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There is a brand new CD that has come out that is a must have for any music lover by, American Hope. The CD is self titled American Hope. The CD  consists of ten songs …

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“The Brilliant” Tom Andrews

Submitted by on November 24, 2010 – 5:16 am 5 Comments

Tom Andrews at stars2come Tom Andrews of UK is one of the most brilliant songwriters ever.  All his work is taken from real life experiences and when he puts these experiences to a song, you can bet you will be able to, not only relate, but feel the emotion coming from every word. The expression he puts in his music is beyond magnificent, he has become a true master.

 Tom is always writing, it is non-stop for him. He is currently back with Greg Friel who he wrote “Carry Me On” with, which is a song that will grab you by the insides, and feel every note. His more recent song  “Run To You”  was written in new york with Rich Keller, it has the passion, that one can expect from Tom . He has three great songs out now “Carry Me On”, “If You Ask Me To”, and “Run To You”,  with around nine more songs he is working  with presently. If they hit the air-waves here in the US, they would go to the top of the charts quickly, and be loved by millions. Tom is the UK`s version of Adam Lambert, no matter what the music is, whether he is covering a song or something he has written, it comes out brilliant. His artistry is second to none, and my prediction is, he will rise to be one of the great artists, joining the ranks of Elton John and Phil Collins. He has the instinct and the imagination to take him there. 


tom andrews at stars2come Tom has had some great things happening since his first article here. He was invited to the Ellen show. This was a great opportunity for Tom. He says, it was an incredible experience, and he enjoyed it very much and the people there were just so cool, and Ellen herself a truly amazing person. Not only did he get to be on the Ellen Show, Ellen signed him to her label ElevenEleven.  Ellen has a great ear for talent, first signing Greyson Chance and now Tom Andrews. By signing Tom, she now has one of the world`s best on her label. He will be one for sure, that she can be proud of.

 Since appearing on the show he has been making trips back to LA working with his managers at Bill Silva Entertainment. He says, they are awesome people to work with. One of his main goals is to get an album out that he can be proud of. When this album comes out, it will be one, that everyone will want to buy, it will be incredible.

 While Tom does create some of the best music around and will end up selling millions. Tom is also a pretty cool guy, a very down to earth person. Everyone should stop by his YouTube channel and give him your support, and you will see how great a guy he is..  Tom Andrews

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  • Anonymous

    I’ve followed this guy for quite a while. His future looks so bright….and it should do too. He is a wonderful talent.


  • Oscar

    He’s brilliant. AMAZING VOICE!

  • I have heart of Tom Answers before he appealed on Ellen , but must admit that ever since made his appearance there his popularity skyrocket . Once again I am surprised on how relaxed Ellen`s guest feel and being there is a big chance to showcase to the world who they really are.

    He has that soft melodic rock sousing to his music that makes him stand apart from the pop singers and as indicator to what might be big future in front of him . I hope his new label and his fans will spread the world of his talent – he really deserved that

  • Karell920

    Brilliant! Congrats tom. i love your music . i am eagerly waiting for your music to be other to buy.

  • Anne Rhodes

    I LOVE finding your name TOM ANDREWS Music allllll over the internet : ) A STAR ISSSS BORN! X-O