Super Star ” Gaby Borges ”

Gaby Borges at stars2come

 Gaby is one person with super star written all over her. Each new video more awesome than the last. Her new video a Miley Cyrus cover ” Can`t Be Tamed ” is really hard to find the right words to describe how good this is.

 This video is different than most of her others , here she is being more of a bad girl and it came across perfectly. A great little actress she is. The out-fits couldn`t have been more suited for the song and the dancing was just awesome. I have seen Gaby dance many times and this has to be my favorite , she really gets into it , the moves she puts in this video is  spectacular. The expression and attitude is amazing , I love how serious she makes herself to be ,_ fabulous. She has such an amazing voice for so young , it is always so clear , never misses a note , the tone in her voice just makes you want to listen and I have listened to this many times , I love it. There is some great lines in this song ” can`t be changed ”  is one I hope that Gaby never changes and from knowing her for a while , that is not going to happen , she is perfect the way she is. If she continues  making great music like this , she will,_ have plenty of boy problems they will be chasing her across the country ( so Gaby just push them away for awhile ) . It also says ” can`t hold me back ” I don`t think there is anything that would hold Gaby back , she is determined to make her way into music and giving up or slowing down means nothing to her. Gaby is a true fighter , one of the hardest working girls I know and when it comes to music , dancing or acting , she really ” Can`t Be Tamed “.

 I think it is great for Gaby to take a risk and do something  different. To be a part of the music world you have to do different things not always the same  no matter how good something may be. This new video of Gaby shows how versatile she can be , this is a sign of a true professional. I believe this song Gaby done would out sell the original by Miley. There is one thing that Gaby can`t hide even in her video with the bad girl thing going on , is that her charm still shows through. Her charm showing through is a good thing because it proves , that she does really enjoys what she is doing and that is very important.  Gaby enjoys and loves music so much , that I know this is why every video she makes is a big hit.  Gaby is an awesome person in every way and I will be right here cheering her on through out her career and I am sure it will be a spectacular one.  Go get`em Gaby!!!!!!   Your the super star……

  • Wendy Sarmiento Santana

    Yes Gaby, you are relly super star…. amazing video, performance and voice…. love you so much… xoxoxo Wendy ;0)

  • Anonymous

    Another great article on my favorite li’l lady. Gaby has everything she needs to go far. Already causing a stir on YouTube & working on TV, more great news is bound to follow very soon!!!


  • Babiimelii1113

    alriqht ! && thats why im proud to say thats my little cousin ! && im happy she qot her sister in the video too 😀

  • lolo

    padrisimo como siempre….y nina genial….felicidades bellezas….con mucho carino
    Tia lolo!!

  • lolo

    el reportaje ni que decir….me encanto ver a las sis juntas…!!!! besitos
    Tia lolo

  • Dong Joey2010

    Another break for Gaby congratulation! – BisLife/DongJoey

  • Ugerosado

    Gabita eres lo maximo y te queremos un chorro,
    esperamos verte pronto en Campeche!

  • I love the new video of Gaby. Its springs with energy and has a good choreography . And I fully agree with you Tommy that one has to be brave and do things differently in his/her own unique style just like Gaby has done.

  • ElEcTrIc ChUcHoJesuskido111