals and Andrew Butcher – keys and vocals. These two have always performed together, but in May 2011, South Six 5 began with 4 members and all were eleven years old. Then in the fall of 2012, South Six 5 decided to move forward as an acoustic duo and since then they have done nothing but grow bigger and bigger and impressing audiences at every stop. It is interesting, but simple as to how they came up with the name South Six 5. As it turns out they were heading to Louisville Kentucky, south on I-65 when Jacob’s dad threw the name South Six 5 out there, and when he did, it just stuck. Jacob said it was catchy and it highlights the area where they are growing up.

In a short time South Six 5 has been gaining recognition, fans and momentum with each appearance. They have so many great performances under their belt now that some of these have become their favorites, but each of them has their own favorite. For Andrew it was performing at the CMA Fest 2012,  in Nashville. He says they had a great crowd at their performances, and they were able to make it a family weekend out. This was their first trip to Nashville and they fell in love with the town. They were showcased at Layla’s Bluegrass Inn on Broadway for two sets. They did soak in some local sites and venues including some great karaoke bars which led to more performances in Nashville. Since then they have returned two more times to perform. Once in October 2012, to perform at Tequila Cowboys and Tootsie’s, then again February 2013 where they performed at the Vanderbilt’s Dance Marathon. They said, they are always looking for reasons to go to Nashville. For Jacob his favorite was the Ohio State Dance Marathon. He says it was a fantastic experience, they performed twice with a huge crowd numbering around 2,000 at each performance. After the performance they set up a meet and greet for pictures. He said it was great talking with the students.

Jacob Bates

Jacob Bates

In Indiana there is an event called, RTV-6 Circle Of Lights. This is the ceremonial lighting and kickoff that takes place in Indianapolis the day after Thanksgiving. There are more than 100,000 spectators that attend the annual light-up. At this event five acts are chosen from hundreds of entertainers as part of the Circle Of Lights Talent Search. South Six 5 was a finalist in the band category and selected to attend final auditions. They were highlighted on the television special, Circle of Lights Talent Search which aired Thanksgiving evening. They said it was pretty cool being a part of the television special.

South Six 5 has had some great opportunities to come their way. One of these was when they got invited to audition for America’s Got Talent in St. Louis. This was a great experience for them, and because they were invited they had a set time to audition and didn’t have to wait in any lines. They said the only unfortunate thing about it was they only had 90 seconds and the acoustics were not set up for a full band, but it was still a great experience.

In 2012 South Six 5 was invited to Atlanta to audition for Disney Radio’s “The Next Big Thing”. This also turned out to be a great experience as they had thirty minutes with the Executive Director of Music and Programing at Radio Disney. At this audition they performed a cover song as well as an original. Unfortunately the entire band was not able to attend, and this became their first performance as an acoustic duo.  How ever this is not the only time they have performed for Radio Disney. They have performed at the Radio Disney’s, “Family Fun Day” at the Indiana State Fairgrounds with over 8,000 attendees throughout the day. They have also performed at Radio Disney’s event at the Metropolis Mall in Plainfield, Indiana.

Andrew Butcher

Andrew Butcher

South Six 5 will be seen and heard even more later this year. They will be among many other great artists on the Teen Nation Tour in September. These tours are great exposure for artists and at the same time get to help spread the word to stop bullying. They said, they are looking forward to the tour and are always looking for opportunities to perform outside of their local area. They said it will be fantastic to meet and interact with other talented artists. The tours are  anti-bullying  events put on in hopes to help bring a stop to bullying. When South Six 5 was asked about bullying here is what they had to say: “For those that are being bullied, we would say “definitely tell an adult about it.” “Keep your head up … and things will get better in the future.” “It is NOT ok to be bullied.”

Andrew and Jacob are both quirky and loves to have fun in everything they do. When it comes to music they certainly have fun, and so does the audience. They are always performing somewhere and it doesn’t matter where. They can be found at festivals, fairs, fundraisers, colleges, private parties and so on. South Six 5 is a big hit where ever they go. They do have a very bright future ahead of them, and work very hard to be the best they can be to bring the best music possible to their fans. Be sure to check out some of their great music on their YouTube channel.




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