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The Piano Gal

Way far away out in Utah, intriguing sounds can be heard resonating through the canyons. Following these wondrous sounds will inevitably lead to, The Piano Gal. Sara Arkell (The Piano Gal) is gifted with the ability to make music. When Sara places her hands to the keys on the piano it is as if a force is flowing through her body. She and the piano become one, with her fingers gliding across the keys with great precision. Music surrounds her being allowing Sara to be one with the piano, lighting the lives of all who hear. The music from Sara is brilliant, but to get the whole effect, one must watch. It is the brilliance plus the elegance of her movements that makes her a master. You could say, The Piano Gal is a piano, “Jedi”. 

Sara says it all began when she was five years old when her parents started her in piano lessons. The Piano Gal is now fourteen and shining bright as a star. With the way music flows through her with such ease, there is a good chance she was born with this gift. The training that she received has made this gift stronger. It has given Sara the power to bring good to the world. She brings good to the world through amazement and wonder. She touches many people with her gift allowing them to use their imaginations along with her music to take them far and away.  

People get to enjoy everything Sara does through her many videos and live internet shows. She loves making these videos, but she also enjoys getting out and performing live. Sara has been fortunate to perform many places, but one of her favorites would have to be Japan. “I performed in Japan in 2015 and that was an incredible experience” says Sara. This was an amazing performance, but her dream performance would be with, The Piano Guys. “Their music is so amazing and they inspired the name for my channel” says Sara. The Piano Guys and The Piano Gal would make a good alliance. 

All of Sara’s videos offer great adventures and fun through music and commentary. Some of these videos Sara has teamed up with other gifted artists and musicians giving the audience an even more incredible experience. She enjoys these very much. A video that she and her cousin Nathan made, Shut Up and Dance is one of these fun videos. She says it was challenging to do. For this video she had to learn the music quickly, and she had to memorize the music right on set because they didn’t want the sheet music in the video. “It was hard to memorize it but easy at the same time because I had played it so many times” says Sara. This is a great video showing coordination and skill, in parts of the video they are playing two pianos at the same time. Left hand on one right on the other. Great showmanship. All of the collaborations have been fun for her. One of the videos has Madilyn Paige singing with Sara on piano. Sara says she sees Madilyn a lot so it is fun to do videos with her. Sara loves doing the collaborations and getting to know the people she is doing them with, but she does have a some dream collaborations she would like to do. “People I would love to collaborate with are Lindsey Stirling, Lexi Mae Walker, Peter Hollens, Ashley Hess and that’s just to name a few” says Sara. 

Sara is gifted without doubt, showing very little effort to play anything. But she says she does get challenges that helps her grow in music. “My piano teacher gives me pieces to play that are challenging so I can learn and progress. I like being challenged and it’s fun to learn lots of different varieties of songs” says Sara. The repertoire  that Sara possesses is huge, playing anything from Classical, to Gospel, to Pop and everything in between.

In many of Sara’s videos and lives, her siblings will often accompany her. This is a fun experience for everyone, and as it turns out some of her siblings are beginning to learn some instruments as well. Two of them plays the piano and another one plays too, but doesn’t take lessons. Her dad plays sax, and her brother is starting to play the guitar. It looks like they may have their own band very soon. 

2017 is going to be a year to remember for Sara. This year she is starting work on her first album which she is very excited about. And of course the fun and entertaining live-streams will be continuing. 

What Sara does with the piano is incredible and she will be a huge inspiration to others. Sara says she doesn’t listen to a whole lot of music. So for someone to be so knowledgeable and gifted there must be some force guiding her. She can create emotion, tenderness and excitement through music and all done with perfection. When her hands are gliding across the keys, it becomes a thing of beauty, it’s art at it’s finest. The fans that Sara has are loyal and growing everyday. There’s many great things about Sara, but one in particular is, she is genuine. This is something that many people are not. Being genuine is what people appreciate, it is this along with her passion that has made her such an extraordinary pianist that so many have come to love. She is so much fun to watch. Her gift will take her to the stars and beyond. It is strong inside her and her light shines brightly for all to see.

Lauren Isenberg

Lauren Isenberg

Life has many great things to offer. When going through life we all experience many wondrous and beautiful sights, sounds and people of all types. Most often it’s the people themselves that makes the world a more beautiful and exciting place to live. In Canada resides just such a person who does brighten, excites and adds much beauty to the lives of many . This person is Canadian artist, Lauren Isenberg. Lauren is just fourteen years old, and proof “life” really knows what it is doing.

Lauren is not “just” a singer, she, is someone that must be experienced. What she does vocally, is so captivating you soon forget everything going on around you. What happens is you find yourself fixed on Lauren, and caught up in the world she has created in her performance. Sit back and just listen, her voice is hypnotizing all the emotion that she exudes keeps you under her spell through the entirety of the story she is telling. To watch Lauren, is to be taken to a place of wonder and fascination. Living in the story is what is seen throughout her being, the emotion, passion and animations that she brings to the story is what brings it to life. When watching all of these expressions combined with her voice, she is an exceptional artist that must be and should be experienced by all. She was created for life and now she creates, to add more life to all.

Coming from a musical family she has always sang. “I used to sing a lot when I was little, I wasn’t great, but I really enjoyed it” says Lauren. When Lauren was little, she made her debut performance as a flying monkey in The Wizard of Oz at a school play. Lauren discovered she enjoyed performing and continued to audition for plays in and out of school. Over time she claimed a few leading roles; she was Mary Poppins, The Scarecrow in The Wizard of Oz, and Donna in Mama Mia in grades 3, 4, and  5.

At the Drake Hotel in Toronto is where she made her first ever performance with a live band. “It was such an amazing experience to be on stage with seriously talented musicians” says Lauren. This was all organized by her vocal coach, Marla Joy.

Lauren is exceptional, but she is not alone. Lauren has teamed up with, Aja Neinstein also from Canada and Sina Doering from Germany who are both sensational. The collaborations from these three have been perfection. If there ever was a dream team, this is it! Aja is another exception, she can do magic with lyrics. Then there’s Sina a percussionist who has an ear for music, not a note out of place, her timing is spot on. You just can’t get much better than Sina. Lauren loved collaborating with Aja and Sina. “It’s really cool to be able to do that with Sina because she lives in Germany and I am in Canada and she is such a talented musician. Aja and I have known each other for years and she is an amazing singer” says Lauren. Together they covered, Here Comes The Sun and it’s one of the best covers of this song, it is right in there with the original. It’s so good, you don’t want the song to end, just keep going. If these three were to record and tour together, they would set the music world on it’s end.

Without any doubt Aja, Sina and Lauren make a great team, but it was Sina who got it all started. Sina reached out to Lauren after seeing her cover of, Jealous. Lauren and Sina worked together on an original song called, Doing the Wrong Thing the Right Way. This original song was written by Sina’s dad, Mike Wilbury. Mike too is an exceptional musician and can be heard on the song playing guitar and bass.  The instrumental and vocals on this song, is perfect. Everything flowed so well, it just carried you away. It would be no surprise to get in the car and turn on the radio and Doing the Wrong Thing the Right Way be playing; it should be. The creativeness of the song and music, is brilliant. This song is one that people can get behind and understand. “I think it’s a very relatable song; most people have been “done wrong” by someone at one point in their life, and some people are very crafty at doing wrong to others” says Lauren.

Singing cover songs is something that Lauren enjoys doing. Many of the songs she chooses to cover all have their own special place with her. A couple examples are: Jealous, this song was so beautiful and meaningful to Lauren, and Here Comes The Sun is a serious classic and different from what she is used to performing.  In all, it’s the love of performing and the joy she receives from entertaining people. The feedback and support from those who listens to her performances has been incredible. Lauren appreciates, every one.

Lauren is currently working on another cover that she hopes everyone enjoys when it comes out. Also she has been doing some songwriting and maybe one day soon, we will get to hear her own works. She says, she feels fortunate that people likes and supports her singing, and for that she is grateful.

It’s incredible how she breathes life into a song to make it seem so vibrant and real. Lauren is gifted in a way few are. When performing there’s so much character in her, that along with the expressions on her face, she is telling a story visually as well as vocally. It is evident she truly loves and embraces music and the story within the song. It’s that love and passion that allows audiences to take part in the journey she is living.


Kate and The Howlers

Kate and The Howlers at stars2come

There’s some big exciting things happening in Alabama and it’s Kate and The Howlers at the forefront of that excitement. This talented group of five, have been burning up the stages all around Alabama. They have a great sound, great energy and the crowds love them wherever they go. The band itself is well tuned making a good and balanced sound. Kate brings to the group a good quality voice and a  great tone that blends well with the band. Once you hear them it is easy to understand why they are so well-loved.

Kate and The Howlers are made up of four boys and a girl, their names and positions in the band are: Kamp McMinn twelve on drums, Paul McMinn twelve on bass, Will Hurley thirteen on keyboards, Will McCowan thirteen on guitar and mandolin and Kate Howell twelve lead singer. This is a perfect match of talent, each at the top of their game leading the group to be wanted by many.

In the beginning the boys were playing in Mason Music’s Rock Band League. Then in January 2014 Kate was placed with the boys and in the summer of 2014 it was officially decided to call themselves, Kate and The Howlers. The boys say that prior to Kate joining they were starting to jell, but when Kate joined them they knew they had found their singer. The group had their first gig together at Blackwell’s Pub in Cahaba Heights.

Since they made their debut gig together at Blackwell’s Pub, they have played many gigs and continue to remain booked. They have gained a few favorite gigs over time. Will Hurley says he liked Boutwell auditorium in Birmingham because so many famous people played there, FloraBama at the beach, and the DEKE house which is a fraternity in Alabama. For Will McCowan it was Exceptional Foundation Chili cook off, he liked the huge crowds and lots of chili, Saturn’s Radio Free Birmingham, “I feel like it was the best sounding gig” says Will. Paul is big on the chili cook off as well, he likes it because it’s for a good cause. Kamp is in on the cook off and the DEKE house. Kate loved the FloraBama because it was on the beach.

Kate and The Howlers have done well and has gained recognition. The awards and placement in various contests has helped in that recognition. So far they have placed second in the Jam for Sam battle of the Bands, they have won a couple of times at Mason’s for 13U and have won their schools best band in ArtForms.

The band has a great original song out called, Acrophobia. The song was basically put together with the help of them all lending ideas to it along with the help of some others. “We co-wrote it with people at Workplay. They asked us about ourselves and used the information we gave them to come up with the foundation of the song. We built it from there” says Kate. This is a song that everyone needs to hear.

Aside from their original song, there’s many other artists they enjoy listening to and covering. A few of the artists are, Head and the Heart, Red Hot Chili Peppers they like them, but do not cover and Amy Winehouse. Paul really says it the best about favorites and music. “I don’t have a favorite, but our twist makes any music fun” says Paul. He is right, when you listen to their music, it is their own spin that makes it fun.  And when people go anywhere to see and hear a performance, they are looking to enjoy themselves and have fun. Kate and The Howlers provide that fun and that’s a big part of why they are in such demand.

As a band it is about entertaining people and that is one of the reasons they love performing so much. They say it is exciting to put a show on for people and hear the compliments as well as to be able to hangout on stage with friends. Of course playing music for a large crowd is the best. They all hope to make it big and be famous one day. Paul says to play for the rest of his life is what he is looking for. Kate would love to travel and see the world while making music.

There are a few things the band would like people to know about them individually. Paul loves playing the bass, but he also loves playing guitar. Will Hurley says he seems more serious than he is, but his band-mates get him. Will McCowan besides making music he enjoys many other activities like golf, fishing, hunting and football. Kamp says when faced with a challenge he stops at nothing to overcome it. Kate she is in love with New York. What a great group of people who likes many different things and come together making great music.

If you would like to catch them in action they will be at the DEKE house again and soon headed to New Orleans. The whole band is looking forward to their trip to New Orleans at the end of May. They are excited about playing the streets in New Orleans. If you are in New Orleans be sure and find them.

What a powerhouse of a band Kate and The Howlers are. They are such a tight band no one is out of place, they are a group that you can just sit back and enjoy all day. Good bands that are tight are not always easy to find. It is clear they spend a great deal of time in rehearsal and it is really paying off. Anyone in need of a band, this is the one to hire, they are will entertain everyone. Amazing group!

Sophia Avocado

Sophia Avocado

Sophia is gifted with music, and the ability to captivate her audiences. Music and bringing joy to people is what she is meant to do. When Sophia was an infant she was diagnosed with a childhood disease, called, Kawasaki’s Disease. With medication she was able to beat the disease, but unfortunately not all are so lucky. After learning her story, and listening to her music, it was clear that someone much higher had different plans for her. She is meant to be a gift, not only to her parents, but the world and she has so much to give. Sophia is meant to help bring peace to people through music. The way she sings and delivers a song has a haunting vibe to it. The haunting vibe and the softness of her voice is so mesmerizing you cannot turn away. Sophia will warm your heart and brighten your day. She is a special gift.

Sophia is ten years old, but her talent for music goes way beyond. There’s not many kids her age that grasps and understands music the same as Sophia. Her musical talents were built-in from the start. At just one year of age, Sophia had already begun to sing. By age three she was reading and writing. Sophia’s mom says she was literally singing everywhere, in the car, the tub, while coloring just anywhere. Sophia loved putting on shows often at holiday get together’s and birthdays.

Sophia Avocado at stars2come  Her singing ability was discovered early on, but it would not be long before her instrumental talents would to come to light. Before her fifth birthday, Sophia asked Santa to bring her a real drum set, and she wanted it purple. The drum set didn’t last long once her parents brought home a piano. Sophia fell in love with it and started taking lesson at six years of age. By the time she turned eight, she was picking up songs from the radio, playing and singing them by ear.

At eight years old Sophia received a guitar at Christmas and after she had a few lessons, she was hooked. She had a talent show coming up and she would be practicing every spare minute, through the week and weekends. When it was time to perform at her school talent show,  people got to see for the first time just what Sophia could do. There were 600+ people in attendance for the talent show, and they were all astonished by her performance of, Touch The Sky by Julie Fowlis from the movie Brave.

After her school talent show she went on to win the County Star Search competition. She won this competition with the song, Summertime by Nina Simone. Sophia also won a high school competition while she was in the fourth grade.

At nine years old Sophia wanted a YouTube channel to put up videos and dedicate it to, Kawasaki’s Disease awareness. The Kawasaki’s Kids Foundation recently sponsored T-shirts and bracelets to be given away at the festivals where Sophia performs to help spread awareness and save precious hearts. All parents of young children need to know all they can about the disease and you can do so at, The Kawasaki Kids Foundation.

Sophia Avocado at stars2come  One of Sophia’s favorite performances was recently at the Detroit Winterblast Festival. She got to sing to help raise money for the Flint Kids Organization. This organization is to help with providing clean water and medical bill relief for the kids in Flint that will have lasting damage or disabilities from the poisoned water they have been drinking and bathing in.

Like many artists she too writes her own songs. Sophia started writing at age nine and is currently working on her album called, Stories. One of Sophia’s favorite songs she has written is called, Stay.  Stay is written about her older brother who was deployed to Iraq several times in four years. Sophia has written many songs and inspired by storytellers like, Ed Sheerean, Adele, and Taylor Swift.

When performing it is the smiles on people’s faces that she loves so well. It’s all about the enjoyment of others. It is a pretty amazing thing when Sophia is walking around with her guitar, and someone asks her to play something. Expecting some kids song, they get Nina Simone’s, Feeling Good in the style of Sophia. They are greatly surprised.  Her mom says, Sophia smiles the whole time she sings and often folks end up in tears.

Sophia has many things envisioned for the future. She looks to be a famous singer-songwriter, dancer, actor, writer, artist, and be an organic farmer. She hopes to one day have a completely sustainable farm, ranch and restaurant.

Sophia fills her time with a lot of interests one of which is painting. Recently she sold one of her first canvas paintings to raise money for a youth center in Howell, Mi., called The Warehouse Rocks.

It is a treat to watch Sophia perform in her videos. When watching her face, her eyes, the expressions she makes, looks as if she is on a journey, becoming part of the story. To have such talent coming to the surface at her age is incredible, but to imagine what must be to come is mind-blowing. Sophia is on the edge of genius, she has the makings of a new icon. This is just the beginning for Sophia, and it is a wonderful thing, but it is like the springtime, one day a flower begins to open and you are waiting in anticipation to see all the beauty within. That is what we have in Sophia, she is beginning to open up and the real beauty is coming. To learn more about Sophia and keep up with new things, stop by her site regularly at, www.sophiaAvocado.com.

Carmen Wyler

A lot of people in the music profession often try to mold themselves after someone else, but it is those who do their own thing that stands out. Carmen is one who likes to do her own thing in music. She does most everything herself, producing, editing, upload, record, it is all hands on for Carmen. Her love for music is what drives her.

The love she has for music came at an early age, and whatever she heard, is what she sang. After Carmen began learning the piano, her true love for music sank in even deeper. Her day ever since has been engulfed in music. At the age of ten, Carmen shared her musical talents with the public. The crowd was small in Liechtenstein, but she gave her performance. Liechtenstein in 2011, was just the beginning, and now she has many performances, and loves them all. “I like every performance because it’s just that fun” says Carmen. Her last big performance was at EYOF (European Youth Olympic).

When performing Carmen likes the old classics like, Nina Simone, Ray Charles, but she also likes the new. If she is covering a newer band or artist she likes Milky Chance or Alt J. Carmen says they have their own soul and styles in their songs.

The love of performing does run deep with Carmen, and is about the feelings. “The feeling and the ability to show your feelings and thoughts throughout music and sounds” says Carmen.

With great artists comes great original music. Carmen is currently in the process of producing her own song. She is very excited about it and is looking forward to releasing it. It will be alternative, but also moody, emotional and rocky. “I don’t want to set myself a genre, it has to sound how I like it” says Carmen. She invests a great deal of time and work in her music to make it just right.

She dreams to work everyday as a musician. She wants to support herself and live by what she loves.

Carmen does carry much talent, and she is driven by music. Her passion for music shows with every performance. The work she puts into music and the passion, will allow her to realize the dreams she has. It will be an amazing thing to watch her grow in music.

Tara Bianco

Tara Bianco at stars2come

 Tara Bianco has the gift to turn every song she sings to gold. She is truly a pop sensation carrying the “wow” factor in everything she does from song delivery, to her appearance. When watching her videos it is easy to see that she is the next superstar, she can literally do it all sing, act and dance.  Tara’s newest song and video “Dance You Outta My Head” shows off all these qualities at their finest. She did an incredible job with this song, and her acting and dancing were done brilliantly. Dance You Outta My Head is an amazing song and Tara says it is for anyone who wants to escape their thoughts about someone or even something by letting go and dancing. She says she understands about this because when she gets frustrated at times and she will go to a dance class to breathe. This video was very well made and all the characters done a wonderful job. Tara said she got to feel like a superstar and was able to meet some amazing new people, and was a lot of fun to make the video.

Tara has a wonderful career started and it is all heading in the right direction and this great journey she is on all started out when she was just three years old. At three years of age is when she first started dancing and doing recitals, but her first theater production came when she was eight, she played Katie the Orphan in “Annie”. Tara has since played Peter Pan, and loved it. She said she got to fly and do something new and exciting. Tara has also played Jo in “Little Woman”. She really liked playing Jo because she got to show a different side of herself and take on a character where she had to focus to portray depth of the character.

Tara has done a lot with her singing and on stage in theater, but she has also made her way to the TV screen. She has done commercials for Toyota, tennis, and ice cream. She was also in a local Atlanta TV show episode, as well as the lead in a webisode.

She is an amazing performer and she loves to show her passion on stage. For Tara it really doesn’t matter if she is playing a character on stage or just being herself, she finds that performing just makes her happy and wants to do this for the rest of her life.

Tara has started writing songs, but she currently has only one song recorded. Even though she does not have but one song written, she does write a great deal of poetry. She says her poetry is very special to her because each one is about something that has happened to her and the only way she can show how she really feels is by writing it in a poem, this relaxes her.

There are many great things about Tara and she has had a great deal of success and this has all come from the hard work she puts into everything she does. She says she will not back down from a challenge and will never give up on her dream. Tara has been through a lot and this has made her stronger and has driven her to success. She said she loves what she does and will do what it takes to do it forever.

Tara is from South Carolina, but she has been rocking it out from there to LA and people are loving her everywhere she goes. She is a professional on stage and this is very important when performing live because the audience wants a great show and Tara gives it to them. Her music will be burning up the air waves very soon and all the teens around the globe will be talking and covering Tara Bianco.




Maria Diebolt

Maria Diebolt at stars2come



Maria is a wonderful young artist that loves singing as a way to help express herself. She is also amazing on stage. She says performing is something that she has always loved to do. Maria also says that when she is on stage, she gets an adrenaline rush and feels like she is on top of the world. Maria does love to perform, and her audiences love to see her, she is truly amazing.

Maria is a great artist, but she did not start out performing live as a singer, but a dancer, when she was about three years old. She says the ironic thing about it all is when she did start to sing her first performance was at a dance competition. She has done many performances since her beginning and has a couple that have remained special to her. She really enjoyed performing at the Circle of Lights which is a Christmas tree lighting ceremony in Indianapolis and when she did “Think” at a competition.

Maria’s talents has earned  her many awards, she has taken home trophies, ribbons and even cash to show for her amazing abilities. She says for her it really does not matter if you win or not as long as you have fun. She does have a great deal of fun out performing, and when on stage you can count on her to cover a wide range of artists and cover their songs exceptionally well. She says one of her ultimate goals is to perform at Madison Square Garden and to have her own sold out world tour. You can bet with her talent it will happen.

This wonderful young artist has been working on some songs of her own. Maria says she loves writing it is a way to get her feelings out and she has about 16 songs competed. She has a song that stands out to her called, “Stay Strong”. She wrote this song for a friend of her’s who had cancer, it was her way to tell her friend to stay strong. Maria is happy to say that her friend is today cancer free. For Maria most of her ideas come from everyday things. There is a song on her album called “Ferris Wheel” which happened to be one of those everyday things. She was at a fair that day and went on a Ferris wheel and later that night when looking through her pictures and saw a picture she took of the ride. Everyday experiences do make the best songs and you know these songs from Maria well be awesome.

This past spring Maria got to be a part of the Teen Nation Tour which was a lot of fun for her. She said it was also a lot of fun to meet her tour mates who have become her best friends. She loved going to the schools and spreading a message about anti-bullying to the kids in a new and fun way. For her the tour was about spreading a message and she truly believes that this tour did help a lot of kids know they are not alone and it does get better. Being bullied herself, Maria knows first hand what other kids are going through. Maria went to a private school from kindergarten to the sixth grade and was bullied the whole time. There were two girls that were always mean to her, she would go home everyday crying wondering what she did wrong and why they hated her so much. She and her mom even went to the principles office about it along with some other parents who’s kids were being bullied as well. Maria did manage to stay strong and make some good decisions and made it through it all. She ended up changing schools and when she did it also changed her whole life. After changing to public school she made real friends and the bulling stopped, people there did not judge her like others did before. She learned how one decision can change your whole life and wants other kids to see what one decision can do. Maria followed her dreams and stayed strong and she believes others can as well. Staying strong is not always easy, but with people like Maria helping to show the way and being there for others, they too can find a better way.

Maria is an amazing  artist and person, all anyone has to do is spend a short amount of time with her to see just what a wonderful person and performer she really is. She is a great role model for anyone. To be a role model you first have to believe in yourself and Maria is one of these people. She is amazing in many ways. She is looking at doing another anti-bulling tour soon be sure to catch her on that if she comes to your town. Maria is also working on her own album of original songs and is very excited to see her songs come to life. Maria is the real deal.

Ciana Pelekai

Ciana Pelekai at stars2come




Ciana is a beautiful young lady from Hawaii out spreading joy with her amazing voice and bubbly personality. She is so talented when it comes to singing she can bring the energy or touch your heart, and we have seen her do both in her performances on America’s Got Talent. In her last performance on the show she sang “Next To Me” and sang it brilliantly. During this performance you can really see her bubbly personality come out and the passion she has for performing. There were a lot of young people performing on AGT, but when Ciana hit the stage she defiantly the happiest girl on earth.

Ciana was six years old when she began to perform out in public, but it was her sister that inspired it all when she was even younger. Her sister was a singer and would follow her when she would perform. Ciana’s first performance was at Don Ho’s restaurant for a kids karaoke contest.

Ciana works hard for her dream and she truly believes in herself and her abilities. This year she made her second appearance on America’s Got Talent and said it was her favorite performance. She was on the show in 2009 as well, but she really loved it this time around. She said it was her favorite because she got to be on TV and sing in front of celebrity judges. Ciana did an amazing job on the show and everyone got to hear that wonderful voice of her’s and always spot on. As amazing as she was, she unfortunately did not make it too far, but we all truly enjoyed the time she was there. She said it was a great experience performing on the show. On Hawaii it is hard for her to perform because there are not many opportunities, so this was special for her. She said while she was on the show she did make some great friends who she continues to keep in touch with like, Anna Christine, Chloe, Genesis, and many more.

Performing is great fun for Ciana and it really showed in her TV performances, she was always smiling. Whenever she sings she likes to cover Christina Aguilera and Beyonce. She says she really loves their music and voices. She hopes to one day to become a famous singer and perform everywhere. Ciana certainly has the talent to take her to stardom and it is not likely the great ocean will hold her back from making her dreams come true.

Right now she doesn’t really have any plans, just going back to being herself with friends, school, and family. Even though she sings, she still feels that she is just an average girl that loves to perform on stage. This wonderful young lady will be back, you can bet on it. Ciana has far too much talent not to make it in the music industry. You can count on her rising up into the limelight again soon where she will amaze everyone once again. Ciana is amazing and amazing things happen to people like her.