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Angela and Hannah

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Angela and Hannah are an outstanding duo that is sweeping the Southern California area with their awesome harmonies and their great music style. These girls are such a pleasure to watch and listen to, everything about their performances just puts a smile on your face. There is no doubt that they are as talented as they are beautiful, and are out making a big name for themselves.

These two amazing sisters have been singing since they were toddlers. It was in their home state of Minnesota where they were introduced to music. When Hannah was only three years old you would often find her dancing to her mom’s karaoke songs, and Angela playing around with her dad’s guitar at the age of six.  Then about four years ago they started getting serious about it. They started taking vocal lessons, and about three years ago they began singing as a duo and have been ever since. It is great that Angela and Hannah are doing this as a duo, they are so talented and the music industry is in need of a great girl duo like them.

Angela and Hannah made their first public performance in front of their parents food concession stand about three years ago with their performances made up of mostly Taylor Swift songs.  They perform many places now and have acquired some favorites along the way. For Angela performing on the Plaza Stage at the San Diego County Fair was amazing. It was their first year performing at the fair and she said it was a really cool experience. They enjoyed singing to the crowds there and loved meeting everyone that stopped by after their performance to say hi. Hannah says she really liked the fair as well, but also enjoyed singing on En Vivo Time Warner  community cable TV show. This was their first time performing on a prerecorded TV show so it was different and fun. This was on January 9th 2013, they sang “Give Your Heart a Break” and “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together”. Angela and Hannah has been doing really well performing and has a couple of regular performances that they do each week. On the weekends you can catch them at Kobey’s Swap Meet and on Wednesdays at the Ocean Beach Farmers Market.

Angela-and-Hannah at stars2come Angela and Hannah do a great job when it comes to their music and when performing they each have different artists they like to cover. With Angela she loves covering Maroon 5. She says they are one of her favorite bands and their songs are so much fun to perform. Hannah says she loves to cover Demi Lovato. She says Demi is such an amazing artist and a inspiration to them both. No matter what they sing they just love to perform and the best thing is when they are able to connect with the audience. It always makes them happy when someone tells them they have touched their hearts or have made their day a bit brighter. There is no way you can watch these two girls and not have your day brightened.

These wonderful girls have a very bright future ahead of them, but right now they say their main goal is to just have fun. When watching Angela and Hannah it is easy to see they are truly having fun. They also hope to inspire other young musicians out there and be able to share their music with others. They do plan to have their first album out soon with a few covers and original songs too.

Angela and Hannah have been doing great with singing some songs from their favorite artists, but that is getting ready to change. Angela and Hannah are now writing their own songs and you can bet these girls are going to put out some amazing songs. Angela has written many songs, but currently has only finished about 5. She said when she was younger she would keep a songwriting journal instead of a diary. If she was feeling down or sad, she wrote music and because of this it makes all of the songs special to her. Writing these songs helped her through rough times. Hannah says she is just getting started writing and has 1 completed so far.

These two girls are amazingly talented and they are artists that everyone is going to love. They have so much fun doing what they love that you can not watch them and not have fun yourself. They have the ability to become one of the best teen duos out there and present their selves very well. They are artists that others can look up to. It is easy to imagine them on a big stage in a arena with thousands of screaming kids at the edge of the stage just trying to get a to touch one of them. They are the duo sensation of Southern California and soon to be the country. Don’t miss out on anything these girls do, keep track of them on their social media at, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Website, and Instagram.




The Graham Twins

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The music world needs to be prepared, because there is double trouble headed its way. The Graham Twins are two beautiful young ladies that are making waves with their exceptional talents. These wonderful young ladies are not trouble themselves, but their talent as artists will force the other artists out there to step up their game, or get out of their way because they have the talent  to take over the music world.

The Graham Twins at just ten years old, are very strong vocally, as well as instrumentally. Jadelyn plays guitar and drums. Brycelyn plays piano and bass. They have been playing instruments for only about two years, but to listen you would believe it has been much longer.

They both have been singing since they were very young, but about two years ago they began taking lessons at Stages Music School. It was also along about this time that they made their first public appearance at the Town Square with their friends from Stages. Since this first performance they have not stopped and they now carry over 50 shows under their belt. While they have performed at many places such as, The Hard Rock Nashville and Boston, The Nashville Palace, The Rutledge, in front of the Ryman Auditorium, and Jacksonville Landing, they each have their own favorite. Jadelyn loved performing in Jacksonville Florida and the Jacksonville Landing with the Nashville Spotlight. Brycelyn loves anywhere in Nashville. They have also opened for Confederate Railroad.

The Graham Twins may be small, but they carry a big heart. These two girls are always out helping others with their talents, they love charity work. They have played at nursing homes, at a walk-a-thon for for abused kids, and at a suicide prevention event. They also play shows to raise money for the Make A Wish foundation as part of the Tunes For Tots team.

While they are an outstanding duo they each have different things happening and goals they want to reach. For Jadelyn, she is in a pop/rock band called the Guardian Angels and she likes to cover Melissa Ethridge. When it comes to singing she says, “it helps me to show the real me”! She also wants to one day be famous and be on TV. She says, she is always there for her friends if they need her. She is very helpful, forgiving and understanding. For Brycelyn, she is in a vocal dance group and loves Bridget Mendler. She loves being on Stages, and says performing is just so much fun. She also wants to be famous and make lots of money. She says, she “really” likes boys. She is very kind and understanding, but she is a little shy at first, it takes time to get to know her.

The Graham Twins have been busy doing some songwriting of their own. They currently have four songs completed and working on their fifth. They have one that is very special to them, it was written for their uncle Kevin who was their biggest fan, but sadly he passed away a year and a half ago. The song is called, “Walk in Heaven”.

They also have some exciting things coming up to look forward to. Their first CD will be available this summer. They are currently waiting to hear if they made it to America’s Got Talent, they have made it passed four auditions so far.

The great talent that these two girls have is evident in their newest music video, “Try”. On camera they are captivating and their professionalism shows through their every movement. Their individual vocals as well as their harmonies are exceptional. Watching this video one would think they have been doing this for years. Everyone might as well get out of the way and make room for this great new duo, because they are coming through aiming for the top. To keep up with one of the best duos ever, The Graham Twins, be sure to check regular at their Facebook and YouTube pages.


THE CRISTEAS at stars2come

What an outstanding brother/sister trio, they have it all going on, a great sound and they always look amazing. Samuel and Melody are the lead vocals and the way they can bring out the emotions in a song is excellent. They capture everything in a song brilliantly; they make you want to listen over and over. They are truly the new teen sensations. Each one has great character; and Melody the camera truly loves her. It is easy to picture her on TV, maybe Disney or Nick and it would not be surprising to see her there soon.

The Cristeas are made up of Samuel 14, Melody, 11 and Abigail 13, together they make a trio that you cannot beat. Samuel was the first one to start singing and has always been amazing, and then Melody and Abigail joined in about a year ago. When listening to Melody sing it is hard to believe that she not only joined Samuel a year ago, but also started singing then as well. She sings like she has been doing it ever since she was born. Abigail spends many hours putting together all their dance moves and is responsible and credited with choreographing the band’s live performances, as well as their music videos. She also plays the accordion and has recently started to DJ. Each one of these siblings has their own talents  that they bring to the group that is making them such a big sensation. They say, they love performing as a brother/sister team, and they all get along very well.

The Cristeas started performing in public in 2012. When they perform in Santa Monica they end up getting a lot of gigs by people coming to see them and asking them to perform at other places. They also perform at Expos, festivals, outdoor centers, parties, and when they do not have a gig you can find them downtown third st. Promenade, Santa Monica. Their next big performance is coming up June 15, at Queen Mary. While they all love to perform, they each have their own favorite places that they have been. For Melody she loves performing at Santa Monica because they get such big crowds and she has so much fun performing for the amazing crowds they get. Samuel’s favorite was Halloween night at the Irvine Spectrum Center, because during their performance they ran through the crowd to scare them and they all enjoyed it. Abigail’s favorite was at a private birthday party in Bel Air because she loves to put smiles on children’s faces, and that is what they did. She said they were up dancing and clapping. It was a beautiful day she will always remember.

THE CRISTEAS 3This trio makes some great videos as well. In the video, “Stay” they kept it simple and in doing so they were able to capture the wonderful expressions they each had, and see just how in tune with each other they are. This is a video that you would expect to find at #1 in any video count down. Beautifully done! Another great video they made was, “Young Forever”. This video was filmed at the beach and is so much fun to watch, with their awesome personalities captured in it very well. It is easy to see that they had a lot of fun making this video even though it was filmed in January. They said it was a very cold day, but they didn’t care, because they had so much fun and built a bonfire to help keep warm. They get a lot of their ideas for the videos from watching others and then making them their own. They are currently in the process of shooting a video for their new single, Let’s Dance. This will be another outstanding video from the Cristeas.

The Cristeas are a sensational group, and part of what makes them so, is their performances are very tight, no one is off beat, or out of sync. This combined with the dedication to practice and make sure everything they do is perfect. Pretty much everything they do revolves around music. Samuel when he finishes up with school, he practices singing. He says, he believes practice makes perfect, and he wants to be perfect. Abigail loves to make other people happy, and she does her best to achieve that. For Melody singing and performing is her favorite thing in the whole world. She also likes going out. She says, she is lots of fun, loves to laugh and likes funny things. This is a big part of her character that shows through in her performances. When people like her are fun people, then the people they are performing for will have fun as well. A person or group does not become sensational without all these ingredients. It is all this along with their professionalism that puts them in a league of their own. The Cristeas are going to sweep the nation, and be packing arenas from coast to coast. They have the capability to rise beyond superstar to megastars. The Cristeas are truly one of the best pop groups out there today.



Teen Nation Tour 2013

Teen Nation Tour 2013

Teen Nation Tour 2013  is going to be an outstanding tour with seven great artists. This tour is slated to be even bigger and better than the Country, Pop, Rock Tour, and it was amazing! Teen Nation Tour will make its first stop on 04/19/2013 in Milford Delaware featuring, Drew Logan, Karoline Rhett, Beamer Wigley, Maria Diebolt, and Matthew Pinkham, with two great headliners, Riley Roth and Tristan Blaine. Riley and Tristan got their feet wet with the CPR Tour, and were a smash in every town.

The Teen Nation Tour like the CPR Tour is made up of a group of kids that are out to help bring an end to bullying, and to let others know that they are “NOT” alone. TNT will stop at many schools, along with several red carpet events to bring hope and encouragement at every stop.  All seven of these great artists has been a victim of bullying and as hurtful as that is they have all gained the strength and courage to over come the hate.  They have all discovered that it is ok to be “YOU” and that is who you should always be. Everyone is special in his or her own way; for some it may be dancing, music, or even collecting leaves, or just a small person; no one should try to change who you are, and you do not have to face these challenges alone. For these artists they have found a great outlet to help themselves deal with bullying and that is music.

Teen Nation Tour 2013 at stars2comeOn this tour you can expect some great pop and country music. The concerts on this tour is very high energy and will keep the crowd roaring all the way through. They are currently booked for 24 schools and red carpet events. At each stop they will perform at schools in the morning hours, with the red carpet events in the evenings. At each school they will perform and talk about bullying, and it is encouraged that the students share their experiences with the artists. At the red carpet events the kids can get their photos taken with the stars on the red carpet. Once the concert starts the kids will be highly entertained from beginning to end, and so will the adults. The shows these artists put on are some of the best you will ever attend anywhere. After the show there will autograph signing, and more photos with the artists.  Speaking from personal experience, these concerts are a blast.

There are five new faces to these tours and they are all very excited to be heading out very soon and a few wanted to share their views about the up coming tour and their experiences with bullying. One thing they are looking forward to the most is being able to meet and hang out with other kids who loves music. These three artists Matthew, Beamer, and Karoline were all asked the same questions, what the tour means to you and how you feel about it; and what experience have you had with bullying. They will tell you in their own words.

Matthew Pinkham:  . I’m PUMPED to be going on this tour! I wish I was home-schooled so I could do it more often! There are two things that I am most excited about by doing this tour… first of all, getting to build a bigger fan base and show 23 schools full of other kids who I am and that whether you have an illness as I did or if you are the shortest kid your age, LIFE goes on and you have to make the best of it! I am also so pumped because I get to spend 3 weeks with kids on the tour that understand and “get” music. I don’t really have any friends that do anything like this so to spend so much time together, sharing the stage and sharing our talent is going to be AWESOME!

Yes, I have been bullied! I get picked on all of the time because I am so small. When I say small, I am meaning that I am only in the 1.7% in the NATION when it comes to height. I’ll do the math for you… That means that 98.3 people out of 100 are taller than me my age. Out of 1,000 kids my age, there are 983 that are taller than me. I love sports and I am BY FAR always THE shortest player on the court at all times. I have gobs of friends but I guess it’s always funny to pick on the small kid!?! Believe it or not, I also get made fun of because I play music, and my skinny jeans! But hey, I’m totally comfortable with who I am and what I do! I want to tell kids…both the bullies and the bullied that first of all, NEVER judge a book by its cover and you can’t judge someone until you walk in their shoes (which is probably NEVER going to happen)! I have chosen Taylor Swift’s MEAN to perform because it’s like an anthem to me. I live this “Hannah Montana” life where I am just Matthew at school and on the weekends, I get to perform…and they can pick at me all they want but usually the kids picking at me have some kind of security issues and hopefully like Taylor Swift, “SOME DAY I’LL BE…LIVING IN A BIG OL CITY…AND ALL YOU ARE EVER GONNA BE IS MEAN”… Yea…

Beamer Wigley: On this tour, I’m really looking forward to interacting with the other musicians and making people smile!

Yes, I have been bullied. It’s one of the reasons I am home schooled now. I even wrote some songs about it and one is called My Calvary which got a lot of attention here locally in the newspaper. I’ve recorded it several times. What I have to say about bullying is it is really often the bullies who probably were bullied themselves and they should think about how they felt and how they are making others feel. Then maybe they would stop. It hurts so many kids and I would like to see it stop. Hopefully this tour will help kids who are being bullied and make the bullies think about what they are doing. But I am very excited to do this tour. It will be a great experience and a lot of fun.

Karoline Rhett: I am looking forward to going out everyday and doing what I love most and that is to sing and perform. I am really excited about touring with Tristan, Riley, Maria, Beamer, Drew and Matthew.  I couldn’t ask for a better group of artist to tour with.  This tour is gonna ROCK!

I really love the message behind this tour and that is to STOP bullying.  I have been bullied myself and know how it feels.  I am very passionate about this subject and am honored to be able to go out and spread the word.

This was only three of the artists going on this tour, but they have all experienced bullying and unfortunately many continue to be. Bullying needs to come to an end, and these seven artists are doing their part to help stop it.  Never be afraid to ask for help, and you can always reach out to any of these artists, they will be there for you. These shows will run from 04/19/2013 to 05/03/2013 stopping in Delaware, Maryland and South Carolina. If you live anywhere close to these stops be sure and take your kids out to see them, enjoy one of the best concerts ever and help bring an end to bullying.

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Emma Webb and “Bridgit Mendler”

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On Saturday March 24, Memphis will have two great artists taking the stage Bridgit Mendler and opening for her Memphis’s own Emma Webb. This great event is taking place in honor of the Girl Scouts 100 year anniversary, and what would be any more perfect than to have two great girls like Emma and Bridgit being apart of this great event. Emma will have a 30 minute set and she is looking forward to sharing her music with everyone.

Emma has worked with the Girls Scouts in past events and when this opportunity came up, she was very excited. Emma says, she is more excited than nervous to meet Bridgit, but she feels that Bridgit is a fantastic role model. What they are doing will mean a lot to the girls. What this is called is, Girltopia it is open to all girls to give them a place to come and meet new friends and have fun at different events going on all day long. To find more information on Girltopia .

Bridgit is not the only major star Emma has fallen in with. Here recently when Taylor Swift was there in concert performed the pre-show at the Hard Rock Cafe’ before the concert. She said, she loved the vibe, it was a packed house. When Emma performs she gets everyone’s attention, she has always had that ability. She is great on stage with a lot of class. Emma is a wonderful songwriter and you can bet she will gian a lot of new fans when she brings them to the stage on March 24. Keep up with everything Emma does at the following pages , Emma Webb site, Facebook, and reverbnation.

Pink Army Gyrls


Pink Army Gyrls at stars2come




Your not going to find a more amazing trio than the Pink Army Gyrls. These ladies know how to bring some great pop music to the world! The harmonies they have is perfection. There are many groups out there that have great harmonies, but Pink Army has to be the best. Their voices just flow together, making the songs they sing some of the best ever for a group. Their song “3-D” has some really great vibes in it, and the girls delivered it so well they pull you right in to it. The song keeps you moving in your seat, and this is a sign of a great hit.

Pink Army formed in 2008, beginning with Alicia Randolph, Charisma Kain, and Maddie Simpson who joined in 2010. Charisma is a fitting name, because she along with the others in the group are filled with charisma, and it shows in their performances.

Pink Army Gyrls at stars2comeThey first performed together in 2009, at a charity walk, and since then their amazing vibes has earned them over 100 shows.  During these 100 shows the Pink Army Gyrls have performed in some pretty amazing places. Recently they have performed at the Nickelodeon Studios. They said, it was really cool because many of their favorite stars were there. The cast from Victorious got up and danced while they sang California Gurls. It was an amazing experience for them.  Their biggest audience so far was singing the National Anthem at the Phoenix Suns NBA game for 30,000 people.

These girls are catching the eye of many, including Disney. One day they got a call from the casting directors of Disney, and Pink Army had been selected to be in a promo called, “Sing It”. They were featured on Disney Channel with the band Allstar Weekend. The girls said, it was so much fun to hang out in the recording studio all day with the guys. Pink Army just does so much, and are always in demand. Here just a couple of days ago on September 8,  they did a show for the charity Lollipop Theater. The girls has so much to offer as a group. They have that amazing sound, an out of this world look, and their stage performance keeps you glued to them. All these things are playing a part in their huge popularity. They are a must see show.

Pink Army is a group of three girls who just wants to sing, and they work hard, and love their fans. They each have some interesting facts about them. Well for one they all love to shop, but beyond that Alica she is also into acting and is often auditioning, Charisma  is one of the KIDZ BOP kids, so she is often filming or recording something, and Maddie also auditions a lot and loves to hang out at City Walk. They really are just three wonderful girls out having fun with many talents that has helped to create the sensational group Pink Army Gyrls. Their goal is to sign a major record deal, and these girls deserve it.


Taylor Hughes


Taylor Hughs at stars2come




There has been so many great artists coming from Kentucky, and you can add another to that growing number. Taylor Hughes is now making her way in country music. In June she performed in Nashville and done an outstanding job. She has great expression when she delivers a song and very good stage presence.

Taylor has been singing ever since she was little, but she had only performed for choir in school. It was not until her trip to Nashville did she perform alone.  She rolled in to the Nashville Palace and sang like she had been performing for several years. There was no way that anyone would have known this to be her debut performance. Not only did she give a great performance, but she also has never had any vocal training. This wonderful voice has just appeared out of know where, and now she has no where to go but up. As long as she continues to get out and perform, she will gain popularity very quickly. She said, with this being her first real performance she was nervous, but after she got going everything became comfortable. It was a great experience for her and had a great time. It may have been her first performance, but she made such a great showing that she has been invited back for the Nashville Spotlight TV show. She is very excited about that.

Taylor has some great people that she looks up to in music, and gets her inspiration from. Carrie Underwood and Christina Aguilera are the ones that tops her list. She really likes these two for their powerful and beautiful voices, and has been very successful, which is something Taylor strives for. Singing is something that just comes natural for her, and a great way to express herself. She likes to share her voice with people she cares about and letting them enjoy some good music. Now that she has let people hear that great voice of hers, people will be begging her to perform.

Ever since Taylor was little she knew deep down that singing is what she really wanted to do, and something she was passionate about. She says, that she would love to make a career as a pop or country artist. She loves singing so much that this would make the perfect job. Anytime someone does something they love and enjoy doing they are a success. It will be great watching Taylor`s career grow and flourish. This might have been her first, but you can bet it will not be her last.


Tamika at stars2come


The world needs to get ready for a true Australian rocker, because Tamika is coming, and she is holding nothing back. This girl can rock your socks off. Tamika has it all, a great style, a perfect rocker voice, and when she uses that great voice of hers she brings it all, and you will love it.

Tamika loves to share her voice and music with everyone, even from a very young age. She would get up very early and sing to the neighbors, but her mom would always tell her, shut up! It is obvious she didn`t shut up, and a good thing too, or we might have missed out on a great rock star. She began taking her wonderful music to performances around her hometown of Mandurah when she was nine years old. Her first one was at the Annie Stewart singing competition, she sang Am I Not Pretty Enough by Casey Chambers. During her performance she forgot the words, but her mom began to slow clap and others joined in and this helped her remember and finish the song. This mishap did not stop her, she has gone on doing some great things. When she was twelve years old she entered Star Search in WA and won Young Performer Of The Year, beating out twenty four year old`s. She loved meeting Chris Murphy from Australian Idol. Tamika got a big honor, she got to sing at an invite only event at GARMA  in East Amhem Land. This was part of a prize she won in a singing contest.

This year in February she started with a band  called Crossfire, it was part of the Rockstar Experience program for amateur musicians. After performing with them they decided that they work well together so now they are official, and the band is now called The Riff. Tamika says, the Rockstar Experience has helped her find her inner rock chick. She is also doing a great job at songwriting. Tamika wrote the lyrics to Move Your Body and Nightmare, which are fantastic songs. Her friend Josh McKeough from Gove did the backing music. She just started the guitar and keyboard and soon she will give you the full rockstar experience in her performances.

Like a lot of people Tamika has dyslexia, she has struggled through school with this and she also has a hearing problem, but she has not let that stop her from achieving her goals. Music has helped her to improve her reading and spelling skills. She says, if you have a dream don`t give up just because you do things differently than others. Her mom has always played the song “What Makes You Different Makes You Beautiful To Me”  from the Backstreet Boys, this songs has really helped inspire Tamika. Tamika and her music will be an inspiration to many people, now and in the future.