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There is a brand new CD that has come out that is a must have for any music lover by, American Hope. The CD is self titled American Hope. The CD  consists of ten songs …

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Tegan Thomas

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Tegan Thomas at stars2come




Tegan is a person that everyone needs to see and hear, she is amazing! Tegan may be small, but there is nothing small about her voice and she can use it very well. She has so much going on with her voice that once she reaches the age of about fifteen there will not be a song she can not sing, and maybe even give Miss Christina Aguilera a run for the money. Tegan is one artist you will have to keep an eye on, she will be making her mark!

Tegan says she has always loved music as far back as she can remember, but when she was around three years of age her dad taped her singing a song on his karaoke machine and posted it on YouTube making her debut performance. She says she always had to have the microphone and put on a show for everyone. Tegan always watched Tiffany Alvord on YouTube, and she was the person that inspired her to  start posting more videos on YouTube. She may have made her debut on YouTube at three, but it was not until a year later that she made her first public performance. This performance was at her school’s talent show which she came in third place.

Tegan has been busy performing, but she says performing in Nashville had to be her favorite. She had come to Nashville to be part of the Madd Talent showcase, and that is where she met her 2nd inspiration Mary Justice Lucas. Another performance she done while in Nashville was singing at the talent show at the county fair and won $500.00 and got to open up for country singer Jana Kramer. Tegan said that was the largest audience she had ever sang in front of and was a bit nervous at first, but once the music started it was like her own playground and the nerves were nowhere to be found. The crowd was so loud from cheering her on, that should could hardly hear the music and even got lost, but only for a second. Once she got back to her hotel a few people recognized her and wanted her autograph, she loved seeing the smiles on their faces.

Tegan Thomas at stars2come This wonderful young lady has done really well with her singing and has been getting a lot of recognition. Tegan has won several ribbons and trophies for her singing. She has 2 first place ribbons, 3 first place trophies, 1 second place ribbon, 3 second place trophies. Winning awards is great, but Tegan just loves to perform and hearing and seeing the crowd enjoying her performance. She loves to cover Taylor Swift. She says she really likes Taylor’s music and the fact that she writes her own songs. Tegan might love to cover Taylor and other artists, but one day not far off she will be out performing her very own music. Tegan has already begun writing down things that are happening to her, like emotions and things, so when she actually begins to write, the first song will be about her life and feelings.

Tegan hopes to become a positive role model and to help as many unfortunate children as she can. The way she would like for people to remember her is when they see her they say, “hey there is that little girl with the great voice who helped me get the treatment I needed and gave me warm clothes when my family could not”. Now this is what a true role model is all about and Tegan is certainly that and more. She can be a great inspiration for anyone at any age, the world needs more people just like Tegan.

Tegan has some great things coming up. She is currently working on her first collab with three different songs and two different artists. This is something to be on the lookout for, these songs are going to be amazing. She is hoping she will be back in Nashville in the spring, but no matter where Tegan is be sure and go see and support this wonderful artist. Tegan is going to be the one to beat in a very short time.

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