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There is a brand new CD that has come out that is a must have for any music lover by, American Hope. The CD is self titled American Hope. The CD  consists of ten songs …

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Steffan Argus

Submitted by on October 27, 2011 – 4:54 pm 7 Comments

Steffan Argus at stars2come




Steffan, is one person that you can not help, but like. He has the best personality out there, with a great sense of humor. Steffan was made for entertainment, and there is nothing he can’t do. He just brings it all, singing, dancing, and acting, and this all got him a spot on, Kidz Bop. He auditioned for Kidz Bop along with about 1000 other performers. It didn’t take them long to realize great talent, and Steffan’s mom got the final callback, and flew them out to LA. He was one of twelve that made the final cut. He said, when they got there he auditioned all day, singing, dancing, and interviews, but was incredibly fun. Then that night he got the call he was waiting for, he was now one of the  five new “Kidz”. The next morning they were in California’s Smashbox Studio doing a major photo shoot with photographer, Meeno.  He says the whole experience being part of Kidz Bop, has been surreal and cool. He gets to travel to some amazing places like LA and NY, and perform and hang out with some awesome friends. Being part of this lets him do what he really loves to do, sing and dance. It is a dream come true for Steffan. Here recently Kidz Bop went to Texas, and performed at the American Toy Fair in Dallas. Kidz Bop and Imperial Toys will be releasing a huge toy line. Here in a couple of weeks he will be heading out to LA to film the new commercial and videos for Kidz Bop 21 which will be released in January 2012. He has a real blast with Kidz Bop.

Steffan does take his music seriously, but he is always out to have fun with all his talents. He has had the privilege to work with some great vocal coaches one is Elizabeth Gray, and he says she is just awesome. The other coach he has gotten to work with is Linda Septien. He has worked with Linda on harmonies, and performance pieces to help him sing and dance at the same time and keep his voice strong and in tune. All this training shows well in any of the Kidz Bop videos you watch, he is sensational.

Steffan Argus at stars2come    He got hooked on singing when he was much younger at a  summer camp he was attending. They were doing a talent show one day and he asked the director if he could sing in the show, he was the last to go up, and sang in front of 100 people, a bit scared, but he discovered  that he loved performing.  It doesn’t matter if it is acting or singing he loves it all. Once he had the lead role of Alfalfa, in a stage performance of Those Little Rascals. He liked this because he got to look super nerdy, sing, be funny, and dance his heart out. He also really enjoyed playing the role of Jesse in Bridge to Terabithia. He said, Jesse was a difficult role because of having to go to some very sad places with the character.  He loves doing films as well and getting to meet so many great people doing these. It is like a family to him working with the cast and crew, everyone becoming so close.

Music makes Steffan feel alive and fills him with emotion, he always puts his heart and soul into his singing and playing his instruments. All of this is very clear in everything he does, he wants everything to be the best it can be, and make sure that you enjoy it all. The songs he chooses to sing has more to do with the mood he happens to be in, if he is down he will sing a sad song, if he is happy then something up-beat. Be sure to keep your eye out for Steffan’s originals coming out soon. He has written and composed five songs so far, with all his ideas coming from life and his experiences. He sometimes works with his little sister, he says she is very creative, and a great inspiration to him. He also enjoys working with his older sister too, and she is a classically trained guitarist. One of the songs he wrote is called, All I Need Is You, which is about his family and how they make his life better. Another is, The Whole Wide World, which is about breaking free for once and playing by his own rules. These are just a couple of the great songs you can look forward to coming from Steffan, and you can bet they will be outstanding.

Steffan does have a love for entertainment, but his education and serving others is really important to him. He works very hard to make sure he gets good grades even with so much going on. He likes to lend a hand with Habitat for Humanity helping to build houses and playgrounds for people in need. He works with a group called, Solid Rock. He goes every year with his family helping those in need. He says, nothing can top the feeling of being part of activities that reach people in a good and positive way.

Steffan does a lot with his life, and it all revolves around reaching out to people whether it is helping those in need or through his music. What ever he does, he leaves a smile on people’s faces and feeling a bit warmer inside. He is the kind of person that people should look up to, and you can be sure that there are many who do! Steffan is refreshing, and has a wonderful personality. You can talk with him, and it is like he has known you for a long time, and it is people like Steffan who makes this world a better place for all. Be sure to catch Steffan this spring when he will be performing live at a Rockit Ranch production in Chicago. This event is to raise money for the FAME foundation, which supports children’s education grants and scholarships for the Fine Arts.  Steffan is someone you don’t want to miss!

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  • Just discovered Steffan Argus, on Youtube, thanks to this extremely well-written article.  It is great that his talent was recognized and that he got the big break most kids dream of.  We wish him all the best in his musical career. I’m sure he will go very far, with all his talents and his pleasing personality.  

  • CHLOE :D

    Heey Steffan i sang rolling in the deep in your voice recital with Elizabeth grey lat week

  • Vmaye99

    i actually go to school with him


    dear steffan my name is ashley xi love how  you  sing  in we  found  love  in a  hopeless place?

  • Hey Tommy,  this article needs a link on your Talented boy listing!

  • Babyloqz

    hi how are you today are you singing in your room

  • Kelsey

    The best video in the world!!:):)