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October 23, 2016 – 11:11 am | No Comment

There is a brand new CD that has come out that is a must have for any music lover by, American Hope. The CD is self titled American Hope. The CD  consists of ten songs …

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Alyssa Billings

January 12, 2013 – 11:44 am | 2 Comments
Alyssa Billings at stars2come

There is a phrase, “eyes can be deceiving” this holds true with Alyssa. In December 2012, she walked on stage at the Nashville Palace, and Alyssa no bigger than a minute, you think this will be cute, but that is about it.

Spencer Kane ” One of THE Kind”

December 24, 2012 – 5:46 am | No Comment
Spencer Kane at stars2come

Spencer continues to out do himself with every new song. His new song, “One of THE Kind” is one of his best yet. Spencer like many other artists is taking a stand against bullying, and this is where the song, “One of THE Kind” comes from.

Alexis Gregorie

December 9, 2012 – 6:49 pm | 3 Comments
Alexis Gregorie at stars2come

The country has a new big and beautiful voice rising up and it is ten year old Alexis Gregorie. If you did not watch her videos and only listened, you would not expect a ten year old to be singing, but once you do look it is pure amazement to see someone so small with such a beautiful and powerful voice.

Nic Neufeld

November 26, 2012 – 4:24 pm | 7 Comments
Nic Neufeld at stars2come

Little did the citizens of Dodsland, Saskatchewan in Canada know on a cold December in the year 2001, that they were about to add to their lists a baby boy who by 10 years of age would warm their hearts. For this is where up and coming singing artist Nic Neufeld comes from.

Joey Monaca

November 26, 2012 – 2:35 pm | No Comment
Joey Loglisci at stars2come

Joey Monaca formerly known as (Joey Loglisci) has an outstanding new album out that is sure to shake up the music world. His new album, “Mannequin” is full of great music and the R&B sound the songs have really spices things up. Every song on the album is worth listening to and each song has a great dance vibe,

Nick Merico

November 20, 2012 – 4:36 pm | One Comment
Nick Merico at stars2come

Get ready girls, here comes the heartthrob of South Florida, Nick Merico, and man can he sing, WOW! Nick is one that will break many hearts, but mend them all back once he begins to sing. Nick is one of those that has a great radio ready voice and all he needs is the right original song to send him sailing to the top.

Meg Kelley “Through”

August 4, 2012 – 11:20 am | No Comment
Meg Kelley at stars2come

The wonderfully talented Meg Kelley has struck again with another smashing hit song called, “Through”, produced by Eddie Galan. Meg really brings out her feelings and her tender side in this magnificent song.


May 18, 2012 – 3:56 pm | 2 Comments
Karoline at stars2come

The best way to describe Karoline is, magnificent! She has some serious vocals and there is something special about her that seems to bring life to her music, it is not the same old, same old stuff. There is something in her personality that not only makes the music good, but fun, she just has so much character, and that brightens your day listening to her. One great example is her song “Big World” off her CD “Stirring Rainbows”