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Costa Rica’s Newest Star Of Music, Andrey

More and more talented kids are being brought to the forefront thanks to NBC’s hit series, Little Big Shots. Little Big Shots gives kids a chance to be in the spotlight no matter what the talent or where in the world they live. In April 2017 Little Big Shots introduced a young man from Costa Rica, eight year old musician and singer, Andrey. People loved him instantly. During the interview with Steve Harvey, it became clear Andrey has a great sense of humor the same as Steve. In just s few short minutes, Andrey’s personality won the hearts of millions. 

Little Big Shots brought Andrey to LA to appear on the television show and meet Steve Harvey. Andrey says it was incredible to meet Steve. Andrey also loved the interview with Steve and how funny he is. “Too funny! He is an incredible person and also knows how to make a person laugh” says Andrey. The whole experience of being on the show was very exciting for Andrey. “I liked it all, the production, the people, the stage, and they treated me like a star” says Andrey. After the interview Andrey entertained the audience with a performance of the Beatles song, Blackbird. His skill with the guitar at the age of nine is beyond belief, never missing a note. His ability to play the guitar did catch the attention of everyone, but it was his voice that grabbed the audience. His soft and tender voice melted the hearts of all who were listening, catapulting him to stardom. 

Making his journey to LA to be on Little Big Shots made for his debut television appearance. The television show was his first, but it was also his first time to LA. He enjoyed visiting there very much. “LA is a great place! I absolutely loved everything! I would definitely love to go back” says Andrey.  

Andrey is now nine years old, but says he was four when he started into music. He was in kindergarten at that time. Music is a huge part of his life, it flows through him and all around him much like “the force”. “For me music is everywhere, in every detail, in every daily activity. So I do music everywhere and I really enjoy it too and I have fun” says Andrey. 

Popular music is what Andrey plays and sings the most, but he also enjoys classical. He study’s classical guitar, and last year he won his first international classical guitar competition in Nicaragua. The contest was called, Young Talents. 

He has an enormous love for music and artists from the past to the artists of today. Andrey has a great respect for songs from The Beatles, Queen, The Police, ACDC, Oasis, Xtreme, and Bruno Mars. He learns a lot from these bands and others. “I really think all the old school bands are the best school to learn music” says Andrey. He dreams of traveling the world singing and playing his guitar one day. Learning so much from such great artists his dream is sure to come true. 

Music is fun and part of who Andrey is, but he also just loves being a kid doing kid stuff. He loves the Rubik’s Cube, video games, basketball, cats and playing with his friends. Aside from all of that fun stuff, he is also a fan of Cosplay, and dresses in some amazing costumes. 


 When he first set foot on the stage of Little Big Shots it was evident that he was special and everyone was going to love him. The show gave him a lift into the spotlight, but this is only the beginning for Andrey.  In just a few short minutes Andrey became a star. The number of fans gravitating to him is huge, and he is gaining more everyday. He is “one” with music. It surrounds him and binds him. He uses music like the force drawing people to him. When he plays and sings, people are focused on him and only him, like he has them in his power. 


Canada’s Teen Sensation “Tyler Lorette”


Canada has been a hot bed for singers for decades and it’s still cranking them out. Tyler Lorette, is one of Canada’s new sensations. Tyler is hitting the world of music with heart, soul and a winning personality. He has it all to leave the girls screaming and crying for more. Tyler wears a  magnetic smile, a cool style, and dreamy eyes, all is needed next, is for him to begin to sing.  Once he starts to sing, his voice is captivating and beautifully toned, the girls will melt right where they stand. Tyler is the kind of artist that  radio and TV were made for. 

Music was in his heart at a young age. He picked up the guitar and started singing at the age of four. When he was eight, he auditioned for a role in, “Cats” at his school landing the role of, Mr. Mistofoles. He has also participated in talent contests. “I entered a few talent contests when I was nine and ten and realized more and more that I really loved to perform for people and make them happy” says Tyler. Music is who Tyler is, he loves it and it shows in all he does. He is thirteen now, and is this last year alone he has played over fifty gigs, recorded four professional covers and shot four music videos that were featured on Cover Nation’s YouTube channel. “I also live stream two times per week on a music app called KRUE so people can always find me on there performing on Mondays and Thursdays” Tyler says. 

Fundraisers are events that have a special place in his heart, and loves to participate in them all he can. “I perform at fundraisers so that I can help contribute to whatever the cause is” says Tyler. Outside of the fundraisers he performs wherever he can and invited to. For the past two years Tyler has been a guest performer for, Next Country Star.  This is a huge event in Ontario and the winner of the event will get to perform on their own stage at the Havelock Jamboree which is a massive four day country music festival with celebrity bands and musicians. “I also performed for a local venue a few months ago where I met and performed live in front of Country band The Stella’s and Lennon & Maisy from the show Nashville” says Tyler. 

As anyone would expect with a voice such as Tyler carries, he has done well in singing contests. In 2013 at a local Spring Sing contest he won 1st place with the hit song, Say Something by A Great Big World. In 2014 he placed 2nd in a 21 and under contest called, Star of the Shore. In 2015 in the same contest he placed 1st performing the hit song Creep by Radiohead. The Star of the Shore was hosted by Farley Flex the judge from Canadian Idol.

Tyler likes mashing up songs, putting his own spin on them. Keeping things fresh and unique is what it is about for Tyler. He has many artists he likes to cover such as, Pink Floyd, Shawn Mendes, Ed Sheeran and the list goes on. 

Making people happy, sharing good feelings and positive messages is what music and performing is all about for Tyler. “I believe when you have a musical gift you should share it with everyone” says Tyler. Tyler is a great performer who can appeal to anyone’s taste. He can play many instruments, guitar, bass, mandolin, ukulele, drums and piano. this year he has also loaded his music to iTunes and Spotify. “It’s been so cool to have friends at school streaming my music” says Tyler. His hopes and dreams are to release an EP of his own songs and fill the Air Canada Center in Toronto so everyone can hear them. “I also want to meet and collaborate with John Mayer, Justin Bieber, and Ed Sheeran one day and find out where they get their inspiration from when they write their hit songs cause they are amazing artists” says Tyler. 

Making dreams come true takes a great deal of work and the drive to keep going, and that is found in Tyler. Part of his dream is to have his own original songs and he is well on his way to having them. As of now he has written five songs. The first song he wrote was when he was nine as a tribute to his cousin who became an angel after a car accident in December 2012. This song is called, Beautiful Soul. “Since then I wrote a song called, Believe, as the title says it is about believing in yourself and never giving up on your dreams” says Tyler. He says he usually starts creating the music and melody and then the words start coming  about what he is feeling or dealing with at the time. The songwriter bug is in him, anywhere anytime stuff pops in his head, he finds himself searching for pen and paper. The sign of a true writer.  

Fans is what makes any artist. Tyler appreciates all of the support that comes from his fans, family, friends and people all across the internet. He loves them all. It is the love from all of these people that keeps him going. It excites him to see people sharing and commenting on his music. This all inspires him to keep practicing and to become better. Tyler wants to give special thanks to a few people in his musical life. “I give thanks to my mentors Roberta Quilico who is my vocal coach, Larry Chown my guitar coach, Troy Williams and George Craig for their mentorship as musicians and always inviting me out to play gigs, John Owens my drum coach, Linda Lopez for her guidance on my future in music, and of coarse my parents for investing their time, money and support so I can do what I love” Tyler says.

Tyler has a lot of great things coming up that no one should miss out on. He is currently writing three new songs to be recorded in Nashville. He just completed his 4th professionally recorded cover and music video to be launched in the next few weeks, be sure not to miss that. He also has many guest performances lined up this year across Canada and the US. Find time to catch his performance if it comes anywhere near where you live.  

All of the great things happening with Tyler now is just the beginning. Tyler has the whole package to become the next great pop artist who’s music is covered around the world. He is honest and sincere, and these traits can be found in him when watching and listening. These traits are what finds there way to people’s ears and to their soul to make them love a song and a artist. The music is in him, and people are loving it. 

South Africa’s Piano Man, Henno William

Henno William at stars2come

In music there has been many piano legends who have graced the world with numerous songs that has stood the test of time. A few examples would be Stevie Wonder, Elton John and Billy Joel. When it comes to Billy Joel his song the Piano Man became a defining song for him, it’s truly who he is. Anyone to mention Piano Man, Billy instantly comes to mind. In South Africa there is another who’s destiny is clear, to one day have his name placed beside the greats that came before him. Meet South Africa’s own, “Piano Man” Henno William.

At just thirteen years of age he is already becoming a world phenomenon. Henno has not only caught the eye of Africa, he intrigues people on a global scale with his musical abilities.  Henno’s fans are everywhere. His face, music and name are seen on social media continuously, driving even more people to learn who he is. Creativity and heart is what drives artists. This too is driving Henno. On South Africa’s Got Talent he became the very first Golden Buzzer. Through hard work and the love of what he does, has also caught the attention of New York and LA. His great journey is just beginning.

Henno was born March 29, 2003 in South Africa. He lives in the capital city of South Africa, Pretoria. When Henno was six years old, he was a huge fan of High School Musical. This is what inspired him to start singing. “I did little shows for my parents in my room standing on a table with a brush in my hand” says Henno. His dad use to sing and introduced him to the Golden Oldies. This was the first flame of a new star.

When Henno was in the first grade his teacher over heard him singing and playing, Drops of Jupiter to some of his friends. His teacher contacted his parents to ask for Henno to perform at the school’s weekly assembly. “I didn’t even know the entire, but that was my first public performance” says Henno. His parents realized it was time to put more effort into his talent when he was ten years old. He began his vocal and piano training at this time.


The piano has become an extension of his person with his fingers flowing effortlessly over the keys. For as long as he can remember, he had wanted to play the piano, and he received his first when he was seven years old. Henno got some piano lessons at school where they taught him to play songs like, Mary Had A Little Lamb. “I really hated it” says Henno. He started playing around on the piano and his dad taught him how to accompany himself playing chords. It was at the age of ten that his parents found a piano teacher that started teaching him how to play the blues, pop and rock. He loves the piano, and people worldwide are loving it with him.

The biggest highlight in his music career so far was being on South Africa’s Got Talent. “Working with a team of directors and producers on a large scale was amazing” says Henno. Henno wowed the judges and audience with his performance of Let It Be. Henno put his own spin on the song and that won him the first ever golden buzzer on the show. “I didn’t even realize they added it into last year’s season. I was so focused on my performance, and only when the gold confetti rained down on me, I actually realized what happened” says Henno. He was overwhelmed and completely surprised. He says he loves the buzz of live TV, and not a bit nervous. The golden buzzer sent him straight to the live semi-finals. Henno made his way to the finals. In the finals he sang his version of, With A Little Help From My Friends. Unfortunately Henno did not win the finals, but he did make a name for himself in South Africa.

His abilities as a singer/songwriter and entertainer has gained him many performances and fans since his beginning. One of his performances that has been memorable was on his thirteenth birthday. “I did not have an ordinary birthday party when I turned 13 this year. I had my own headline show at a theater in Pretoria” said Henno. All of his friends and family were there and at his concert he dropped his debut single, Beauty Queen. “That was pretty epic” says Henno.

After the release of his single Beauty Queen and the music video he was noticed by Kevin Liles and being signed by his management company KWL based in New York. They are planning some trips to New York and LA to meet with songwriters and producers. A plan is in the works to launch Henno in the US and international.

There has been many great opportunities for singer/songwriter Henno and he is always performing wherever he can. He does perform his own songs, but he also covers many artists. One of the songs he likes to cover is none other than, Piano Man. He says many people enjoy this song because it’s a feel-good  happy song that has his own spin on it. Another favorite to sing is Elton John’s, This Train Don’t Stop Here Anymore. “I love the bluesy feel of the song and hopefully I’ll get to perform that with him one day. Now that I would really like” said Henno. It is all about making music, he wants to perform and entertain. If it gets bigger and better each year, then that is a bonus for him.

Henno has completed a new single and video that will be out in early 2017. This was a thrilling experience for him working with producers and songwriters in LA,  while he was in a studio in South Africa. All done by Skype and Dropbox. The instrumental and mastering will be done in LA.

Music is a big part of his life, but enjoys many other things as well. He says being from Africa the first thing people think is he has elephants and lions walking around in his backyard, but that is not the case. He actually lives in the suburbs of Pretoria, with malls and paved roads, but he does now and then go on safari to see the animals up close. He also likes playing basketball and soccer with his friends. He is an adrenaline junkie, and loves to go zip-lining, and abseiling.

The world of music is in need of a new and fresh pianist, a new face, a new vibe and Henno delivers on that need. He has a look that the girls will go crazy over, and the skills in writing that will take him to the stars. He is like the gravity in the stars, he pulls you in with his music and holds you there filling your soul with light. Many of those before him, like Elton, Billy, Stevie who had that power on stage to pull people in, and they have held on to those people throughout the years. Henno will be the same, he shares the same characteristics, it’s already being proven. Henno William is the new sensation, and South Africa’s, Piano Man.


Frano at stars2come








The world we live in is full of extraordinary people whose talents whatever they may be, boggles the minds of those who experiences these people. In Croatia there lives one of these such talents, his name is, Frano Zivkovic. Frano is an eleven year old guitar player who is quickly gaining world fame. What Frano does when he picks up a guitar, is pure magic. His figures maneuvering up and down the neck of his guitar like a poetic dance. The magic that flows through him, transports the listener to another time and place, a happy place. Music is something that with great skill and imagination it will bring enjoyment and happiness to those who listen. Frano is such a skilled person to do this, and more. Often the word prodigy is used too loosely, but if there’s a person to fit the title, it would be, and is, Frano.

It is Frano’s parents the world needs to thank for the inspiration they gave to him. Since he was born his life has been filled with music. All day long their house was filled with classical music. Even at the age of two, his love of music was showing up. His mom plays the piano and she would learn some children’s music for him. Frano wanted to do whatever his mom was doing, so they gave him a little xylophone. As with most kids he also liked cartoons. He soon took interest in the music that was in these cartoons. “I was watching a lot of cartoons and the one I loved very much was Tom & Jerry in an episode where Tom is playing a double bass. That was totally mind-blowing” says Frano. At some point Frano discovered his father’s guitar and even though it was bigger than he was, he had to play it. “I had so much fun, I turned the guitar upside down and put it like a double bass” says Frano. Soon after playing his dad’s guitar like a double bass he began playing melodies from all kinds of cartoons. When his third birthday rolled around, he was given his very first guitar and just the right size to fit him.

When watching Frano play, it is easy to see that the guitar is actually an extension to his person. Frano feels the guitar has the most beautiful sound of all instruments. He also likes that the guitar allows the player to do some crazy tricks with it. “You can use it like a drum, violin, piano and so on. The guitar is one of the first instruments ever that is with me and I can’t last a day without her” says Frano. From the age of eight he has played the 3/4 classical and acoustic guitars.

At five years of age he made his first public solo appearance. He played in the Academy of Music in Rijeka for a solo recital. He has never stopped since this performance. He loves performing concerts and to date he has performed approximately 150 shows.

Frano at stars2come  One of Frano’s favorite performances came when he got to be on stage with his idol, Tommy Emmanuel. His parents took him to a Kings of Strings show and his idol Tommy invited him on stage to play a couple of songs with him. Now whenever he performs with Tommy, it always feels like his dream is coming true. They have played together in Linz, Trieste, and Munich. “My biggest wish is to have a tour with Tommy” says Frano.

Frano does School Tours, and he feels playing in front of the kids is amazing. Performing in his School Tour concerts has become a favorite for him. He looks forward to doing as many of these tours as possible.

Frano has recorded several CD’s singing children’s music. He was honored when the Faculty of Education chose him to sing in their educational music book. He has also had the honor of winning some competitions with guitar in Porec Croatia, Niksic Montenegro and national solfeggio contest in Dubrovnik which he won twice.

Music is who Frano is, it flows through his body and he loves every aspect of it. There are many artists and composers who inspire him musically and has much respect for.  Mozart, Bach, Beethoven, Chopin and many others like these are inspiring to listen and play. Some of the guitarists he likes are, Villa Lobos, Paco de Lucia, Django Reinhardt, Andres Segovia, John Williams, Jerry Reed, Chet Atkins, John Scofield, Pat Metheny, all of these he has huge respect for. His mom has introduced him to some popular artists like The Beatles, Queen, Micheal Jackson, Tina Turner, and David Bowie. Even with all of these wonderful artists he still loves to listen and play music from Disney and other children soundtracks. Playing Tommy Emmanuel’s music is something he is growing up with. “His arrangements are stunning, full of surprises, his every concert is different, full of energy, love and joy. In my opinion he is one of the best artists ever” says Frano.

At an early age Frano also began composing his own music. He started writing when he was four after his dad installed Guitar Pro. “I already knew how to read notes, so I started to pick around the program. First composition I wrote was When Guitars Sings” says Frano. This was on a lazy Sunday afternoon when he was in his room playing with his mom writing some notes. He asked his mom to write the lyrics, she did and later that song found its way onto a kids music album.

When Frano composes he usually has his instrument in hand or in front of the software called, Sibelius. He starts to play some melodies from his head and slowly develops the composition from there. “Some compositions are a result from some resent happening in my life, it can be a walk in nature, a pet, a friend, or it can be the result of the homework” says Frano. The Swedish guitarist and composer Johannes Moller with whom Frano has lessons with occasionally, gave him an assignment to write a tango, and so, he is writing a tango.

Frano at stars2come  Frano has big dreams when it comes to what he would like to do in life. The School Tour projects that he does, he would like to perform in every country around the world that would allow him. And of course if Tommy is willing to take him places, he will go. If a day came and someone decided to do a movie of Jerry Reed, Frano would love to play him as a youngster or Chet Atkins or Bob Dylan. “Playing guitar in a movie would be such a cool thing to do. Some movies and music have a deep impact on me. It’s amazing it have influence in the direction of one’s life” says Frano.

Music is his favorite art, but he also likes other things as well. Some of the things Frano likes to do are: drawing, playing with imagination, some science and experimenting, read a book, watching movies and building with legos. He would also like to make best friends with who will be with him for the rest of his life.

Frano is inspired by many great artists, but he is also inspiring others with his own music. The accomplishments he has made and the skill level at which he performs exceeds many who are far older. What Frano does with a guitar is something very few people have been able to do. When he plays, you can see he is totally engulfed in the song he is playing, nothing outside of that song seems to exist. He is truly mesmerizing. Music in many ways is like medicine, it can heal inside and out. In dark days it can make it bright and if one is hurting, it can ease the pain. Frano brings joy and happiness with his music. Don’t miss out on anything he does visit him often at, www.frano.tv  , www.youtube.com/franotv , www.facebook.com/franotv.

Gavin O’Brien, “Elvis Inspired”

Gavin O'Brien at stars2come





Gavin, a young man of the 21st century, but inspired by the 20th, entertains people young and old with music from the past. Gavin a talented twelve year old gained interest in the music from the past due to a book report he was assigned in the 5th grade; it was the King himself, “Elvis”. He grew up with a family who loved singing, mostly in the basement, but this was enough to plant the seed for music, and Elvis made it grow.  On the day of the report he had to dress the part and present it to the class. Through his research of Elvis, he learned what an incredible man and entertainer he was. Then it struck him, what a great role model Elvis would be. And this is where his new adventure begins.

Gavin made his first stage appearance on the famous, Beale Street in Memphis. At eleven years old Gavin’s parents to him and his brothers on a vacation to Memphis, to visit Graceland. His parents believed this would be a good inspiration for him, and it was. While on Beale Street they ventured into Blues City Cafe’ and there he saw his first band on the trip. Once he seen the band it was like he was drawn to climb up on that stage. His parents encouraged him to follow his dreams, he did climb on that stage and sang one of Elvis’s timely classics, Hound Dog. This experience lit a spark in Gavin. “It was the first taste of the life I decided I was going to create” said Gavin.

So new to the entertainment world, Gavin is already out performing across the map. He doesn’t have a regular venue to find him at, currently all have been invitation only.  This gives a clue to what’s to come for Gavin. To stay busy by invitation only at twelve is incredible. Gavin is very talented, this combined with his showmanship on stage and the magnetic personality,  pulls people to him, making him highly sot after.

He has competed in four competitions winning 2 and placing 2nd in another. “I always enjoy the large crowds the competitions draw in, and the excitement of playing with a live band” says Gavin. Gavin  had a great honor performing in front of Mr. Joe Esposito (Elvis’s best friend and road manager). “That night Mr. Esposito stood up from his seat and walked to the stage to shake my hand! After my performance he escorted me off the stage the same as he would have done the King. That was probably the most memorable performance, I will always hold dear to my heart” said Gavin.

Gavin O'Brien at stars2come   Rock and Roll is definitely Gavin’s love, but it is the 50’s and 80’s eras that are his favorite. It is however the King that he gives credit to everything he does all the way down to his dance moves. It is all inspired by Elvis. Elvis is his biggest influence, but the bands and artists of the 80’s come soon after. Some of his 80’s influences are, Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, Journey, and Bon Jovi. They have all inspired him in different ways and keeps him learning new things.

Performing feels like home to Gavin, it is his place to be. The audience’s interaction is one of the things he loves the most when performing. Gavin has performed at some senior living places and even though their reaction was not as exciting, he could still see in their faces, he brought joy to their day.

Going forward with his career he hopes to keep the magic of the 50’s  and the heart of the 80’s alive throughout his journey. “My dream is to create an image and musical career that is new in time, yet inspired by the past” said Gavin.

Writing his own music is a goal of Gavin’s, he wants to develop his own sound. He plays guitar, piano and drums so all is needed is for him to start tapping into his heart to find the words.

Gavin says he would like people to know that, he does not believe himself to be Elvis, he is only passionate and inspired by him. “I pay tribute to him by performing his music, but look at it as a stepping stone to my dreams” says Gavin. He enjoys learning from those in the past and he intends to keep their music alive for as long as he possibly can. “I hope to someday inspire an eleven year old kid to climb up on stage and chase his or her dreams” said Gavin.

It is clear Gavin has a lot of heart when it comes to music and the past has always been the best place to learn. Watching Gavin, the greats from the past shines through him in all performances. Many of the stars today say, they would not be where they are if not for people like Elvis. A day will come when Gavin will be on stage accepting an award, telling everyone the same, “it was those from the past that made me who I am today” is what he will say, inspiring another. There is another great growing among us, his name, Gavin O’Brien!

Tanner Massey

Tanner Massey at stars2come






Out in Oklahoma there is a great new talent emerging and has already started quite a stir. This new singer is eleven year old Tanner Massey. Tanner will make a nice addition to music. He carries a good tone along with some dynamics that are coming to light in his voice. Tanner has already developed a very good bear growl that grabs your attention, and you appreciate the passion he has for singing.

Tanner started getting out and sharing his talent and love for music last year when he sang in a choir in Choctaw Oklahoma. His first solo act came last May at a talent show.

The talent show he sang at last May has become a favorite. It was this show that started him off he says and is for sure a favorite. He also enjoyed performing at the Rising Star Series at the Rodeo Opry. He says he liked how the crowd responded to him at this show. The Heartland Opry/ Country Singers Association is another place he enjoyed performing at. He says their members have supported him from the beginning and has helped to get his name out to the public.

Singing for Tanner is all about meeting new people and making them happy. He loves to see people smiling when he sings. “I feel cool when performing on stage, just love it” says Tanner. Watching Tanner on stage he certainly is cool.

When Tanner is out performing he likes covering Bruno Mars. He says Bruno makes happy and sad songs that he likes. The beats Bruno puts to his music is something that Tanner likes as well.

Tanner is looking forward to putting up some new cover songs he has been working on. He is possibly looking at a duet with a talented girl that he knows where he lives. That would be a great performance. He is hoping to be starting some of his own songs very soon. Tanner has not started writing his own yet, but says he has two older brothers that give him plenty of content to write about.


Tanner is a performer that will be stealing the hearts of many girls. He says the way to his heart is with lots of Mac and Cheese. No matter if it is his singing or the Mac and Cheese, you can bet he will get the girl. If you are out in Oklahoma be sure and look up Tanner and go to one of his shows. He would love to have you there. If you cannot, stop by his YouTube channel Tanner Massey and give him your support there. Take a listen to his music, his voice will quickly tame your heart. This young man is someone you do not want to miss any part of his journey. It will be great!

Sawyer Fredericks “The Voice”

Sawyer-Fredericks  at stars2come

Sawyer Fredericks is a shy and humble young man who lives on a farm in New York. When Sawyer starts to sing his shyness disappears and the artist within emerges. This is exactly what happened on February 23, 2015. On this date Sawyer stepped out on stage of The Voice in front of four judges and the nation. He barely gets started and three chairs turn. He is singing, I Am A Man Of Constant Sorrow with so much power and heart, the judges could hardly contain themselves. Sawyer did not get too far into the song before Blake, the fourth judge turns and he puts on an incredible show for them all. When the end of the song comes, Sawyer the shy farm boy gets a standing ovation from the judges and the audience. This is what The Voice is all about.

In the past Sawyer had sung for charities, open mics, and at farmer markets. There were times when he was able to perform at a couple iconic places like, The Bitter End in New York City and Caffe Lena in Saratoga. But like many artist today, Sawyer puts music on YouTube and cdbaby for people to hear and see. Online is an avenue for artists to be seen and heard, and on occasion, opportunities happen. This is exactly what happened with Sawyer. Someone with The Voice found him online and invited to a private audition.

Sawyer wanted to go to the audition  to learn what auditions were like, and he found out in a big way. His first audition was in New York City. “I was pretty nervous and made a couple of mistakes, but felt pretty good about it, overall” says Sawyer.

At the blind auditions Sawyer did get the attention of all four judges.  He was a bit flustered when the first three chairs turned, and for a moment forgot to sing the next verse. “I had to play and extra measure on the guitar, the band followed me because they are awesome, and then I started to sing again” said Sawyer.  He says even when the fourth judge finally turned, he remained focused on the song, but it felt really good. He knew after the fourth chair turned it was going to be hard to choose whose team to be on.

Sawyer Fredericks at stars2come  All  the judges had nothing, but good things to say about Sawyer. In the end however Sawyer chose Pharrell. “Pharrell just came across very sincere and calm; he talked about letting me stay an original artist which is really important to me because I write my own songs. That is why I chose Pharrell”, said Sawyer

This is what The Voice is all about finding the best artists out there, and Sawyer has proven he is one of those artists. To take someone who in the past only sang for maybe fifty people at onetime, and put him in front of millions and win them over, has something special about him.

Sawyer will surely have a lot of great things happen after The Voice, but he really isn’t thinking about any of that. He says he is not that kind of person who plans out their lives, but more of an in the moment kind of person. After The Voice he will continue to follow his heart, he cannot imagine a time when he is not making music. He does however hope to be able to make a living in music, but he is not interested in being super famous and always in the public eye. “I’m usually a private person” says Sawyer.

At fifteen years old Sawyer won over The Voice with his own rendition of, I Am a Man of Constant Sorrow. Just like Sawyer many young artists look to be where he is one day and here is what he says about that. “I think they should keep doing what they love, not worry so much about the future, because as long as they are doing what they love now, they are already living the dream”.

Sawyer appreciates all of his fans. He wants them to know, that he is a songwriter even though the show does not showcase his original work. For all of Sawyer’s fans old and new look him up on YouTube or cdbaby and see what he has been writing. Everything comes from his heart. It is his heart and passion that earned him a spot on Team Pharrell. His heart along with his raspy voice is sure to take him a long way on, The Voice. Be sure and tune into The Voice every Monday and Tuesday night on NBC and follow his journey. After this you can bet the crowds he sings for will be more than fifty.


Jase Nelson

Jase Nelson at stars2come

Canada recently had one of the biggest heart-throbs to ever hit the stage, Justin Bieber. Now Canada is home to a brand new heart-throb, Jase Nelson. Jase is coming up strong with one of those voices that makes girls melt right where they stand. It will not be long till girls coming to see Jase will have to take a number and stand in a very, long line. One day Justin will look up, and wonder where all the girls went, and he will find them on Jase’s doorstep.

Jase has an amazing new video called, Cupid. This is a cover song originally done by Sam Cooke. It was Jase’s grandma that came up with the idea to sing Cupid. His grandma thought it would be a great song that young girls and older woman would enjoy and relate to. This was a perfect choice his grandma made. Jase sang the song perfectly, and the video itself depicts exactly what Jase’s life is going to be.

Jase Nelson at stars2come  In the video Cupid, girls become taken by Jase with the help of Cupid and her famous arrows. Not long into the video girls are coming out of the bushes after Jase, and he soon has a long line chasing him. In the end he chooses a girl in a wheelchair to be his love. He in fact with his choice, he becomes a hero. Cupid may just be a video, but after learning a bit about Jase, it is clear he would have chosen the girl regardless of Cupid. Jase said he had a blast filming the video in LA. He also says, he is not used to having girls chase him, and that felt kind of weird. Because of the video Jase was able to meet many friends. One of the kids that he met was Barry White’s grandson, Jason. It was exciting for Jase to have Jason be part of the video. Jase’s brother and sister were part of the video as well, and Jase was happy about that. Cupid is a lot of fun to watch, and you get to see what is to come for Jase.

It was at the age of three, that Canada’s newest heart-throb began his journey. At three years old Jase, like many people would sing along with the radio. By the time he was turning five his grandma heard him singing along to a Justin Timberlake song, and it surprised her that he knew all the words, and could sing on pitch. His grandma asked if he liked singing. He said, “oh yes I do”. His grandma then asked if he wanted to take lessons, and he excitedly said, yes!

Not long after Jase turned five, he began singing to the public. He started out on stage at, Sunnybrook Farms which is a tourist attraction where he lives. Since then, he has been on over fifty stages around his province. He performed at Calgary Stampede in Calgary Alberta from age seven through nine. Jase said he loved performing there, he got to perform in front of thousands of people. When his second and third year performing come around, he was excited to see people coming just to see him. When Jase was six, he was cast as Chip in Beauty and The Beast at their local college. Jase said it was exhilarating being in front of a live audience with a huge cast to work alongside.

Jase Nelson at stars2come With no great surprise Jase has been getting considerable attention from the media. He has made many radio interviews and has been featured in magazines that are distributed all across Canada and the US. He has also done a great many local newspaper interviews. There are plans in the works for TV and other interviews to come in the near future.

Nerves are something all performers must overcome, but for Jase it is all part of the experience. He says he likes the feeling of nervousness before he gets on stage. Jase will be all shaky and excited, then he gets on stage, starts singing and it all goes away. It always makes him feel good knowing that people came to listen and enjoy him.

Jase says he hopes to become a household name. He wants to encourage other kids to sing, play an instrument, read books or perhaps write their own book. There is a lot going on with bullying, and Jase wants to do his part and speak out against it, and give kids a voice so they can be more confident.

Cover songs has been a big part of Jase, but he is now beginning to perform songs of his own. He has written three songs with his producer in LA. He says he has lots of ideas and he presents them to his producer, and from  there they work on building a song. The three songs that Jase has written so far are, I Miss You Michael, Waking Up, and I Take My Hat Off To You, all of which you can find on iTunes. The song, I Miss You Michael came to him after he seen a billboard of Michael Jackson’s new album. Waking Up, it came from a short film that he was the lead in. I Take My Hat Off To You, his grandma came up with the title and was written for fun because he always wears a hat, and has over 50 of them.

Jase Nelson at stars2come  Don’t be fooled, music is not the only thing Jase is mastering, he is also an author. Jase writes children’s books. They are working on getting his first book to print in January 2015. The book is about a Canadian boy and his snowman that he built and becomes his friend. His second book is already written, and just need to prepare it for print.

Other than Jase’s books going to print soon, there are other exciting things coming from him. He is featured in a teenager’s magazine out of Florida called, Teen Fare. It will be out in January 2015. Also in January he is hoping to film his next video and by March be on his third. Jase has begun working on more songs to add to his album, so be on the lookout for those.

Jase does a lot of great things, but he always takes his music seriously. He takes voice lessons, piano, guitar, and dance workshops because he wants to be a great singer. He does everything to follow his dream, this is not his families dream, but his. Jase’s family does help to make sure he balances things out, have fun and play. Sometimes people thinks he is girl because of his long hair, he doesn’t care, he loves it anyway. He is always kind, respectful and considerate of others.

It is not hard to see and understand why he is becoming a teen idol. Jase is extremely talented, handsome and a heart of gold. Now these three things, are things, that no girl can resist. It may have felt weird for all the girls chasing him in Cupid, but it is something he might as well get use to.