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Pop Artist, Kevin Kolk

Kevin Kolk is a new teen heartthrob taking on the pop scene. Being a Nashville resident, people may assume that he is all country, but they would be wrong. His unique voice and delivery style is all pop. Performances by Kevin are captivating, you become hooked immediately. When he picks up the guitar and starts to sing, you can feel the energy from him fill the room. Without doubt the world of pop is his home.

For all his life, Kevin has been drawn to music. He grew up watching and listening to his mom play guitar, piano and sing. By his mom’s side, Kevin would try and play as well, it was in his blood. Kevin’s debut performance was singing the National Anthem with his sister at the Milwaukee Bucks game when he was five. He picked up the guitar at the age of nine, his mom showed him a few chords and he was hooked. Now at age thirteen he plays the guitar like it was part of him. His fingers working the guitar are smooth and rhythmic, making for an enticing sound.  His heart and passion come through in his playing. 

Recently Kevin had the pleasure of having his first EP party. He was thrilled about the party. “It was my first opportunity to share my music from my EP with friends and family who have all been so supportive” says Kevin. He is excited to begin doing shows featuring music from his EP for everyone to enjoy. 

Kevin is drawn to the pop genre, he likes it because it seems to fit his style, and he likes to have his music centered around the guitar. He said it was much like Ed Sheeran does. “Ed Sheeran is a huge influence for me. His music is also centered around the guitar so it fits my style” Kevin says.

Performing is something Kevin loves, he says there’s nothing compares with the feeling of being on stage. Kevin longs for a successful music career, he loves what he does. He always enjoys hearing from his fans. You can follow Kevin on his Instagram at Kevinkolkmusic he will respond to his fans. 

Kevin is not just a gifted singer and guitar player, he is also a talented songwriter. “I am always writing. I have about 20-25 original songs” says Kevin. Everyone loves their mom and Kevin is no different, so he wrote a song just for her called, Beautiful As You. This is a special song for Kevin, because she is so important to him. 

Pop music has gained a new artist that will set the pop world on end. Kevin is highly gifted with music and lyrics. His voice, with his creativity in delivering songs, will capture and melt the hearts of the audience. If you happen to be in the Nashville area, and Kevin is performing somewhere, make it a point to see his show. He is quickly gaining fans, and he is sure to be climbing the Billboard Charts very soon. 



Kacey Fifield










Kacey Fifield is a singer and actress who has become popular, very quickly. Kacey is eleven years old and about as adorable as you can get. She is originally from Chicago, but now lives in LA. The world of entertainment is gaining a new icon. Kacey is on the rise in entertainment, and is extremely gifted vocally and in acting, but it doesn’t stop there. To become an icon, it is necessary to be known and involved in many fields of entertainment and Kacey is doing just that. She reaches beyond acting and singing, and on into dance and fashion to the point of being a trend setter. Her fashion sense can be easily seen in her video “When I Grow Up”. There’s many great actors and singers, but to make it to the top and beyond, a person needs to stand out, and never be forgotten. That is Kacey, once you watch her, you never forget, she becomes recognizable instantly.

To find a spot in the entertainment field it requires a lot of hard work and determination to make it, and for those who do, there’s always a beginning. For Kacey it started all the way back to Chicago when she was seven years old. When she was seven, she began taking acting lessons. Within a few months Kacey went to IMTA in New York which is a talent competition. She received a few acting awards through them as well as it being her first time acting in a public setting. Six months later they moved to LA.

Kacey made her debut acting performance in NY at seven; at eight she made her singing debut. It was at her school’s band performance that she sang publicly for the first time. The song was Viva la Vida by Coldplay. Her next performance was at her school’s talent show where she sang, “Shy” from Once Upon A Mattress. This was her beginning, but has now grown in a huge way in a short time.

Kacey loves to make people laugh, so for her, comedy showcases are a favorite. For singing, she says “Shy” was a favorite because it surprised people who didn’t know she could sing.

Already at this stage of her career she has been recognized for her talents. Kacey has been shortlisted in three Grammy categories for her debut single “When I Grow Up”. Earlier this year she was nominated by Young Artist Awards for best young actress in a short film and web-series.

Game Shakers is one of Nickelodeon’s hit series, and one of which you can find Kacey. On Game Shakers she played Karissa, and loved it. “It was a super fun set and the other actors were so supportive, friendly and goofy, that working with them was a pleasure”, says Kacey. She also says the producer, director and crew were pretty amazing as well.

Like anyone else Kacey dreams about life as an actress and her long-term dream is to one day win an Oscar and be a role model for other actors. “Shorter term dream is to play a bit rebellious girl who through many adventures in the wild saves the world or a day or something like that”, says Kacey.  She would also like to play a spy or heroine. “I think this type of role would be so much  fun either in a feature film or a TV series”, says Kacey.

Kacey Fifield at stars2come

Kacey has done well in acting and now she has combined acting with music. She has some music videos out and they all showcase her skills as a singer and actress. One of her videos is called, Hear Me Out which she wrote. “I wrote the lyrics to the song with the thought of people listening to us, younger generation”, says Kacey.   The video is meant to show the world needs more kindness and to help people understand that kindness matters. Her video should inspire others to make the world a better place. The younger generation can often see things differently and help bring change.

Hear Me Out, took two days to film and was fun for everyone. It was fun for Kacey because she loves being on set. “I had a group of kids and we all became friends and had a great time filming and goofing around during breaks”, says Kacey.

Her music video, California is a bit different, because it was partially filmed during her other video, When I Grow Up. “It is lighter in subject and it talks about  me moving to California and enjoying my journey”, says Kacey. When I Grow up was her first music video, and it has been a huge success.

  When it comes to entertainment, the entertainer is always looking to make people happy and bring some kind of emotion. That is exactly what Kacey does and what she loves. “I really love making people happy, making the audience smile or laugh. I also love making people feel something special and influence their thinking through comedy, drama or my singing”, Kacey says.  Kacey is a first class entertainer.

Kacey Fifield at stars2come

There’s a lot of great things coming from Kacey soon. Be on the look out for a new single to be out very soon. Also her first EP is expected to be out early next year. When it comes to her acting, she is always working on new projects and videos. She is a vlogger in her spare time, she makes videos for her channel Kacey Fifield Variety. Stay on the look out for new videos there.  Keep watch on the YouTube series Kids React, she is a regular and new episodes come out each week.

Putting the acting and singing aside, Kacey has a wonderful personality and she is a positive person. She is also huge animal rights supporter. Kacey has two rescue cats and is a volunteer at a dog rescue. “I am even starting a club at my school to save animals and help spread awareness”, says Kacey. She is also a vegetarian and loves pizza and chocolate. Kacey is your everyday normal kid who happens to enjoy entertaining people. She is sure to inspire many others like herself. Another kid with a dream will dream to be just like Kacey.


Aliyah Moulden

Aliyah Moulden at stars2come

Aliyah is one of the most brilliant vocalists you will find coming up today. Her voice  is geared for contemporary pop, she could easily hold her own with people like Alicia Keys or  Christina Aguilera. Her vocal range is beyond most and she uses that range very effectively. On top of all of that, she has the looks to go with it; gorgeous. Aliyah belongs in front of a camera.

The journey for Aliyah has had many great experiences and opportunities. At the age of eight is when it all began. She started out singing at several showcases weekly for about a year. When she turned nine Aliyah performed at a charity event to raise funds for the Boys and Girls Club of La Habra. It was a large event with over 300 people in attendance. At the age of ten she had the opportunity to showcase at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia with Disney celebrities like, Caroline Sunshine from, Shake It Up. “It was really scary because there were over 1000 people for the show, but when I finished  performing it felt great” says Aliyah. Then moving on into age thirteen she found herself performing with American Idol finalist, Todrick Hall and for platinum singer, Jessie McCartney.

While Aliyah loves all her shows, she does have a couple that stands out to her. Performing with Todrick was definitely one of those. “The audience was one of the most diverse of all the shows I have ever done. People were not afraid to scream, jump, and yell. It felt like a giant family” says Aliyah.  Her performance for the Children s Hospital Los Angeles Blood Drive was another she enjoyed doing. She found this to be a touching event. “I met so many children and teens with many health problems. Some of those kids became my friends, I added them to my Instagram, and we still stay in contact” Aliyah says.

Aliyah has done well with singing. She was a semi finalist twice for the Kidz Bop Kidzstar USA Contest. Aliyah won a scholarship from the Broadway Dream Foundation to attend a summer program. At this program she received lessons from Broadway voice coach Tituss Burgess and from Spencer Liff Broadway Choreographer. She was also awarded the lead role in the Broadway Dream Foundation’s production of, Beautiful.

A microphone is no stranger to  Aliyah, but neither is the camera. There is a good chance you have seen her on TV on Disney Channel’s, Jessie. On this show she was Luke Ross’s arm candy in an episode. Also she had the lead role in a short film called, Confined. She was the mean girl Chandra. On top of all of that, you can also find her in Pharrell’s famous video, Happy. Aliyah was a dancer in the video. “Pharrell’s video was another awesome experience” says Aliyah.

Performing gives Aliyah the opportunity to go places and meet people. “When I perform I get to meet so many great people and I love sharing moments with them” Aliyah says. When it comes down to it performing is the best part, when she sings it is like being transported to a different place for Aliyah. At her performances one of the artists she likes to cover is Adele. “I really enjoy covering her songs because she is an amazing singer with an incredible voice” Aliyah says. Her favorite songs are those that have a message, and Adele’s songs always have a message to share.

Writing songs is a skill great artist have to master, and Aliyah has already started writing. She has written over fifty so far. One of the songs was produced when she was eleven year old called, Invincible. This song is special to her because she was going through a hard time in school, so through writing this song she was able to vent. “I hope that song helps other kids who are going through a hard time” says Aliyah. She has a new song she is getting ready to write for a new single that should be ready by summer.

When it comes down to it, Aliyah just absolutely loves to sing. Every performance she does, she hopes her music is able to touch people the way music touches her. Aliyah has many performances already booked this year, be sure to attend one or all of them, she will be one that you will not forget. She will be performing at, One Is Rockin a Cure for Cystic Fibrosis. Another is for the Los Angeles Hospital Children’s Blood Drive. Aliyah is looking forward to performing here, this is where she gets to meet so many special people who are living very difficult situations. Plus many local events.

A voice like Aliyah possess is one no one should miss out hearing. Her abilities will take her places only a very few get to venture. Not far down the road you will turn on a radio or TV and someone will be talking about Aliyah and her newest single and how it has touched so many. This is coming!

Take a listen to Aliyah’s rendition of Somewhere Over The Rainbow, what a great performance.

Ellie Occleston

Ellie Occleston





Introducing Ellie Occleston who is originally from Liverpool, but is currently living in Madrid Spain and she is spreading beauty throughout the region. Ellie is a beautiful young lady, but she also carries a beautiful voice as well. She loves to sing classical music and pop, and no matter what it is, it is heaven.

Ellie first started singing when she was eight years old at her school in the UK. Ellie had never sung in public before when her school started auditioning people for a concert, so she thought it would be fun to try it. She said she was really surprised that people thought she sang well. This was the beginning of her musical journey.

Ellie has been out performing a lot since her beginning and since she moved to Spain her performances has included singing classical music at the Spanish National Opera House in Madrid. However more recently she appeared on the Spanish version of, The Voice for Kids. She sang pop for this. Ellie says both performances were scary, but to be able to sing in such amazing places, to be watched and applauded by large audiences, was incredible.

Ellie says what is really weird about it all is that she is normally a shy person when she meets new people, but is very happy to sing and perform in front of a large audience. It is like she is a completely different person. Singing just makes her feel happy, and when she looks out in the audience even if it is just her friends and they are smiling and enjoying her music and how it is effecting them, it makes her truly happy. She says at the end of a performance and she hears the applause, she just smiles till her face aches. When she goes to perform, she can deliver a wide range of songs to the listeners from classical/opera to pop. Her current favorite artists to cover when she performs are, One Republic, Bastille, Birdy, and Corinne Bailey Rae.

Her over all goal is to become a professional musician.  Ellie’s only draw back is that she has not decided which genre to pursue. She says she is just fourteen and figures she still has a bit of time. She is also learning the piano and guitar which helps her with her singing and songwriting. “My goal is to just get better at them so my pet dog doesn’t go and hide because of the noise” says Ellie.

Ellie has started writing songs, which she says is not as easy as it seems. So far she has written four songs, but has many ideas for lyrics, and melodies which she will continue to develop. She always carries a notebook with her to write the ideas down as she gets them. She says a lot of times ideas will pop up when you least expect it. She says it is a really strange feeling as lyrics usually pop in her head and then begin to think about the melody. Ellie feels that all songs you write are special to the writer, because they all usually come from life experiences.

Ellie has also made her way to TV as well. She has been on twice so far, and both were since she has lived in Madrid. The first time was when she was singing classical music and the Spanish Opera House in front of about 1000 people, and also when she made it past thousands of contestants to get to the TV part of The Voice For Kids. Ellie did make it to the blind auditions, but unfortunately she did not get past, but she said it was amazingly fun, but scary.

Ellie is truly an amazing new artist and it does not matter what the genre of song, she can bring it! Because of her classical side, Ellie can deliver pop songs brilliantly. Classical singers are far more controlled and clear, and what they can do with songs outside of classical is amazing, and Ellie is more proof of that.   She says she aims to mature into being a strong and well-rounded artist by continuing to develop her singing abilities. Her singing abilities are certainly growing very well and people around the world are going to love her music. Don’t miss any of her music, stop by and listen often on her music channel.


March 4TH

March 4th at stars2comeThere is a sensational new pop band that is moving up very fast and out to take the world by storm.  This amazing band is “March 4th”. This band has an amazing chemistry all of their voices blend really well together and no matter what the song is they sing, the blend is so good that it in its self is catchy and refreshing. These four artists were meant to be together and so well tuned, it is a true delight to listen to them.

This amazing group is made up of Lynnzee (piano and lead vocals), Mitchell (drums), Garrett (bass and vocals), and Spencer (guitar and vocals) together they are March 4th. March 4th formed about two years ago. Their inspiration came from listening to music and watching other performer’s live concerts. Lynnzee started singing in the 3rd grade choir, and she took piano and voice lessons. At the age of fourteen she joined a rock band and it looked like fun, so they all decided to pursue music.

Since they formed, March 4th has performed at many places and this year they had the great pleasure to perform at NAMM 2014 in Anaheim Ca. in the Gibson Epiphone Showroom. They said playing for Gibson was a real honor. They have also liked performing for The Summer Shoe Crew tour and The Shoe Crew Halloween benefit show. They said these shows were awesome because the crowd was great and they made friends with the other bands.

For them, when they perform they love being able to feed off the crowd’s energy and entertaining them bringing smiles to their faces. They love seeing the reactions and to feel the adrenaline rush of performing. When they perform they cover many artists from different genres from funk to pop to punk. They enjoy covering songs from Paramore , Twenty One Pilots, The 1975 and they love changing up pop songs to their own like they did with Mylie Cyrus “Wrecking Ball”.

March 4th has been amazing and they are making their mark. March 4th were finalists on Cozy TV’s Next Great Family Band. They have also made it to the top ten best covers for Wrecking Ball on the Ryan Seacrest site. In December 2013 they were finalists at the Thousand Oaks Battle of the Bands. Last year they entered Paramore’s contest for the best cover video of “Still Into You” and Paramore shared it on Facebook. Their song was placed in an animated film called “MK Reloaded” which comes out this summer. Prior to the band forming Lynnzee won 2nd place in The Ventura County Vocal Superstar competition, best soloist at Disneyland with her high school jazz choir and numerous 1st place wins.

The members of March 4th are no strangers when it comes to TV either.   Lynnzee started doing commercials when she was four years old. She did one commercial for Toyota with George Clooney. Garrett and Spencer played the role of Zack Brady on Days of Our Lives for five years. When they were two years old they shared the role of “Bobby” on “Mind of the Married Man” on HBO. Then Garrett and Spencer started work as Raymond Hendrickson and Mitchell as the backup for Wayne Hendrickson on “Big Love”. This show was an original series on HBO and lasted five years.

March 4th has been doing a lot of writing on their own songs with several written and more on the way. One of their songs is called, “Memories” this is a special song for them because many people can relate to it and it is about just wanting to have fun. They get a lot of their ideas from things like life experiences, love, being young and enjoying life.

March 4th says music is a form of communication. If you allow it, it can change your entire mood whether you are happy and excited or heavyhearted and depressed. Music can help you connect to your feelings. They want to play music to let people know they are not alone.

March 4th are amazing and they are, marching forth to capture their dreams and make great music for everyone to enjoy. Be sure and keep track of March 4th on their website  

Laura Omloop “The Star Of Belgium”

Laura Omloop at stars2come





The amazing Laura Omloop continues to “WOW” her fans with her music. Since her appearance on Junior Eurovision in 2009 where she came in fourth place, she has risen to be a true star of Belgium. Laura with her perfect pitch and dancing, always gives an outstanding performance to her audience, young and old. Laura is a person that no matter what language she sings in, everyone loves her. She may be a star of Belgium, but she is proof that music has no borders. Her music is being enjoyed by many people around the world, and everyone is amazed with her talent.

Laura is a very kind and funny person with a great love of music, and hopes to have a lifetime career of entertaining people with her pop music. Her career has taken off very well. Laura currently has four wonderful CD’s available,  Verliefd, Wereld vol Kleuren, Cowboymeisje, and Stapelgek Op Jou. If you wish to purchase one or all of these great CD’s you can at lauraomloop. Verliefd was her first to be released in 2010, and went platinum soon after releasing. Then in 2011, she released another CD,   Wereld Vol Kleuren and has received a gold award  for the sales of this great CD.

Laura was also in category, “Best kidspop”  MIA nominated for and won in 2010 and 2011, the radio 2 “Zomerhit”.  In 2010 she filmed the video for, Stapelgek Op Jou. This was shot at her school, and they had invited many students to participate in the filming. She said, they had to close the school for a day to do the filming, and it was so much fun.  Laura will be appearing on two great TV shows this month, Wrap van de Dag and Kentnep if you are in Belgium be sure to catch these shows.

Laura was a star from the very first time she set foot on stage in 2009, and her popularity since has become enormous. It only takes one listen to see why Laura has climbed so high so fast. Her vocal and yodeling abilities are among the best out there, and when watching her in the videos, the amazing charm she has just radiates out and captivates you. Laura is remarkable to say the least. There are very few people that can say they were a platinum award winner at eleven years old. Laura has a wonderful future in music, and you can bet there will be many more great awards coming her way very soon. She is amazing and a person anyone can look up to.



Theodora at stars2come




It is great to have Theodora back on stars2come again. She has been really doing well with her music, and always putting up some great tunes. She is from Romania, and often in her videos she is showing off some beautiful scenery from there. The places they go to film always fits the song very well. Most of the video ideas comes from her father, but Theo and her mom takes care of wardrobe.

She does mostly pop songs, but here recently she dove into country, and what an amazing job she did with it. It was brought to her attention during a recent interview with her that she had a great voice for the country, and should do more of it. What ever songs she does decided on in the future you can bet they will be fantastic. Her accent gives the songs she sings in English a whole fresh sound. Theo also has a great personality that comes out well when she performs a song. She is a happy go lucky girl that just charms people, and it all radiates out in her videos. This holds true as well in person. After doing a  live interview with her, it was easy to see just how happy she is. She has a wonderful sense of humor, and you almost hate to stop talking with her. She is a real treat! It has been a pleasure to know Theo, and a even greater pleasure to get to do a live interview with Theo herself. Please sit back and enjoy the interview, and learn a bit more about Theo, and her music.


Chad Clemens


Chad Clemens at stars2come





Chad has a wonderful soft voice that gives meaning to everything he says. His voice just adds so much extra character to the song, and his song delivery is one of the best. He makes you pay attention to every word he sings. This is music at it`s finest. When Chad sings covers he puts his own spin on them showing his great creativity for producing some fantastic music. Chad is not a singer. He is a artist!

Chad`s vocals are very good, and it is amazing that he only started singing about a year ago. For most people it takes quiet some time to develop their voice, but for Chad it seems he was made for singing. This great sound that he has, has all come with out any training. His family and friends were the first to hear his music, and they had to be proud of what they heard. He has performed for his school talent show, and at the Elizabethtown Fair for a couple thousand people. He really enjoyed playing at the fair with a large crowd. He also played at a street fair in Lititz Pa. called Second Friday. At this fair he played along with his guitar teacher which was exciting for him.

For Chad a lot of his inspiration comes from with in, but from having the chance to share his music with others, and the positive feed back he has gotten, gives him a greater desire to sing and play. He just has so much fun when it comes to performing, and loves to entertain people with his music. Chad hopes to make something of himself playing music, and for people to know his music around the world. With the talent that he has, he will be known all around very shortly. Even in the short amount of time he has been singing, he already has ten original songs. The ideas for his songs just comes out of know where, he says, and mostly about girls.

His dreams have a great chance of happening.  His guitar playing is very smooth, and his soft voice will grab people`s attention and with some luck, just maybe some one will spot him and begin to change his life. One of the greatest things an artist can hope for is that, people enjoy their music, and for Chad they sure do!.