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Sadie McClendon

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It is a true pleasure to introduce nine year old, Sadie McClendon. Sadie a native of Alabama is often found on stage somewhere around Tuscaloosa, Nashville and everywhere in between. Country and Bluegrass has gained another distinguished voice, one that will be treasured by many for a longtime to come. She may only be nine, but she has hit the ground running and has become highly sot after. The tone in her voice when she sings will make you melt. One day her name will be found right next to Patsy Cline and others like her.

Sadie has been fortunate to grow up around music giving her the love she has to sing and perform. Her mom is a jazz singer who Sadie has listened to all her life. She loves listening and singing to the music her dad listens to, which is classic Country. Like many young people growing up, she too was apart of musicals in school as a kindergartner, along with some talent shows. “My first real performance was on stage at a talent show in Tuscaloosa when I was eight years old. I played guitar and sang some Bob Dylan” says Sadie.

Being part of the Bluegrass and Country music scene, it helps to play an instrument. Sadie has certainly covered that base, she plays guitar. mandolin, ukulele, and piano. No matter what the occasion Sadie can jump right in and fill the air with enjoyment. She has been studying Bluegrass for the past year now, and loves when she gets the opportunity to play with other musicians and bands. Sadie is already so skilled at nine that she has been playing gigs for the past year. Sadie even has her own three hour gig in Nashville once a month.

Nashville is a favorite place for any Country music lover and that holds true with Sadie. Nashville has taken her in with open arms. She loves performing on the main stage at Tootsie’s with the band and at Honky-tonk Central downtown Nashville. At Rippy’s downtown is her regular gig every month. At Rippy’s Sadie has a three hour acoustic set, she is usually on stage with two adult musicians. “It’s always really neat there, because I never know who I’m going to be playing with” says Sadie. When in Nashville stop by these places and you just might catch Sadie, and you will be glad you did. Because of school she is not able to be in Nashville more at this time. “I play at farmers markets back home, and anywhere that will have me” says Sadie. Soon she will have no worry about whether people will have her, they will be begging for her to come perform.

Sadie looks at music much different than many others, meaning it is not about competitions. An award for her is being asked to sing up on stage with Jamey Johnson in front of 10,000 people in Huntsville. Or to hop on stage with other respected musicians who appreciate all the hard work she puts into her music. A local radio saw one of her videos and played it on air and did an interview with her.

In her travels, Sadie has met a few people along the way. In Mississippi she got to hangout with Jamey Johnson at a show, and he introduced her to Allison Krauss. She sang two songs for them.  Here recently she sang with Jamey at the Von Braun Center in Huntsville Alabama. She has also had the pleasure of meeting Chris and Morgan Stapleton. Sadie hopes to meet John Prine one day.

At such a young age Sadie  has already gained a love for performing. She loves the energy that comes from performing and loves surprising people. “Nobody ever thinks a nine year old could really play their instruments or expect them to sing the type of music that I do” says Sadie. Mainly she is just having fun.

Sadie has been inspired to write songs. Her first song was performed in Nashville on the street. She says this was really scary.

All of her accomplishments are great, but she is still just a kid. She likes to ride horses and play Bluegrass and Country music. She loves John Prine, Bill Monroe, Johnny Cash and Patsy Cline. Sadie listens to Jamey Johnson, Chris Stapleton, Cody Jinks, Jason Isbell, and Sturgill Simpson. Her favorite singer is Morgan Stapleton. She loves what she does and wants to do it for as long as she can.

For someone who is basically just starting out, she has had some great opportunities. It is her skills in music, vocally and instrumentally that continues to open doors to these opportunities. People everywhere are loving her music. It is only necessary to listen for a bit, and then you are hooked. One day Sadie will return the favor that people like Jamey has given her. Sadie will be playing an arena somewhere, and she too will share her stage with a kid just like her. Sadie simply loves music.



Lydia Waldrop

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Lydia is a great new country artist from Tennessee. Her voice carries a new country sound smooth and soft, she will be amazing on tear jerkers with that kind of voice. However don’t let that soft voice fool you, because when it is called for, she can take her voice up to the rafters with power and precision.  Lydia presents herself well on stage with a stylish country look. Appearing with such style, there will be many young ladies trying to copy her, and you cannot get a better compliment than that.

Lydia made her first singing appearance when she was nine years old. She performed in a Christmas program with her vocal studio. At her first performance she sang Tennessee Christmas. This was everyone’s first taste of what was to come from Lydia.

There have been many performances  since her beginning, and one of her favorites is when Lydia performed one of her very first original songs called, You Say. This was at a spring recital. Another was performing at an acoustic show.

A couple of Lydia’s favorite artists she enjoys covering are, Carrie Underwood and Miranda Lambert. Lydia likes the songs these artists sing because they tell stories and send messages. When Lydia is singing, she hopes to touch at least one person with her music. Even though she enjoys singing her favorite covers, it is more rewarding singing an original and someone is singing along with it. That is the best. Lydia’s goal is to be a country music artist one day  inspiring others. With the talent she possesses, Lydia will inspire many along her journey.

People in the area that Lydia lives are taking notice of her talent, and has placed in several local contests. She placed second at the Delta Fair Youth talent senior contest; she sang beautifully. She has also placed at a few preliminaries leading up to the mid south fair. Recently Lydia placed first at a talent show held at her school. There will be many more firsts to come.

Lydia is a songwriter as well as an artist with twelve to fifteen written. One of these songs stands out to her because it is a song about her grandfather who passed away a few years ago, it is called, Remember Me Always. It is her own life experiences that inspires the songs she writes.

She dreams that when people hear her name and listens to her music, that her songs can touch their hearts and can relate similar experiences in their lives. This dream is sure to come, and her performance of, Never Neverland shows the precision she has to take her there. Lydia’s dream may be of country music, and she could possibly be another Carrie Underwood if, she uses that power more often. But that voice of her’s is geared for contemporary music much like Mariah Carey and if she can find a way to combined the two, then she could rise above the stars and beyond.




American Idol’s “Amelia Eisenhauer”

Amelia Eisenhauer at stars2come

Over the years, American Idol has had many great singers step onto their stage. For these singers performing on the Idol stage, it would have been an honor and an exciting venture. Now that Idol has drawn to a close, to have been chosen to perform on their last season would be a privilege. Amelia Eisenhauer was one of thousands to audition and one of few to be chosen to move forward. Curious as to why she decided to audition, Amelia says, “actually, I was volunteered as tribute by my mother”. It turns out that one of Idol’s casting directors sent an email asking them to come in for an audition at a Nashville showcase. Her mom told them Amelia would come in. When she first walked into the audition she was carrying a sword, even getting questioned by security. This all stems from her backstory which almost all shows like this love. “Part of my backstory was that I like anime. I was asked to bring my costumes and props, including my sword” says Amelia. They had asked her to dress up in one of her costumes, but she told them no. “I wanted people to appreciate me for my voice and musicianship, not my hobbies” says Amelia.

For Amelia being a part of American Idol was a great experience. She discovered that it is better to follow your instincts and do what you feel best. “People advise you with best of intentions, but it doesn’t always work out for the best” says Amelia. Looking back at some of her decisions, she wished she had followed her own instincts, especially for song choices. However, it was a highlight to perform in the theater and church. It was a great feeling with the lighting, sound and house band. “It really spoils you to have that level of production go into a performance” says Amelia.

Amelia is a great entertainer and was winning the hearts of people long before idol. Looking back in time, Amelia’s mom tells her she would make really high-pitched bird noises when she was a baby. These high-pitched bird noises grew into a voice that everyone would enjoy.

The fiddle is an instrument that has become a big part of who Amelia is as an artist and entertainer. Amelia started asking her mom for a violin when she was four. When you see Amelia live or on stage anywhere like Idol, she plays country, but in fact she is classically trained. “My parents listened to classical and bluegrass music around the house and in the car, which is where I think I get my love for the violin” says Amelia. Amelia was six years old when she received her first quarter sized violin for Christmas. Once she had it, her mom made sure she practiced a lot. “I have played for over ten years now, so playing the fiddle/violin is very second nature to me! I love to play” says Amelia.

Amelia Eisenhauer 1  Amelia is just sixteen, but already performs 60 to 80 shows per year and growing. This number of shows have been a normal way of life since she was around nine years old. Outside of Idol, one of her favorite shows was playing the DuQuoin State Fair Grandstand Stage opening for Trace Atkins. “There was a crowd of about 6k! It was awesome! I love big crowds” says Amelia. Another big show for Amelia was opening for Thomas Rhett. This performance was at an event called, Herrinfest. This was another huge crowd. Both of these shows were with her band, We Got It Covered. “When you launch into Devil Went Down to Georgia and Callin Baton Rouge, the place goes crazy” says Amelia.

There are a great collection of cover songs from Amelia to be found on her pages, but she does have some original songs out that people will enjoy as well. One of her original songs out that she has had the most involvement with in writing is called, Gun. This song is about a relationship she was in that went south, and the other person was afraid to talk to her. “One of the lines is, I’ll lay down my gun so you wont runaway. Sometimes we need closure, but it’s hard because we are afraid to hurt that other person” Amelia says. For Amelia it is better to go on and just say it, than to wonder where you are with someone.

Happiness is the dream Amelia has. “The hard part sometimes is figuring out what makes you feel that way. For me, I think music will be my happiness and my life” says Amelia. Music has always been a part of her life and will continue to be. She wants to earn a degree in music business. Of course she would love a record deal, but as long as she is involved with music in some way she will be happy.

It may not look it, but Amelia is a shy person. Sometimes she feels people believes she just doesn’t want to chat or be friendly, but she really does. She is not however the stereotypical type of girl all bubbly and boy crazy, she just isn’t. Neither does she watch much TV, instead she likes to read. She does love to compose and record her own music as well as, gaming especially the role-playing ones and of course anime.

There are some great things to be on the look out for from Amelia this year. She is currently booking shows and looking forward to getting out on the road. Her original album should be finished sometime this year. Also if you are in or around Nashville, she often ventures in at the Bluebird Cafe for songwriters night and Jed’s Lightning  100 writers night. Amelia will often pop in at Pucketts in Leipers Fork for open mic, be sure to catch her whenever possible.

Amelia is an act that is totally worth the drive to anywhere she is performing. From personal experience seeing her live, she puts on a performance that will stick with you. Once you hear her play and sing she will remain a favorite. It does not matter if Amelia is on stage on Idol or in some town somewhere, she blows the stage up when she brings out that fiddle. There is no doubt Amelia is one of the greatest artists rising up today. Do not miss a thing from Amelia.

Macy Tabor

Macy Tabor

Macy Tabor is a rising country music artist straight from Tennessee. She is a beautiful country lady, with a beautiful country voice to match. Just looking at her it is easy to see that a star is there. When Macy starts to sing, her true star power begins to shine. Macy carries an old-time true country honky-tonk sound in her voice. There is nothing like a honky-tonk voice, people who have it grabs people from within. It is one of the most believable types of singing voices there is. Whether it is country or gospel it will leave you with a great feeling inside. Macy uses her honky-tonk voice very effectively and once you hear it, you can’t get enough.

Her honky-tonk voice began to form almost as soon as she could speak. Music grew inside Macy with the help of her mom. Her mom always had music playing, she would be listening to country or 80’s rock. When Macy finally let people hear what she could do, it was in front of hundreds of people. She was four years old in Hollywood California at the International Presentation of Performers. It was a competition with kids from all over the US and Canada. They were competing in acting, singing and modeling, Macy competed in singing. “I competed for the very first time, with over 200 kids in my age group in the singing competition, and finished in the top ten” says Macy.

Ever since that competition at the age of four, Macy has been going strong with many performances. Every year now she performs at a show called, South Jackson Goes Country. This is a three day event where they act out commercials for different businesses, and at this event she sings with the house band. Two years ago she sang at Honky Tonk Central in Nashville during the CMA fest. She was brought up on stage by duo Branch and Dean. They have a song called, Your Ole Ladies Gone, and this song has a yodeling part in it, so they asked her to come on stage to do the yodeling part. “This was special to me because I look forward to one day singing myself at the CMA Festival” says Macy. She is getting closer to making that dream come true. Just last year she sang at the Texas Troubadour Theater on Friday night during the CMA Festival. “One of my most rewarding performances was getting to sing for the Vietnam Veterans that were in the 25th Infantry Division” says Macy. Listening to their stories and seeing the connection that they have with each other was very touching for her. It was an honor for her to perform for them, they were grateful, kind and appreciative. They are all heroes in her eyes.  For the past few years Macy has been performing in her hometown on Veterans Day. It is her way of giving back.

Macy has received a few awards for her singing. She received an award for finishing in the top ten at the International Presentation of Performers. She also finished in the top ten at the Dolly Parton Mountain Soul Vocal Competition at the Bloomin Barbecue & Bluegrass Festival in Sevierville, Tennessee last year. Macy finished in second place last month in the Coffee County Kids Have Talent contest.

The interaction with people plays a big part of what she loves about performing. “I have met so many wonderful people through my love for music. I love making people happy through music and performing” says Macy. When she is out performing and making people happy, she loves covering Miranda Lambert. She says she could do a whole set of just Miranda. Miranda is an inspiration to Macy, and she feels they have similar voices.

There are several shows already booked for Macy, if you would like to see her in person be making plans. On April 24th you can find her at the Cornbread Festival in South Pittsburg, Tennessee. She is also gearing up for the South Jackson Goes Country which practice begins in June, and the shows are in August. These are sure to be great shows.

Macy dreams of being a famous country singer one day. With a voice like her’s it is sure to come. Not only does she have a great voice, but she does work hard and puts 100% in everything she does. She is very patriotic, which goes along with almost all country singers, what a great thing. Macy is also proud that she can yodel. She is at home with country, it is who she is. Macy is pure country.


Erin Ott

Erin Ott at stars2come






What a voice Erin Ott carries. This young lady is making her place in country music and country needs a voice like hers. Erin has a modern voice with a traditional sound mixed in and when she sings everyone listens. The mix Erin has works perfectly whether she sings traditional or new country. Erin has an advantage with the mix allowing her to sing any song, and give every song a little extra flavor.

Erin started out on her adventure around the age of eight. In Maryville, Tennessee there is a small place called the Dawgpatch. This was her first performance. The Dawgpatch may have been her first public performance, but not the first time she had a mic in her hand. When Erin was still very little, her mom went to school, and her dad sang at different venues. Her dad would take Erin with him, leaving her in the car seat, giving her a live mic and live monitor that faced towards her, so only she could hear. At this time in her life she could neither walk or talk, but loved having that mic in her hand. The love and passion she has for music, was literally from the very beginning created by her own dad.

Erin has sung at many places, but her largest was at the Civic Coliseum in Knoxville, Tennessee. This is one of her favorite performances, she was able to meet and sing for Joe Diffie. She loved meeting him. Another performance that meant a lot to Erin was at Congressman Jimmy Duncan’s birthday party. At this event Erin was able to meet many important people like Mayors and Governors, along with other political people.

Erin Ott at stars2come  In this short time Erin has been performing, she is already an award winner. She competed in NACMAI (North American Country Music Association International) in 2014 and 2015. In 2014 she claimed Modern Country Female Vocalist of the Year and Entertainer of the Year in her age category. In March 2015 she claimed Classic Country Female Vocalist of the Year and Classic Female Entertainer of the Year. Erin has won many other awards such as regional competitions with Smokey Mountain Country Music Association, which included recording time with Simms Records. She also took first place in the Mountain Soul Competition in 2013 at the Bluegrass festival in Sevierville, Tennessee, and first place at TVA&I fair.

Performing for Erin is all about evoking emotion. She loves to see people react to her music and the songs she sings. “If I can bring tears to someone’s eye, make them smile, or remember a special memory, then that makes me happy”, says Erin. When she is out performing, Erin enjoys covering some of her favorite artists, like Carrie Underwood, Dolly Parton and Patsy Cline. Each one of these artists is special in their own way to Erin. Carrie because she has awesome songs and is a good example for girls to follow. Dolly is an awesome songwriter. Erin loves the enthusiasm and love that Dolly has for her fans. Patsy was one of the most iconic singers of all time, and Erin loved the way she was able to pull fans into her music. Erin hopes to accomplish vocally what her idols did for themselves. She is working hard to meet these achievements. Performing also gives her a chance to meet many different people and become friends. She stays in touch with them through social media. With performing comes a few perks such as meeting stars and other important people. Some people Erin has met are Joe Diffie, Jason Aldean and writers like Kim Williams and Dave Wilburn only to name a small few.

Erin currently has one original song out called, If The Heart Is Right. This is her first single which was recorded in Nashville, in October 2013. If The Heart Is Right was written by award-winning writer John Condrone, at Hilltop Studios in Nashville. Her single is being played on Medusa Radio in the Netherlands where it has been in the top 10 twice in one month since it started playing in February 2015. It is also in rotation on Best Country Radio in Nashville.

Songwriting is something Erin has started work on, but does not have many written as of yet. Erin is a member of the Knoxville Songwriters. She likes writing about how life use to be and the easy living that is so different from today. Her ideas come from things other people say.

Erin has made her way to TV. She has appeared on the Laura Dodd’s video jukebox where she was interviewed and sang four songs. Erin says she is a very nice lady. Erin is a regular on the Ciderville TV show, which airs in Oak Ridge, Tennessee on Saturday nights and WYSH internet. She has also performed on CBS, WBIR Channel 10, “Live At Five Ar Four” where she got to talk about her past and upcoming performances.

Erin has many performances coming up that people can catch her at. On May 15 at Cold War Patriots – Oak Ridge Tn., May 15, 16 Eagleton Benefit Rodeo Ciderville show, May 16 Mountain Soul Competition, May 21 Golden Coral, May 22 Tres Nursery and June 10 Brunch With The Stars. Be sure and catch her at one of these shows.

Her goal like many, is to sing one day on the Grand Ole Opry stage. Erin wants to sing where so many greats have stood to sing their songs. She hopes to become a household name and own a big bus. When she makes money from singing she is often asked what she’s going to do with it, and she says, “saving it to buy a bus”.

Singing is Erin’s passion ,but she says that God is her ultimate passion. It is he who has given her the talent, and she intends on using it. She says he has also blessed her tremendously with people in her life to encourage and guide her along the way. These people include her family and people like David West who Erin says is the ultimate banjo player. He encourages her to learn as many instruments as she can. Erin loves the banjo and bass, and hopes to one day play as well as he does. Erin comes from a musical family which many of the people in her family can play anything with strings.

Erin is very blessed with the ability to entertain, and a voice that is setting her apart from many others. There is a place for her in music and she will no doubt be around for a very longtime. Be sure to stop by and visit her many social network outlets, you can find links to them all on her Reverbnation page.


Kentucky’s Voice, Kelsie May

Kelsie May at stars2come


When people think Kentucky, the first things that comes to mind are, Wildcats basketball, bourbon, racehorses, and Loretta Lynn. They each hold a special place in the hearts of Kentuckians and has been the pride of Kentucky. Now there’s a new reason for Kentucky to stand proud, and a new name that people will speak when they think Kentucky. This new name is Kelsie May from Louisa, Kentucky. Kelsie May stepped out on the stage of The Voice and made Kentucky proud.

On The Voice Kelsie sang, You’re Looking At Country and Kelsie is just that, country.  Kelsie, with her traditional voice has only been entertaining for a few short years. In this short time many great things has happened. Not long after her beginning, she started working with music vet Bernard Porter, founder of PCG Nashville who has helped guide her on this journey. Kelsie’s many talents has come to light on her journey, writing, guitar skills and of course her beautiful country voice.

Kelsie’s voice is very similar to that of Loretta Lynn who she looks up to, and hopes to sing by her side one day. She has yet to sing beside Loretta, but Kelsie did get to sing in the front yard of her home. This was huge for Kelsie.  However she has had the opportunity to open for several great artists; John Michael Montgomery, Eric Paslay, Tate Stevens, Marty Stuart, Bucky Covington, and Angaleena Presley. All of this has helped hone her for The Voice.

Kelsie May at stars2come  The Voice is a huge opportunity and dream for many people, this is what it felt like for Kelsie May. “I kept thinking, am I in a dream, I couldn’t believe that it was actually about to happen”said Kelsie. She remembers looking at all four chairs when she stepped out on stage, and how surreal that moment was.  Once the music began the nerves she had been replaced by excitement.

Beforehand Kelsie was thinking if she got a chair to turn, it would probably be Blake because of the song she was singing, You’re Looking At Country. He did turn his chair, but soon after Christine and Pharrell turned their chairs, and she was overly excited. She said when it came down to choosing they all had great things to say that hit home with Kelsie, but it was Blake who won her over. She is hoping Blake will help pave the way for her in country music.

Team Blake is where Kelsie fits in. She said she didn’t choose Blake just because of his country roots, but she feels she would be totally comfortable working with him. “He is known as everyone’s crazy uncle, so I feel I can really just let down my walls and be myself” says Kelsie. Even with all of Blake’s fame, he has not let that change who he is, which is very important to Kelsie.

Being on The Voice is a great thing, it is not just getting on stage singing and pick a coach. Before Kelsie had the opportunity to pick Blake, she had to earn her spot. For her it was all the way back to Cleveland Ohio. This is where she had her first audition. Kelsie had always watched The Voice and her friends would often tell her she should try out. The call did come wanting her to audition and something inside her told her to do it. She is so happy she did. Kelsie was super nervous, but wanted to make a good first impression. She so wanted to make it to the blinds, she laid everything on the line for the casting people. In doing this, she earned her spot on the show, and ended up on Team Blake.


Kelsie is grateful for this opportunity. While it is an opportunity, she says win or not she will continue writing songs and tour as many places as possible. Her main goal is to sing on the Opry and sing with Loretta. This show just might open a few doors for her goals to be realized.

 Kelsie has the appeal and personality to win over the hearts of people everywhere.  Her fans and family has supported her through think and thin. Her hometown has been there for her since she first stepped on a stage. Once the people of her hometown heard she auditioned for The Voice and on Team Blake, they was so happy for Kelsie and her parents. A very proud day indeed. Kelsie says she is happy to be from a small town that supports her the way they do. She couldn’t ask for anything better.

 It is Kelsie’s big dream to sing with Loretta and be on the Opry, but it is also her dream to raise awareness for cancer and OMS. Both of these have impacted her family so much. “Cancer, I feel, has affected one person in one way or another” says Kelsie. OMS is a disorder that her nephew was diagnosed with after he battled cancer (neuroblastoma). Not much is known about this because only one in ten million will get it.

Kelsie May at stars2come  Her journey with The Voice is a lot of work, but she has made some great friends and gets to enjoy some down time with them. Kelsie and her friends while in California just love doing normal stuff when they can. They go bowling, out to eat and even have movie nights. She says she will definitely remain friends with these amazing people forever.

Kelsie would like to thank all of her fans new and old for standing behind her. She would like for them to know that they should always be themselves, no matter if anyone else does. Remain true to yourselves and do whatever makes you happy. “I’m on this journey with people from all around the world, and I appreciate them all for taking a chance on a sixteen year old with big dreams” Kelsie said.

There may be others out there hoping to be on stage on The Voice, and Kelsie feels they should go for it. She says even if you are really scared, do it. “If it’s your dream and it makes you happy, go out there and sing with all your heart and you wont have any regrets” says Kelsie.

Kelsie is on a big journey and The Voice is part of that journey. She is Kentucky’s voice and Kentucky along with the rest of the country will be watching her journey on the show unfold. When you look at Kelsie you are looking at country. Dreams do come true and just maybe The Voice will find Loretta and put her alongside of Kelsie. Two great Kentucky voices together, not a bad idea. Be sure and follow The Voice, Monday and Tuesday nights and give support to Kelsie every time she is on.

All heart, all country, Kentucky’s Voice, Kelsie May.

Jasmine Sean McDonald

Jasmine Sean McDonald at stars2come







Jasmine is without a doubt has a face that truly belongs on TV and stage. This girl is adorable inside and out and the smile she has will win the hearts of those who sees it. After seeing her perform on stage in Nashville it is easy to understand why so many people wants to see her. She is amazing!

Jasmine is not a shy girl at all, and at five years old she jumped right in and showed everyone how fearless she was. She went to a mall where they were having a talent and model search, and Jasmine won. She also began modeling for Belks store when she was five and still continues to do so.

Without saying her trip to Nashville has certainly won first place for a location to perform at. “I love it there”! says Jasmine. She loves all the famous singers that are there, and she wants with all her heart to be one of them. It was here that she got to see first hand just how much people loved her when a man and woman gave her a 20.00 dollar tip.  There are many festivals all around and Jasmine loves to perform at these whenever she can. She loves being on stage and singing to all the people. “The more the merrier” she said. She knows she is doing a good job performing when she looks into the audience and see people clapping and dancing to her music.

Jasmine loves all the country singers, but what she loves most to listen and sing, is Honky Tonk. It is the in your face songs from artists like Loretta Lynn and Gretchen Wilson she likes so well.

When it comes to singing, it is making people happy, that is the most important thing to her. Jasmine loves the attention she gets on stage, and the more attention the grander the show. Whatever the entertainment world has to offer is what Jasmine wants, whether it is singing or TV she just wants to entertain.

While on her Nashville trip she did get to film a TV show. Jasmine got to be apart of the Nashville Spotlight TV show, which is a TV show that spotlights the up and coming artist.

Here very soon Jasmine will be performing for the city of Douglas, Georgia. The city called to ask her to sing for the veterans of World War II . This event will be held at the airport and one of the most amazing things about it is, Jasmine is the only person performing. She gets all the attention.

Many people would say performing would be their ultimate goal, but not for Jasmine, her’s is to be the best christian that she can be and honor God. She does hope to be a famous singer herself one day or possibly become part of the Disney family. She would like to have the chance to sing for kids that are sick and abused. It would be a dream come true for Jasmine to be on stage with Gretchen Wilson and sing her Earring song with her. Jasmine wants to be known as the “It Girl”, doing it all acting, singing, and modeling.

Jasmine is so lovable, it is no wonder that so many people love to see her entertain. Her personality and character will win over anyone’s heart. Not everyone has the “It” factor to be an entertainer, but Jasmine has it and more. She was put on this earth to bring joy to the lives of others and she does it very well. Once you meet her and see that smile, your heart will melt away. Any opportunity you have, make it a point to see, It Girl in action, you will be hooked for life.

Jordan Green

Jordan Green at stars2come







Who would have known you could find country in New Jersey, but with great surprise Jordan appears, and he is all country. New Jersey and Jordan’s parents should be proud to have such an amazing talent. He is one of the best male country vocalist to come along in a while, and he has a bright future ahead of him. Jordan has a great sound,with a country look that girls love; Nashville is in need of a guy like Jordan.

This up and coming country artist started off singing at just two and a half years old performing in church. By the time Jordan turned ten, he had his own band and making his debut performance playing his own music. This all happened in 2009 at a festival called, “Bottle Hill Day” in Madison, New Jersey. He remembers being very nervous, but he says after playing their short three song set, he knew performing was something he had to do.

Jordan says he has performed at many places over the past six years, and has a few that remains memorable. One of these performances was at,  Morristown’s Got Talent. At the time he was with a band called, “The Originals” and made it to the finals. The finals were held at the Mayo Performing Arts Center in New Jersey. Jordan said it was the biggest stage he had ever performed on, and will never forget it. He also enjoyed performing at the Walk To Cure Cancer for the T. J. Martell Foundation, which he will be doing again this year.

Whenever Jordan is out playing music and singing cover songs he loves covering Trace Adkins.  He likes Trace because he feels his songs are clever and fun to sing. More importantly when Jordan is out singing, he loves the rush that comes from being on stage. He is passionate about music and whether he is performing in front of ten people or ten thousand, he gives it his all.

As an artist one of the things they all must do is get some great original songs out, and Jordan is working on that right now. His goal is to get a five song EP and two videos released. Jordan hopes to have it all completed by the end of the year. He wants to also keep performing anywhere he can, and work on larger and larger gigs. Once he finishes high school he would like to attend college in Nashville.

Jordan has been writing songs ever since he was ten years old, and has written about 25 songs by himself, and about 100 that he has co-written. He attends a music school called, The Original Music School. At the music school he learns to write songs and to work with a band. There is a song he wrote that is special to Jordan called, “In The Stars”. The song is dedicated to his grandma who passed away suddenly when he was in the 6th grade. Just like his song, In The Stars, everything he writes comes from personal experiences.

There are many internet radios and a couple of FM radios in Australia that are currently playing a few of Jordan’s songs, and more radios are picking him up regularly. Jordan has become very popular and he is taking on more things all the time. Here recently he has become an Ambassador for Heart Songs for Veterans / Heart Songs for Causes. Heart Songs is an organization where artist donate a song to a particular cause with all the proceeds of the sales going to the cause. Jordan will be releasing a song soon just for Heart Songs. He is looking forward to being a guest host on the Heart Songs Radio Show which will air on the Scorpion Radio Network.

Jordan is a big country music fan with favorite artists including Trace Adkins, Luke Bryan to Carrie Underwood, plus many more. He does however enjoy many things, like hanging out with friends, church, art, food and he is a huge baseball fan and the Mets are who he follows. He is an all around country boy.

Don’t miss a thing from Jordan he creates some great music that everyone loves. One song of his that he has is called, Budge. This song is very well done, good lyrics, it flows well and it is a song that sticks in your head. Jordan has a great tone to his voice and a creative writer, this makes him a great addition to country music.