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The Heartbeat Of Music, Sina

Out of a small village in Germany, rises one of the greatest drummers in the world of music, eighteen year old Sina  She has gained the attention of music lovers around the globe. Sina “is” the heartbeat of music. When performing solo or collaborating with others, she is the heart, spine and breath of the music. The drummer is the person who brings the personality to the music. Sina has a great sense for rhythm, and groove. Her own individuality can be heard and seen in all performances. The thrill and love of it all is seen in her face. One day she will be found on the cover of Rolling Stones where she belongs.

Sina started bring the beat to music when she was ten years old. The drums are an instrument in which she doesn’t have to worry about notes or chords, which she likes. She does play other instruments like piano and bass, but it is the drums she gravitates to and has become famous for.

As her musical abilities began to grow, she didn’t have many opportunities for performing. Sina, living in a small village and underage left little chance of her playing anywhere other than in a school Big Band. So at the age of fourteen, she started doing videos. Her YouTube channel has, exploded!

Since Sina started posting videos online, here in just four years, she has become an internet sensation known by many, but she seems unaware. “That seems slightly strange to me and don’t quite understand why these people are interested in me” Sina says. People love Sina because of the passion and the feeling you get when listening to her play. It is the fascination of her performances from each stroke of the drumstick, to the presentation in itself, her showmanship. This all draws people to her.

Her dad has been a musician for many years. He has worked for a distributor in Germany for Gibson Guitars. In the 90’s he started touring with a professional Beatles Tribute show. By the time Sina was eight, he had stopped touring and started recording. Her dad’s niche was, teach German kids English with music. He was also involved with creating the biggest collection of English Nursery Rhymes available in the world. With the credentials her father has, it is easy to see where her greatness stems from. He is a big influence with her music. “He encourages me to go for new challenges everyday” Sina says.

  Sina is a session player, and is involved with many projects for her dad and other artists around the world. She has done many collaborations with people from all corners of the planet. “Collaborations are my way of compensating for the lack of fellow musicians in my village” Sina says. Sina’s dad does the editing and recording for her, but she says one day she might give it a try herself. 

There are many videos of her collaborations with various artists and loves working with them all. She does say it is a lot of fun to work with other young musicians and artists. Here in the past few months Sina has worked with Emma Marie, Lucy Gowen, Lauren Isenberg, Avonlea and Jadyn Rylee just to name a few. Together they have made some amazing videos that thousands of people have enjoyed. Every one of these performances are of the highest quality, keeping music lovers coming back day after day. 

Mixed in with her cover songs is an absolute brilliant original called, Doing The Wrong Thing The Right Way. This song was written by her dad as part of the Chi Might project (Chi Might is her first album). When they started recording the album they were looking for singers on YouTube when they saw, Lauren Isenberg. Sina and her dad knew the song was just right for Lauren. It was a perfect fit. The entire production is brilliant, the instrumental, the vocals, all of it.

Her album, Chi Might consists of fifteen original songs. They did a call out for musicians, songwriters and singers, with a great response. Quite a few of the people who contacted them became part of the album. Kara Glazer, who had written an amazing song that she performed herself called, Fate. And Shontrash, a band from Bangladesh. Of course her dad contributed songs as well, but they kept looking for songwriters. They found Avonlea, who contributed  a song called, Kylie Jenner. She sent the piano part and vocals, then Sina and her dad added drums, bass, and guitar that same day. The finished product is first rate and should be on every radio. It has a wonderful jazzy sway to it, catchy, great flow, just a fun song. 

Sina is constantly working on original songs, but she does not write any songs herself, she does however create the drum parts. They have already been thinking of making a new album, but they do need to find the right musicians. With Sina’s popularity that should not be much of a problem. 

None of these projects would have been as exciting without drums. Drums are the heart of an instrumental/song. It is people like Sina who creates that heartbeat, that gives it life. A great drummer can make your heart pound, make you wonder, feel intensity or get up and dance. This is what Sina does, adds meaning to music. Throughout the years drummers have become legends through their creativity, people like Ringo Starr, Kenny Aronoff, Alex Van Halen and others the list goes on. Sina is putting her spin on music, and the world is listening, and they love it. Her name will be alongside all of these legends very soon.


Costa Rica’s Newest Star Of Music, Andrey

More and more talented kids are being brought to the forefront thanks to NBC’s hit series, Little Big Shots. Little Big Shots gives kids a chance to be in the spotlight no matter what the talent or where in the world they live. In April 2017 Little Big Shots introduced a young man from Costa Rica, eight year old musician and singer, Andrey. People loved him instantly. During the interview with Steve Harvey, it became clear Andrey has a great sense of humor the same as Steve. In just s few short minutes, Andrey’s personality won the hearts of millions. 

Little Big Shots brought Andrey to LA to appear on the television show and meet Steve Harvey. Andrey says it was incredible to meet Steve. Andrey also loved the interview with Steve and how funny he is. “Too funny! He is an incredible person and also knows how to make a person laugh” says Andrey. The whole experience of being on the show was very exciting for Andrey. “I liked it all, the production, the people, the stage, and they treated me like a star” says Andrey. After the interview Andrey entertained the audience with a performance of the Beatles song, Blackbird. His skill with the guitar at the age of nine is beyond belief, never missing a note. His ability to play the guitar did catch the attention of everyone, but it was his voice that grabbed the audience. His soft and tender voice melted the hearts of all who were listening, catapulting him to stardom. 

Making his journey to LA to be on Little Big Shots made for his debut television appearance. The television show was his first, but it was also his first time to LA. He enjoyed visiting there very much. “LA is a great place! I absolutely loved everything! I would definitely love to go back” says Andrey.  

Andrey is now nine years old, but says he was four when he started into music. He was in kindergarten at that time. Music is a huge part of his life, it flows through him and all around him much like “the force”. “For me music is everywhere, in every detail, in every daily activity. So I do music everywhere and I really enjoy it too and I have fun” says Andrey. 

Popular music is what Andrey plays and sings the most, but he also enjoys classical. He study’s classical guitar, and last year he won his first international classical guitar competition in Nicaragua. The contest was called, Young Talents. 

He has an enormous love for music and artists from the past to the artists of today. Andrey has a great respect for songs from The Beatles, Queen, The Police, ACDC, Oasis, Xtreme, and Bruno Mars. He learns a lot from these bands and others. “I really think all the old school bands are the best school to learn music” says Andrey. He dreams of traveling the world singing and playing his guitar one day. Learning so much from such great artists his dream is sure to come true. 

Music is fun and part of who Andrey is, but he also just loves being a kid doing kid stuff. He loves the Rubik’s Cube, video games, basketball, cats and playing with his friends. Aside from all of that fun stuff, he is also a fan of Cosplay, and dresses in some amazing costumes. 


 When he first set foot on the stage of Little Big Shots it was evident that he was special and everyone was going to love him. The show gave him a lift into the spotlight, but this is only the beginning for Andrey.  In just a few short minutes Andrey became a star. The number of fans gravitating to him is huge, and he is gaining more everyday. He is “one” with music. It surrounds him and binds him. He uses music like the force drawing people to him. When he plays and sings, people are focused on him and only him, like he has them in his power. 


The Piano Gal

Way far away out in Utah, intriguing sounds can be heard resonating through the canyons. Following these wondrous sounds will inevitably lead to, The Piano Gal. Sara Arkell (The Piano Gal) is gifted with the ability to make music. When Sara places her hands to the keys on the piano it is as if a force is flowing through her body. She and the piano become one, with her fingers gliding across the keys with great precision. Music surrounds her being allowing Sara to be one with the piano, lighting the lives of all who hear. The music from Sara is brilliant, but to get the whole effect, one must watch. It is the brilliance plus the elegance of her movements that makes her a master. You could say, The Piano Gal is a piano, “Jedi”. 

Sara says it all began when she was five years old when her parents started her in piano lessons. The Piano Gal is now fourteen and shining bright as a star. With the way music flows through her with such ease, there is a good chance she was born with this gift. The training that she received has made this gift stronger. It has given Sara the power to bring good to the world. She brings good to the world through amazement and wonder. She touches many people with her gift allowing them to use their imaginations along with her music to take them far and away.  

People get to enjoy everything Sara does through her many videos and live internet shows. She loves making these videos, but she also enjoys getting out and performing live. Sara has been fortunate to perform many places, but one of her favorites would have to be Japan. “I performed in Japan in 2015 and that was an incredible experience” says Sara. This was an amazing performance, but her dream performance would be with, The Piano Guys. “Their music is so amazing and they inspired the name for my channel” says Sara. The Piano Guys and The Piano Gal would make a good alliance. 

All of Sara’s videos offer great adventures and fun through music and commentary. Some of these videos Sara has teamed up with other gifted artists and musicians giving the audience an even more incredible experience. She enjoys these very much. A video that she and her cousin Nathan made, Shut Up and Dance is one of these fun videos. She says it was challenging to do. For this video she had to learn the music quickly, and she had to memorize the music right on set because they didn’t want the sheet music in the video. “It was hard to memorize it but easy at the same time because I had played it so many times” says Sara. This is a great video showing coordination and skill, in parts of the video they are playing two pianos at the same time. Left hand on one right on the other. Great showmanship. All of the collaborations have been fun for her. One of the videos has Madilyn Paige singing with Sara on piano. Sara says she sees Madilyn a lot so it is fun to do videos with her. Sara loves doing the collaborations and getting to know the people she is doing them with, but she does have a some dream collaborations she would like to do. “People I would love to collaborate with are Lindsey Stirling, Lexi Mae Walker, Peter Hollens, Ashley Hess and that’s just to name a few” says Sara. 

Sara is gifted without doubt, showing very little effort to play anything. But she says she does get challenges that helps her grow in music. “My piano teacher gives me pieces to play that are challenging so I can learn and progress. I like being challenged and it’s fun to learn lots of different varieties of songs” says Sara. The repertoire  that Sara possesses is huge, playing anything from Classical, to Gospel, to Pop and everything in between.

In many of Sara’s videos and lives, her siblings will often accompany her. This is a fun experience for everyone, and as it turns out some of her siblings are beginning to learn some instruments as well. Two of them plays the piano and another one plays too, but doesn’t take lessons. Her dad plays sax, and her brother is starting to play the guitar. It looks like they may have their own band very soon. 

2017 is going to be a year to remember for Sara. This year she is starting work on her first album which she is very excited about. And of course the fun and entertaining live-streams will be continuing. 

What Sara does with the piano is incredible and she will be a huge inspiration to others. Sara says she doesn’t listen to a whole lot of music. So for someone to be so knowledgeable and gifted there must be some force guiding her. She can create emotion, tenderness and excitement through music and all done with perfection. When her hands are gliding across the keys, it becomes a thing of beauty, it’s art at it’s finest. The fans that Sara has are loyal and growing everyday. There’s many great things about Sara, but one in particular is, she is genuine. This is something that many people are not. Being genuine is what people appreciate, it is this along with her passion that has made her such an extraordinary pianist that so many have come to love. She is so much fun to watch. Her gift will take her to the stars and beyond. It is strong inside her and her light shines brightly for all to see.

American Idol’s “Amelia Eisenhauer”

Amelia Eisenhauer at stars2come

Over the years, American Idol has had many great singers step onto their stage. For these singers performing on the Idol stage, it would have been an honor and an exciting venture. Now that Idol has drawn to a close, to have been chosen to perform on their last season would be a privilege. Amelia Eisenhauer was one of thousands to audition and one of few to be chosen to move forward. Curious as to why she decided to audition, Amelia says, “actually, I was volunteered as tribute by my mother”. It turns out that one of Idol’s casting directors sent an email asking them to come in for an audition at a Nashville showcase. Her mom told them Amelia would come in. When she first walked into the audition she was carrying a sword, even getting questioned by security. This all stems from her backstory which almost all shows like this love. “Part of my backstory was that I like anime. I was asked to bring my costumes and props, including my sword” says Amelia. They had asked her to dress up in one of her costumes, but she told them no. “I wanted people to appreciate me for my voice and musicianship, not my hobbies” says Amelia.

For Amelia being a part of American Idol was a great experience. She discovered that it is better to follow your instincts and do what you feel best. “People advise you with best of intentions, but it doesn’t always work out for the best” says Amelia. Looking back at some of her decisions, she wished she had followed her own instincts, especially for song choices. However, it was a highlight to perform in the theater and church. It was a great feeling with the lighting, sound and house band. “It really spoils you to have that level of production go into a performance” says Amelia.

Amelia is a great entertainer and was winning the hearts of people long before idol. Looking back in time, Amelia’s mom tells her she would make really high-pitched bird noises when she was a baby. These high-pitched bird noises grew into a voice that everyone would enjoy.

The fiddle is an instrument that has become a big part of who Amelia is as an artist and entertainer. Amelia started asking her mom for a violin when she was four. When you see Amelia live or on stage anywhere like Idol, she plays country, but in fact she is classically trained. “My parents listened to classical and bluegrass music around the house and in the car, which is where I think I get my love for the violin” says Amelia. Amelia was six years old when she received her first quarter sized violin for Christmas. Once she had it, her mom made sure she practiced a lot. “I have played for over ten years now, so playing the fiddle/violin is very second nature to me! I love to play” says Amelia.

Amelia Eisenhauer 1  Amelia is just sixteen, but already performs 60 to 80 shows per year and growing. This number of shows have been a normal way of life since she was around nine years old. Outside of Idol, one of her favorite shows was playing the DuQuoin State Fair Grandstand Stage opening for Trace Atkins. “There was a crowd of about 6k! It was awesome! I love big crowds” says Amelia. Another big show for Amelia was opening for Thomas Rhett. This performance was at an event called, Herrinfest. This was another huge crowd. Both of these shows were with her band, We Got It Covered. “When you launch into Devil Went Down to Georgia and Callin Baton Rouge, the place goes crazy” says Amelia.

There are a great collection of cover songs from Amelia to be found on her pages, but she does have some original songs out that people will enjoy as well. One of her original songs out that she has had the most involvement with in writing is called, Gun. This song is about a relationship she was in that went south, and the other person was afraid to talk to her. “One of the lines is, I’ll lay down my gun so you wont runaway. Sometimes we need closure, but it’s hard because we are afraid to hurt that other person” Amelia says. For Amelia it is better to go on and just say it, than to wonder where you are with someone.

Happiness is the dream Amelia has. “The hard part sometimes is figuring out what makes you feel that way. For me, I think music will be my happiness and my life” says Amelia. Music has always been a part of her life and will continue to be. She wants to earn a degree in music business. Of course she would love a record deal, but as long as she is involved with music in some way she will be happy.

It may not look it, but Amelia is a shy person. Sometimes she feels people believes she just doesn’t want to chat or be friendly, but she really does. She is not however the stereotypical type of girl all bubbly and boy crazy, she just isn’t. Neither does she watch much TV, instead she likes to read. She does love to compose and record her own music as well as, gaming especially the role-playing ones and of course anime.

There are some great things to be on the look out for from Amelia this year. She is currently booking shows and looking forward to getting out on the road. Her original album should be finished sometime this year. Also if you are in or around Nashville, she often ventures in at the Bluebird Cafe for songwriters night and Jed’s Lightning  100 writers night. Amelia will often pop in at Pucketts in Leipers Fork for open mic, be sure to catch her whenever possible.

Amelia is an act that is totally worth the drive to anywhere she is performing. From personal experience seeing her live, she puts on a performance that will stick with you. Once you hear her play and sing she will remain a favorite. It does not matter if Amelia is on stage on Idol or in some town somewhere, she blows the stage up when she brings out that fiddle. There is no doubt Amelia is one of the greatest artists rising up today. Do not miss a thing from Amelia.

Samantha Gray

Samantha Gray at stars2come






There has been many great pianists like Elton John and Billy Joel, and now we have a brand new one on the rise, her name, Samantha Gray. Samantha now living in the Philippines is quickly becoming a legend world-wide with her piano covers of some of the biggest names in pop, country, classical and indie music. Everyone takes joy in listening to her play and keeps coming back for more.

Samantha started playing piano when she was seven years old and gained inspiration from her mother and sister. By the time she was thirteen she had many great artists she looked up to for inspiration. Some of these artists she gains inspiration from are Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato, Megan and Liz, Tiffany Alvord, Megan Nicole just to name a few. She started sharing her talent with others on August 6th 2011, alongside her sister Natasha it was for a pre-National Day in Singapore. It was also her sister that helped her past her stage fright.

Since her beginning she has performed many times and has gained a few favorites. One of her favorites was when she had the opportunity to open for Jason Chen and Clara C. at their concert in Singapore last July. She says it has been one of her dreams to open up for them because they are two of her favorite YouTube artists. The fact that they watched her and told her she did a good job meant a lot to Samantha. She also had the opportunity to hang out with one of her inspirations Tiffany Alvord and her family for a day last March. While they were walking around the mall Tiffany and Samantha spotted a piano and ended up doing two duets. Samantha said it was so much fun! She still can not believed it happened, it has been a dream of hers to do a duet with Tiffany.

Samantha’s skills as a pianist has gained her a few awards for her playing. She used to be the keyboardist for her old secondary school’s Co-Curricular Activities Praise Team and received an award for her contribution to the team. She has also received a few certificates for her individual piano examinations.

For Samantha playing the piano is like she is at a concert listening to her favorite artist or band. She also likes to challenge herself and with the piano she is able to do that like figuring out the notes herself. If she does need help playing she will refer to sheet music or chords. Depending on what mood she is in as to what she might play, country, pop, classic, or maybe indie. She says it is a good way to release stress and to express one’s self. Samantha is looking to expand her covers by adding a mixer to incorporate other instruments into her music. She is also thinking of maybe doing some piano tutorials and do more work on her original compositions.

Samantha like many others has a goal she is out to reach, and hers is to be a musician/pianist in the near future. She says she would love to do this as a career not just a hobby. She wants to glorify God’s name because it was him who gave her the gift. She also wants to spread God’s word and love through music as well as inspire and make people happy from around the world.

One thing is for sure Samantha is already a great inspiration to others, her hard work and dedication for the piano is drawing people to her worldwide. There is nothing that Samantha can’t play. She is a true champion with piano, when you listen it is amazing, her fingers flows across the keys as smooth as water never missing a beat. Samantha is amazing be sure and check her out often.


Lucy Gowen


 Lucy Gowen at stars2come

Lucy is an amazingly talented guitarist and at only eight years old; she is starting to make a big name for herself all around the South London area, and it is only a matter of time before her name is known world wide. She works very hard to be the best she can be, and all of her hard work is paying off very well. Although she plays guitar that is not where she started off. At five years old started playing the violin, but found it impossible to get nice sounds out of it. Her dad plays violin and guitar, so he asked her if she would like to try the guitar. She decided she would give it a try so Lucy got a half size nylon string classic guitar, and found it was so much easier than the violin.

Lucy’s dad Mark began teaching her the guitar and after a few months she began taking lessons from Mark Driscoll in Bromley, Kent. After Lucy had been taking guitar lessons for about 12 months and moved on to playing a half-size electric guitar she got to make her first public appearance in one of the shows that Mark set up for his students. She just had one song in this show, she played Guns n Roses version of Knockin on Heaven’s Door, this was in 2011.

Lucy is also now part of the band, The Riff Pygmies. This band is made up from her teachers students. She said most of them had been playing regular gigs together in South London and then in the summer of 2012 they started playing together as The Riff Pygmies. All of  them had seen videos of internet superstars like The Mini Band, and they wanted to see if they could do the same. She said they had been really lucky to have some of Mark’s older students play with them in some shows, but at the moment everyone is under eleven years old but one.

Since The Riff Pygmies have taken off, they have had some really great shows. Lucy said one of her most enjoyable shows so far was played at The Albany in Bexley, Kent last summer. They played lots of classic rock numbers, and the audience was amazing.

Lucy may well be a great rocker, but she still plays classic guitar in an ensemble, through Lewisham Music Service in South London. They had the opportunity to play at the O2 in London, and at the Jack Petchey Gateway to Music Festival. She said it was a much larger group performance than she had done with The Riff Pygmies, but it was amazing to play at such an awesome venue.

She really loves the guitar because it is cool and a fun instrument to play. She loves how you can make the guitar sound really different with different pedals and effects. She also loves the reaction from audiences and hearing them applaud and cheer. This past October her guitar playing earned her second place at the Brookhill Talent Show. As  result, the winner and Lucy have been asked to play at the inauguration of the new Mayor of Greenwich, London at the Painted Hall, on 22nd of May this year.

For Lucy she likes to play classic rock, heavy blues and modern rock as well. She likes anything from ACDC, Free, Jimi Hendrix, Green Day and Nickelback. Her favorite guitarist to cover is Paul Kossoff and Slash.

Lucy said she would like people to know she is a young guitarist and she feels really lucky to get a chance to learn and play with all the really good musicians that she has been playing with. She would like for anyone who likes her music to let her know about it on her Facebook page. 

She is doing really well playing guitar, but she also likes doing other things as well, like she is really into Minecraft, but she likes to draw, make things, ride bikes and roller blade. She is also a Cub Scout and loves going on trips and camps with her pack.

Lucy is just an all around great girl out having fun playing guitar and entertaining many people. She may feel that the Mini Band are superstars of the internet, but Lucy is climbing that stardom ladder herself very fast and will not be long when people will be saying they want to be just like Lucy Gowen. If Lucy can play this well at age eight, she will be unbeatable by age thirteen. There is one thing for sure, London has a great new superstar on the rise.


AJ Silva

Aj Silva at stars2come




AJ is an amazingly talented young man who is gifted with a great voice and a keen ear for music. It is easy to see where his gift for music came from since he was literally born into music. Music runs throughout his family and that has exposed him to music virtually all his life. His dad is a music producer and has always been with him in the studio, playing instruments, singing and producing. His grandfather on his dad’s side played drums and was in a band. His other grandfather sings, but not professionally, but AJ believes his tone of voice came from him. AJ certainly does have a wonderful tone to his voice and is very clean and clear. The voice he has allows him to sing pretty much any kind of song, and they always come out amazing. It is these abilities that has gained him such a large fans base and it is growing bigger day by day.

AJ would be a great person for other young artists to look to for inspiration because it is so important to make sure that the songs that are sung, are just right before showing them to the public, and that is exactly what AJ does. AJ may have been born into a music family, but a person still must have talent to achieve what he has. However he did start out the same as most others getting out in the music world for the first time by performing at a talent show. He was eleven years old, and he remembers he sang the National Anthem with a standing ovation afterwards. This alone says a lot about the talent he posses, to get a standing ovation is a great thing and doesn’t happen often for anyone, but to get it on your first time out, that is amazing.  Since his first public performance he has performed many times, and is raking up some favorites. One of his favorites was when he performed at Hoot Fest in Nashville last July. He said it was really great singing for about a thousand screaming girls. He also enjoyed singing at his school’s talent show.

AJ has a lot of great cover songs and they are all very enjoyable. He covers many different artists, but some of his favorite artists are Michael Jackson, Usher, Justin Timberlake and Bruno Mars for male singers.  For female singers he really likes  Adele, Beyonce, Alicia Keys and Taylor Swift. His vocals are amazing on all the songs he sings, but that is not the only thing that is amazing, it is his guitar playing as well. He has performed many songs while accompanying himself on guitar, and all were very well done, but there is one that really stands out. He covered a James Taylor song called, Fire N Rain and his performance of it is excellent. It is often seen where the performer will play mostly rhythm while accompanying themselves with a guitar, and AJ has done this many times himself, but on Fire N Rain he used a finger-picking style. The guitar is an amazing instrument with most any song, but when you play with a finger-picking style it literally brings the song to life. This style will not only turn a song into something great, but it turns it into art, and that is exactly what AJ did with Fire N Rain. AJ takes guitar lessons, and his dad asked his teacher to teach him finger-picking style and his teacher came up with Fire N Rain. This was an excellent choice and was very well done. For someone who has only been playing guitar for about two years, this truly shows the kind of talent he has.

He does enjoy singing covers, but it may not be long before he starts popping out his own original songs. He is writing his own songs and has so far written enough for a whole album. He says, he writes about things that are current to his age and situations he is going through. When it comes to writing ideas he always co-writes with his dad. AJ says they are a great team. Sometimes AJ comes up with an idea and his dad lays down a crazy beat and the song starts to take shape. Sometimes it is the other way around and his dad writes a hook and AJ will do the melodies. AJ says they don’t really have a plan for writing , they just get started and see where it takes them.

AJ loves what he does and he wants people to enjoy his music and feel a connection. He hopes to change people’s lives and make them happy even if it is just for a moment. His goal is to become a Platinum Recording Artist and be a great entertainer. It is obvious that AJ is becoming a great entertainer and his following is proof of that. All anyone has to do is listen, and they will hear greatness in the making. He never fails to bring great music for everyone to enjoy. AJ is an artist that has a very big and bright future ahead of him and that platinum record will be hanging on his wall not far down the road.





Griffin Tucker

Griffin Tucker at stars2come





Griffin is a young man who has so much to bring to the music world. Most young artists only has one or two talents when it comes to music, such as singing or maybe play guitar or piano. How ever when you dig into Griffin’s musical talents you find that “multi-talented”  is truly an understatement. Griffin can not only sing, but play guitar, piano, bass, drums, ukulele, and learning mandolin. Griffin is pure entertainment, and a joy to listen to and watch. He will amaze you with all his talents, and continues to bring surprises with each new video. In one video covering, “Help” by The Beatles, he plays all the instruments and sings all the tracks. In this video you see and hear what a truly great artist he is.

Unlike most kids who often start out singing in a talent contest, Griffin came out of the gate running making his first public appearances with a band that does strictly Beatles songs. Their first gig was at a back to school party when he was eight. Since then they have played at the Granada Theater in Dallas three times and will be performing there again February 9th.

Griffin has loved music ever since he can remember. He has loved The Beatles from the beginning, and continues to love the band to this day. He learned how to play the drums by watching Ringo Starr when he was six years old. When he was eight he started taking piano lessons, and then decided to learn the guitar. After that he has taught himself how to play the ukulele and is now learning the mandolin. Although Griffin loves The Beatles they are not the only band he likes. He also loves Queen and Led Zeppelin too. When it comes to guitar Brian May and Jimmy Page are his guitar idols.

Griffin recently got an amazing offer to be in a Beatles documentary called, “31 Days: The First US Tour”. He said this was amazing!

Griffin covers many songs and does it brilliantly, but be on the look out on Valentines Day for his very first original song to come out called, “Girlfriend”. This is a song he is very proud of. He wrote the lead guitar solos and his parents wrote the lyrics. Just recently he finished filming the video for it in Hollywood, this will feature his new guitar that was made special for him. He says, she’s one of a kind, he calls her “golden girl”. He also says that golden girl is definitely his favorite guitar out of the 20 he has. As you can tell he really loves his instruments.   He also has a Hofner bass, like Paul McCartney plays, and three drum kits, and of course one of them is a Ringo kit.

Griffin has a great love for music, but he also loves school and tries to stay on the A honor roll.

For someone so young he already has so much to give the music industry and his fans. There is certainly a place in music for Griffin, and he is making his mark now. He has done so much already as an artist, and continues to show the skills he has with instruments and vocals, it is hard to say what surprises he will bring to his fans next. It is going to be very exciting to see him grow as an artist, and see where music takes this multi-talented young man. Griffin Tucker is a name that will be heard for a long time to come.