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There is a brand new CD that has come out that is a must have for any music lover by, American Hope. The CD is self titled American Hope. The CD  consists of ten songs …

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Vinny Bonina

Submitted by on May 21, 2010 – 3:34 pm 4 Comments


 I would like to introduce Vinny he is a fantastic performer.  I love watching him on stage he has a lot of energy and tries to play to the crowd. A great example of it is in the video above,  he is singing ” Me and My Gang ”  he does an awesome job with the song and works the stage very well,  like he has been doing this for a long time.

 Vinny fourteen years old from Massachusetts USA . He loves songs with meaning and prefers country,  but he likes pop as well. Vinny truly loves to sing and feels at home on stage.  This allows him to express himself.  He started singing at about age seven in plays, then at age ten he sang his first solo in front of a big audience at school. From here everything began to grow for Vinny. For the past two years he has won the Wachusetts Idol, and Community Auditions in 2009. Vinny was included in a Christmas CD produced at Northernview Studios in Worcester which all proceeds went to Toys for Tots .” He said ” he really loved doing that for the charity. He is also going to do the Community Auditions again this year,  he says they are a lot of fun and is a TV broadcast. Vinny has made a good impression in the country music field , he will be attending the New England Country Music Awards , June 21, 2010. He is hoping to be one of the winners. ( I wish him luck ) Vinny has two original songs ” Loud Mouth ” and ” Surround Me ” written by Paul Yalen . He sung ” Surround Me ” at the Bandslam Promo for Vanessa Hudgins,  which he did win and got a meet and greet with Vanessa. ( Now thats awesome )

 Not only is Vinny a good country singer , but he is also a good actor. Vinny has been in 2 short films , one called ” Streets ” which he has a video of this on his channel, the other ” Broken Crayons in which he played Samuel , and this film was an award winner. He is currently competing in competitive plays at his high school . Last year he won best supporting actor. He also stared in the High School Musical at his school.

 It is clear to me that Vinny is getting a good start on his career he is making great progress with music and film. One thing I really like with Vinny is that he connects with the audience very well,  you can tell he is very comfortable on stage, and that,  is a big key to being a success. Vinny is one that I will for sure keep an eye on and watch his progression , he is definitely headed in the right direction. I know there will be a lot of good things coming from him.

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  • dylancragle

    Your so good Vinny. Gees I need to stop by your channel again, sounds like I've missed some of your vids. Vanessa Hudgins REALLY? Wow! Lucky!!!

  • Vinny Bonina

    Thank you very much!This is awesome and there is some great talent on here!
    Thanks To you too Dylan! It was great meeting Vanessa !

  • Its 6 am , but I could not resist leaving a comment to yet another excellent article at Stars2Come. Not only because Vinny is quite talented , but also because he is from Massachusetts – the states I spent my most memorable XMAS ever ( I just love New England ). Now being away from the US – sometimes I feel a bit jealous for all performances I could have attended …oh well thankfully blogs like Stars2Come are here to keep me updated . I am amazed by the fact that so many young singers like Vinny here have been in musicales during their carrier – I think that this is a great experience for everyone and have really helped them develop as performers. Good luck on the Music Awards Vinny!

  • Kaitlynthomasaust

    Wow Vinny is amazing!! another great article tommy!!