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There is a brand new CD that has come out that is a must have for any music lover by, American Hope. The CD is self titled American Hope. The CD  consists of ten songs …

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The Graham Twins

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Graham Twins at stars2come




The music world needs to be prepared, because there is double trouble headed its way. The Graham Twins are two beautiful young ladies that are making waves with their exceptional talents. These wonderful young ladies are not trouble themselves, but their talent as artists will force the other artists out there to step up their game, or get out of their way because they have the talent  to take over the music world.

The Graham Twins at just ten years old, are very strong vocally, as well as instrumentally. Jadelyn plays guitar and drums. Brycelyn plays piano and bass. They have been playing instruments for only about two years, but to listen you would believe it has been much longer.

They both have been singing since they were very young, but about two years ago they began taking lessons at Stages Music School. It was also along about this time that they made their first public appearance at the Town Square with their friends from Stages. Since this first performance they have not stopped and they now carry over 50 shows under their belt. While they have performed at many places such as, The Hard Rock Nashville and Boston, The Nashville Palace, The Rutledge, in front of the Ryman Auditorium, and Jacksonville Landing, they each have their own favorite. Jadelyn loved performing in Jacksonville Florida and the Jacksonville Landing with the Nashville Spotlight. Brycelyn loves anywhere in Nashville. They have also opened for Confederate Railroad.

The Graham Twins may be small, but they carry a big heart. These two girls are always out helping others with their talents, they love charity work. They have played at nursing homes, at a walk-a-thon for for abused kids, and at a suicide prevention event. They also play shows to raise money for the Make A Wish foundation as part of the Tunes For Tots team.

While they are an outstanding duo they each have different things happening and goals they want to reach. For Jadelyn, she is in a pop/rock band called the Guardian Angels and she likes to cover Melissa Ethridge. When it comes to singing she says, “it helps me to show the real me”! She also wants to one day be famous and be on TV. She says, she is always there for her friends if they need her. She is very helpful, forgiving and understanding. For Brycelyn, she is in a vocal dance group and loves Bridget Mendler. She loves being on Stages, and says performing is just so much fun. She also wants to be famous and make lots of money. She says, she “really” likes boys. She is very kind and understanding, but she is a little shy at first, it takes time to get to know her.

The Graham Twins have been busy doing some songwriting of their own. They currently have four songs completed and working on their fifth. They have one that is very special to them, it was written for their uncle Kevin who was their biggest fan, but sadly he passed away a year and a half ago. The song is called, “Walk in Heaven”.

They also have some exciting things coming up to look forward to. Their first CD will be available this summer. They are currently waiting to hear if they made it to America’s Got Talent, they have made it passed four auditions so far.

The great talent that these two girls have is evident in their newest music video, “Try”. On camera they are captivating and their professionalism shows through their every movement. Their individual vocals as well as their harmonies are exceptional. Watching this video one would think they have been doing this for years. Everyone might as well get out of the way and make room for this great new duo, because they are coming through aiming for the top. To keep up with one of the best duos ever, The Graham Twins, be sure to check regular at their Facebook and YouTube pages.

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  • This is such a great article about two young ladies who truly love life as much as they love music and stage. As with all young artists that shine they would not even be following their dreams without the complete dedication of a loving family and their Pap Paw Daddy. In addition, their manager, Melissa McKinney, has opened many doors in order for them to shine.

    I’ve been following these two for quite some time now and have seen the many live performances done for many of the events mentioned in the article. Most lately they’ve been involved in some absolutely fantabulous music videos that have garnered much attention. I recommend you take the time to get to know them better by using the links provided above.

    I recently referred to the girls as having infectious personalities, and I think people will understand if they take the time to learn about their steed fast confidence in all they do. Tommy is exactly correct in stating, “their talent as artists will force the other artists out there to step up their game, or get out of their way.”