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Indiana’s Triple Threat, Adia Dant

Introducing Indiana’s triple threat, Adia Dant. Adia is extremely skilled in dance, acting and singing. She has toured the country singing and dancing her way into people’s hearts as the beloved Annie. Here recently Adia released her first original song, Wings On Your Dreams produced in Nashville. She continues to astonish people with her skills and creativity in entertainment. At just twelve years old she has already accomplished a great deal and has proven there’s no limit to what she can do.   

Adia’s recording project, Wings On Your Dreams was her first original song. It is a song that has meaning and letting people know not to give up on their dreams.”My song has so much meaning not only to me but hopefully to other people to keep reaching for the stars and not to give up on your dreams” says Adia. The song was produced by Jonell Polansky at DaCapo music, and written by legendary Kim Williams. Adia delivered the song well, you can feel the passion and heart in its delivery. She is a true credit to music. 

Wings On Your Dreams:

The adventures Adia has had up to this point was started several years ago. She was a dancer first, then began to sing where she could. Adia first performed at the age of six or seven at Footlite Musicals summer camp as Ancestor Meng in Mulan and at Ben Davis Performing Arts Center as Kate in Annie. This all lead her to tour the country playing the iconic role of Annie. 

During the tour, Adia played the role of Pepper and Annie. The tour lasted one year with 310 shows in 32 cities with Martin Charnin directing the production. She loved being part of the tour. “It was an honor playing the title role of Annie 38 years after the first production on Broadway” says Adia. She said, she was blessed to have been picked to play these roles. “When I was on stage playing Annie, I had a real connection with her character and with Daddy Warbucks” says Adia. She loved working with the entire cast and crew. Adia says they became like family and are still very close. 

While touring the country Adia had the opportunity to spend a week performing in her hometown Indianapolis. They also made a stop in New Orleans which she enjoyed very much. They were there two weeks before Mardi Gras. “I remember how much fun it was to throw/receive the beads from all of the people on the roof tops and there were parades everyday” says Adia.  The most fun for Adia was meeting all the fans in all of the cities, signing the autographs and doing talk backs with the fans, everyone loves the story behind Annie. “I also loved being on stage 8 times a week and being involved in what I love to do, it’s like a dream come true” says Adia. 

Along the way she meet some amazing fans, but there was one family who she continues to stay in contact with. In the family were two girls and a baby boy, they were at the show in Ft. Myers Florida. Adia met them on the way out after the show. “They were too scared to talk to me at first until after I hugged them and asked if they liked the show” Adia says. Adia said they were so cute and after the tour, she sent them Annie t-shirts and a hat. No doubt Adia left a lasting impression on that family, but you can bet many others were touched by her along the way. She loves each and everyone of her fans. 

Adia continues to sing anywhere she can. She was honored to have been chosen to sing at the 54th Circle Of Lights in November 2016. “I felt so blessed to have been chosen to perform in my hometown in front of 100,000 plus people” says Adia. She will be performing in Nashville this June during CMA week if you would like to catch one of her performances. She loves to be able to perform at so many places, this lets her be herself, and singing lets her express the emotional side of the song. 

She dreams of pursuing a career in acting, singing and dancing. “I really love being on stage in music theater productions and I am also interested in trying out some TV and film projects” says Adia. She puts a great deal of time in sharpening her crafts to help her realize her dreams. This summer she will be participating in a summer theater camp in July, and then she will be traveling out of town for dance nationals. 

Being versatile in the entertainment business leads to success. It has been Adia’s versatility that has allowed her to live part of her dreams thus far. With her continued efforts more of her dreams will come. Adia works hard and her achievements are testament to what can happen to those who strive. It will be exciting to watch her grow in the entertainment field. The sky is the limit for someone as talented as Adia. 

Hannah Richardson “Daydream”

Hannah Richardson at stars2come

Hannah Richardson has always been known for her big powerful voice, and everyone that hears her still listens in amazement. While Hannah is very skillful at singing, she is brilliant at writing as well. Hannah has grown a lot over the past couple of years as an artist, and the original songs she has been producing shows how gifted she really is. Hannah recently released a music video of her song, “Daydream”, and it’s sensational! Even though it relates to boys Hannah says it did not originate from her experience of daydreaming about boys. The idea came from school one semester last year. Every Friday in science they had a quiz, and they had about 30 minutes to take it. Most students finished in about 10 minutes and had to sit quietly until the others finished. Hannah noticed herself daydreaming as well as many of the other students. “I started writing some lyrics about daydreaming. I picked the universal subject of boys and it all came together” she said. Hannah wrote the lyrics and the music for Daydream, then used her computer to add instruments and layer it. She sent the song to Kit Worton who owns Right Touch Studios in Atlantic City for him to listen to. Then came recording day, they tweaked a few minor things, added more drums and tempo, and Daydream is now a hit.

Hannah’s video Daydream came out on the same day as her CD titled Daydreams, and has gotten a great response. In a few days after release the video had already reached over 12,000 views making it a new hit for Hannah. She feels the video put a visual story with the song, and feels the younger teen viewers of today will relate  and it will bring back memories for the older generation. Hannah says all the feedback  she has been getting have all been positive. Hannah not only wrote the song Daydream, but she also wrote the script for the video. After having the script, Hannah’s mom shot the video in a few different locations, but the scenes at the school were thought of later. Hannah gathered up some friends she worked with on a recent play and went to the school where her mom shot many video scenes. It took about 3 hours to do the filming that day. There were many scenes that were improvised such as, Sam when he was thrown in the locker. Everyone involved had great suggestions, and it all ended up being a lot of fun.   Hannah then took all the shots and did the editing herself, and now she has one amazing music video that everyone loves.

Songwriting is a great skill to have, and a must for many artists, and Hannah is proving herself to be an amazing writer. She has written several songs, some of which are on her CD Daydreams. On that CD is a song called, “Complicated” which was written to express how sometimes friendships can get complicated. In this particular case it is not letting others get in the way of a special friendship.  In creating the video for the song, Hannah came out of it with a new special friend. Hannah made the video for Complicated soon after moving to their new house and she didn’t have any friends yet. The other girl in the video is Emily who lives next door, Hannah met her and asked if she would be in the video, she said yes. The video turned out great and now Hannah has a new friend.

Hannah does  make a lot of great videos, and it is her brother Sam who is by her side in some of these. Sam is more of a sports person, but he is a very good actor. Hannah says he is hilarious. At first Sam was reluctant to be in the video, but she said if you offer him food he will do about anything. With all of that aside Sam is a talented actor and if he ever decided, he could go a long way in TV.

Hannah Richardson at stars2come  When listening to Hannah’s songs one cannot help, but notice that they all seem to be about boys. Hannah has been home schooled most of her life and has not been around boys or relationship situations yet, and attributes most of her inspiration from things like books. She reads a lot, enjoys watching classic movies and does theater, and they are all filled with different types of relationships.  Hannah has a journal that she writes in most every day, and when she looks back at what she wrote she finds usually themes. Some of those themes are all normal emotions that we all go through. She tends to be an optimist and writes about more positive things than negative. Wondering if Hannah had another CD coming? She said,  she has several ideas in the works for some new songs, but CD’s are expensive to make. When Hannah does make an album she goes in and does it all in 2 days, and for this she works hard to be fully prepared. Whenever her next CD does come out we will all be ready to buy a copy of our own.

Aside from her writing and videos, Hannah continues to perform regularly anywhere she can, and one of these places happens to be the world famous, Apollo Theater. Hannah has currently performed on stage there 11 times and it is magical for her every time. “Knowing that legends like Michael Jackson, Etta James, Stevie Wonder, Donna Sommer, James Brown, among other icons have performed there is inspiring” says Hannah. She speaks regularly with the music director there and he has been very supportive and a mentor. For the past two years Hannah has been invited to the Apollo Holiday Special. There are about 8 children 17 or younger from all around the US that are asked to perform in the holiday special. She says the talent she performs with is amazing. Outside of performing at the Apollo, she does get around pretty well. Since moving to State College, Pa. she has been very busy. It was just their second day there when her dad got her set up at an open mic night at a restaurant called, The Gambil Mill. Hannah has now become a regular around Penn State University sporting events. She has performed at the sold out Bryce Jorden Center, for basketball and wrestling matches as well as the new Pegula Ice Hockey arena . Hannah says having almost 20,000 screaming and cheering fans is thrilling.

Hannah has pretty much been involved with theater all her life and continues to perform in them even though it takes up a lot of time. Last year she was in 3 great plays, Annie, Beauty and the Beast, and Mid Summer Night’s Dream. Hannah has played many lead roles on stage, but recently she made her first lead on film. She got to play a disturbed girl with some major psychological issues. She said it had almost an Alfred Hitchcock feel to it. Hannah also says that the Penn State production was a blast and was featured in the annual Blue and White Film Festival.

Hannah also got to be in a competition called Centre Sings. This was a great experience for her and anyone could audition for the semi-finals. There were no age limits, and she made it to the finals and then on to be awarded first place. She said she went a little risky singing a Broadway number called, “I Want To Be A Rockette”. Hannah says it was a special night.

Currently Hannah is heading to Theater Arts Camp for three weeks in the Adirondack Mountains of upstate New York. She says it might be her favorite three weeks every year. This will be her third year so she will not be a newbie anymore. There are no computers, cell phones just fresh air singing and dancing and building lifelong relationships. Hannah will also be going back to public school this year entering the 8th grade. She believes there will be some great adventures to come.

Hannah has always brought smiles to people’s faces for a longtime, and no doubt she will for many years to come. She has the talent to bring great music to anyone in the audience. She can perform anything from country, rock, pop, Broadway, you name it she can bring it. She often mixes genres in her performances leaving  no one untouched by her music. There are many more great things to come from Hannah and she is climbing high up on that mountain. It is going to be a thrill to see how high she can go. I say, “all” the way!



The Toy Shoppe

The Toy Shoppe at stars2come

The Toy Shoppe is the hottest new show to hit Branson Missouri, starring Billy Dean and Chloe Channell from America’s Got Talent. While there are many great shows in Branson, The Toy Shoppe held at the Starlite Theater is quickly becoming a favorite to all who stop in and see the show. After watching this great show it is easy  to see why it is growing and becoming everyone’s favorite. This show really has it all, it has comedy, music, toys that come to life and a great cast that makes it all happen. The Toy Shoppe is truly a wholesome show for the whole family, it will make you laugh, wonder and cry, it is a heartwarming show that will stick with you for a longtime to come.

The Toy Shoppe was created by Kenny Rogers and has been seen on Broadway and has spent several years on the road and has now made its way to Branson. For all those years Hank Longley had been played by Kenny Rogers, but now the role has been passed on to Billy Dean. Billy is amazing playing Hank. Hank is the owner of the Toy Shoppe which has been passed down through the family and is facing a takeover by a ruthless business man. The shop is often visited by children and once they learn of the possible takeover they do their best to try and keep Hank’s spirits up and believe things can happen. Some amazing things do happen at the shop once everyone leaves. After everyone has gone, the magic begins and the toys come to life. These are very talented toys too, singing and dancing, and even one monkey that flies through the air, but the toys too worry about what is happening to the shop.

The Toy Shoppe at stars2comeThe Toy Shoppe is a big success and much of this comes from the amazing cast. They are all extremely talented, but after spending some time with members of the cast talking and observing it is like they are all just one big family. They laugh,  joke and  share stories with each other, they truly do care about one another and it is this bond they have that brings this story to life. Its the caring nature they have off stage that ends up warming your heart so much on stage. Even though they may be actors, some things cannot be hidden and the joy you see on stage is not acting, the same joy is  found off stage as well.

While there I had the great pleasure of talking with a couple of the cast member’s and one of these was Madeline Grace Popovich. Madeline plays Rosemary and no matter if she is Rosemary or Madeline she is a pure joy to be around, she is always happy and smiling. No matter if you are just sitting her personality makes it fun, and it shows on stage. Madeline was kind enough to talk a little about her part and the show. Rosemary is one of the 6 kids that come into the Toy Shoppe daily to hear all the great stories about the toys from Hank. Madeline says some of the things in the show she likes are where she sings Silent Night and when Hank gives her a toy called Hero which he thinks should not be in a box. Madeline was asked why she thought the show was such a good thing, she said, ” Because it is a fun story with toys in it and they interact with the audience, like when they are throwing plastic balls out into the audience and there are also times when it is really sentimental and talks about how one of the characters is an angel”. Madeline has been in about 30 shows now so far and she really liked the opening show the best, because Kenny Rogers was there to watch them. The story means a lot to Madeline and she says it tells her that you can put the phone down sometimes and spend time with family. She also says that since the show started the people she talked with after each show all loved it.

The Toy Shoppe at stars2come Another amazing character that I got to speak with was Chloe Channell who sings some amazing songs in the show. One of the songs she sings is at the opening just before the story begins called “Where’s The Line To See Jesus” and her delivery of this song will touch your heart every-time she sings it, winning over everyone in the audience. Chloe won the hearts of many on America’s Got Talent and now she is winning them on stage as Katie. Chloe says what she likes most about the story is it talks about putting away the electronics and take in all the successful things we have in life besides electronics, looking back to more simpler times. She loves a lot of things about being in the show, like the singing and dancing, but it is mostly the singing and the people, she loves to see people smile. Chloe also loves singing with Billy Dean and because she was already familiar with his music, it made it that much better. Being from Florida she thought it would be tough without her friends, but she has made many new friends that she enjoys being with every day. For her the show is a lot of work, but at the same time it is fun. After the show during the meet and greets she says she gets so many great compliments and that everyone just loves the show, and how it steals their hearts and minds.

Chloe and Madeline along with the rest of the amazing cast do work very hard, but they all love it and it shows in every performance. It is the great chemistry of the cast members and the well written story that keeps winning the hearts of every person who sees it. I was there for 2 shows and both received standing ovations, and this has been the case for each show since it began. Once you see this for yourself you will fall in love with the it. The characters will touch your heart, and you will want to see it again and again. Make your plans today to go see The Toy Shoppe it will be one of the best decisions you have made. The Toy Shoppe at the Starlite Theater in Branson Mo.

The Toy Shoppe at stars2come“The Toy Shoppe” Don’t Miss It!

Gianna Nicole


Gianna Nicole at stars2come




Often when a small person appears on camera or walks out on stage you never really know what to expect other than, aw isn’t she or he cute. With eight year old Gianna she fits right in the cute category and what you can expect from her, is pure amazement. She is proof positive that a small package can deliver big things. When Gianna sings her delivery is that of someone three times her age but, she has such a distinctive and powerful voice that there is no mistake who is singing. Gianna has a unique sound, and along with her spunky personality she will make a great contribution to Broadway and the world of music.

Gianna loves theater and that is exactly where her great career took root. She started performing at the age of six at a local regional theater in South Jersey. The production she was in was a rendition of, “Number the Stars”. She said once she stepped on stage she was hooked!

Gianna Nicole at stars2come Since her beginning she has gone on to do several productions and has gained a few favorites among them. One of her favorites was when she had the opportunity to perform at the legendary and world famous Apollo Theater in New York for their amateur night; Broadway Night.  This was a sold out theater with over 2000 in attendance and after her performance she got a standing ovation. Gianna said it was very cool to perform on the same stage in the same spot as the young Michael Jackson. She has also been named to their “Stars of Tomorrow Registry”. Another favorite of hers was the production of Meet Me in St. Louis. She played the character, “Tootie Smith”; she loved this role because she could really relate to her and get into the role. Gianna loved the fact that  her character was very mischievous and got into a lot of interesting situations. Gianna says that is totally opposite of who she really is. Also among her favorites was when she got to play the marquee role of “Tiny Tim” in A Christmas Carol. This production was held at America’s oldest and most subscribed to theater, The Walnut Street Theater. She said it was really neat preparing for this role and making the transition into a boy from the 1800’s. She was so good at her role that several of the theater employees actually thought she was a boy; they would tell her parents after the show, “Your son did a great job today”. Gianna said that is a huge compliment for a female actress. With all the shows she does, what she loves is the opportunity to transition into different characters. She also enjoys the thrill of the live performance where she is able to pull the audience into her world. Gianna is currently a part of several call backs for Broadway shows.

Gianna just loves to sing and she does every day. She says singing gives her a feeling of joy and freedom. She also says it feels almost like she is outside her body watching someone else perform and hit those notes. Gianna’s parents tells her stories of how she would try to sing as an infant, by moving her mouth to words before she could even speak when music was being played. She is truly thankful and blessed that she has a gift and can experience music through her instrument. She hopes to one day win a Grammy, Tony, Oscar and Emmy. She said this might be a tall order but, she has commitment and focus. Tall order or not Gianna has the talent to bring home these awards time and again and will likely be packing one home here in the near future.

Gianna Nicole at stars2come Gianna is in the process of writing and producing her own original motivational song for kids. She says she is blessed to be working on this project with her vocal coach, Sal Dupree. She says Sal always gives her fantastic vocal direction and assists her in learning more about her instrument in each session and he is not just a coach but, a member of their family and the fantastic producer of Right Touch Studios, Kit Worton.

Gianna is just an ordinary eight year old girl that likes to do what most other girls her age likes to do. She strives to be someone others can look up to. She says she may come across as reserve or quiet but, this just means she is observing. She thinks it is very important in life not to leave others out and to “Stand Up and Scream and Shout” for what you believe in.

One of the first things about Gianna when watching one of her singing performances is how happy she really is. It is obvious the happiness she has when performing is her driving force. While she is highly skilled in her vocal ability for theater it does not stop there. She has the capabilities to move into other genres and deliver those songs with great precision and perfection. Gianna’s skills far exceeds her age and not only vocally but, theatrically as well. A major part of being a Broadway star is the ability to tell the story with not only  your voice but, with gestures and body movements, and Gianna does this seemingly without any effort, captivating and taking those who watch, truly into her world. There have been many big stars on Broadway and now there is Gianna a little girl with a big power house voice that could easily be the biggest star yet to hit Broadway.




Michelle Willis

Michelle Singing at stars2come




Michelle is a young lady that was born to sing and entertain others, and she does this very well. The voice that Michelle has is just incredible. Her voice is not just perfect pitch, but she has great theatrics in it as well and when you listen all that comes to mind is, “WOW”! She is very gifted in her voice allowing her to sing pop or theater. While she is great at singing pop, her voice is perfect for theater and she uses it very well when she is on stage. The stage is certainly where her destiny lies. It does not matter what you watch her sing, she always has great gestures, and attitude in her performances that keeps you glued to her throughout the song. When you can do this in a performance whether it is for a packed house or just one person, then you have become a star and Michelle certainly has earned that title.

Michelle made her first performance in 2004 when she was three years old at a church Christmas Eve service. The music director there said she has perfect pitch and encouraged her to pursue her gift of singing. She took this advice and now she is doing some pretty amazing things. She has made her way to the stage in theater productions taking on several different roles including lead. Michelle stared as Annie in the professional Lagniappe Theater’s production on Annie the Musical. She has also performed in front of a sold out crowd for the annual Christmas Spectacular in Alexandria, Louisiana. She really enjoyed this because it was one of the biggest productions she had been in. She loves being on stage for a huge crowd. Here just recently she performed in the production Cats with the professional Lagniappe Theater Company. All of these performances were sold out and because of the great attendance they added another show.

Michelle Willis at stars2comeThere has been a lot of great things happen for Michelle since her beginning. In 2008 she received awards at a singing recital and in 2012 for Young performer of the Year at the Lagniappe Theater.  She has also been accepted into the Louisiana Kids, Inc. as well as Live Art Cabaret, which is a performing arts troupe that celebrates modern and classic music theater as well as contemporary music.

Michelle loves to sing because she gets a great feeling of accomplishment and joy that comes afterwards when people enjoy her performances. plus the happiness that it brings to others makes it all worth while for her. The brilliance she has when it comes to singing has also landed her on TV as well. She has been featured several times on their local TV for her singing performances and interviews. When she went to audition for America’s Got Talent she was again featured on the New Orleans news channel. This past year her recording of, “Where’s The Line to See Jesus” by Becky Kelley was played by three regional radio stations during Christmas. More recently she recorded a commercial that was aired on radio.

Michelle’s goal is to become a professional singer and to get a role in a Broadway production someday. Broadway is where she is destined to be. She has accomplished many great things so far and with having so much great talent to give, she is sure to be on Broadway. While she loves the performing arts she is still just a regular kid who enjoys many things. Some of her hobbies include, reading, skating, swimming, and writing stories. She also loves the outdoors and enjoys going fishing and hunting. Michelle says she likes trying new things and has been fortunate to be able to travel the world with her parents.

Michelle is really remarkable carrying so much character in her performances. When she finally does make it to Broadway they are going to love her so much they will never let her go. One day you will be walking down Broadway and look up and there will be her name in lights. She is someone who no one will want to miss. You can keep track of Michelle on YouTube and Facebook.


Sarah Moss

Sarah Moss



Sarah Moss is a 14 year old singer, songwriter and actress from Scottsdale, Arizona; she’s been singing and acting on stage since she was 5 years old.  Sarah’s mom says she was memorizing songs on the radio when she was three years old, but it really was her preschool teacher who first told her she had a really good voice and kept telling her she was going to be a star someday.  From that point on all Sarah wanted to do is sing.  She was 4 years old when her parents took her to see “The Sound of Music.”  Sarah remembers being mesmerized by all the beautiful voices; therefore, she tried to copy how they were singing.  When she was five years old Sarah got cast in “Grease;” her very first play at a local community theater.  It was here that she discovered her love for theater.

Young Sarah always loved Disney movies and her favorite movie was, “The Little Mermaid.”  She used to sing the song “Part of Your World” about fifty times a day.  It was her favorite song and remembers people really paying attention to her when she sang it.  When Sarah was 6 years old her mom saw a flyer for singing auditions for a local charity event.  She auditioned with “Part of Your World,” as it was the only song she really knew at the time.  She remembers how amazed people were with her singing.  Needless to say, Sarah got cast and sang that song in front of about 300 people at this charity event called, “Uniting Artists” at the Scottsdale Civic Center in Arizona.  Since then, Little Sarah fell in love with performing and hasn’t stopped since.

Sarah continued with Community Theater and got cast in several shows while each time getting bigger parts.  Some of the shows she’s been in are: “The King and I,” the role of Lottie in “A Little Princess – Sarah Crewe,” “The Princess and The Pea,” Tess in “The Golden Goose,” Glinda in “The Wizard of OZ,” Veruca Salt in“Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory,” Belle in “Beauty and the Beast” and now playing Ariel in “The Little Mermaid.”  Her absolute favorite performance was playing the part of Belle in “Beauty and the Beast” at Desert Foothills Theater last May of 2012.  Her second favorite is now being cast as Ariel in “The Little Mermaid” at Greasepaint Youtheater, in Scottsdale, where she’ll be singing her first song from childhood, “Part of Your World” for an audience once again.  Sarah hopes to someday be on Broadway since this really is her first love.

Besides theater, Sarah has had the opportunity to compete in several local, Scottsdale, competitions.  When she was nine years old Sarah won a Hannah Montana lip-syncing contest for Radio Disney and got to see a filming of the show and have some pictures taken with the cast of Hannah Montana.  Also, at the age of 9 years old, Sarah’s mom signed her up for a summer camp called Camp Rock.  It’s where one gets paired up with other kids to form a rock group.   Each group has one week to write and perform a song with the other members of their group.  Sarah was the vocalist in the rock band called “Freaky Astronauts.”  There were two guitar players, a drummer and piano player.  The winning group would get to perform at the half time show for the Phoenix Mercury at the US Airways Center.  They ended up winning this and it really was Sarah’s first experience being in a group.  She absolutely loved it and hopes to form or join a group again someday soon.

When Sarah was 11 years old she joined a talent agency and started doing singing competitions around town.  At 13 years of age Sarah was cast in a national commercial for a product called Dickinson’s Witch Hazel.  She played a teenage girl that was extremely upset because she had found a pimple on her forehead.  It was really thrilling for Sarah to get because she got to see what it was like to film for TV and not just theater.  She also found out this past year that she was cast in an independent film, called “Actor – a documentary?”  Sarah had gone on an interview when she was eleven years old for this documentary audition.  She was told they were interviewing thousands of applicants, so she probably wouldn’t get cast.  Sarah later found out they used parts of  her interview in the film.  She went to the premier a few months ago and is hoping a film festival picks it up so that others can see it.

People kept asking if she took singing lessons, so eventually her mom enrolled her in lessons.  Sarah had taken singing lessons from about 7 years old to 12 years old.  In addition to Camp Rock, Sarah has been involved in a performing group called, “Acts of Love.”  It’s a group of kids between the ages of 12 and 18.  They perform songs for various charities and recently performed for the local shelters around the holidays.  Sarah will also be performing some of her original songs for a charity event being put on by “Tunes for Tots” at the end of January, 2013.  She’s also planning on singing her original songs at local clubs around town.  Sarah just got an electric piano for the holidays and plans on using it to accompany herself.

Sarah Moss at stars2come  Sarah attends a college prep art school, called Arizona School for the Arts, the school teaches college level academics and Sarah is learning to play the piano, flute and has also learned how to play the guitar.  Learning the drums is next on her list of instruments.  Sarah has also recently started writing songs.  When she was about 11 years old Sarah wrote her very first song while fooling around in her bedroom singing to a camera; that song is called “Crazy” and it’s now finally posted on YouTube.  Sarah never really had any confidence in her writing ability so she kept it under lock and key for a few years.  She has several other songs now that she has written and has slowly started posting them on YouTube.  Sarah has written a total of ten songs, four of which she’s very proud of.  The last four songs Sarah wrote are very special to her; however, the song “I Can’t Take It” is her absolute favorite song because the song was written out of an inspiration she got from the character of “Snow White.”  The above really points out the need to encourage our youth as they need to be nurtured in order to thrive.

Sarah loves writing stories in school which in turn has started to give her more confidence in writing songs.  Sarah would love being a recording artist singing her own songs.  Taylor Swift is a big inspiration to Sarah and a lot of her songs are influenced by her style of writing.  Sarah likes all kinds of music and believes it’s important to listen to a variety of styles of music in order to become a well-rounded singer.  Sarah listens to Broadway, Pop, Country, R&B, Blues, Soul and Jazz.  This is really how she first learned to sing; copying the singers she would hear and then eventually start singing the songs.  One of Sarah’s favorite artists to cover is Christina Aguilera.  She likes the way she sings and all the riffs she does with her songs, especially the songs in the movie, “Burlesque.”  The big powerhouse songs and ballads are Sarah’s favorites.  The ballad, “Bound to You” in the movie is her favorite of all the songs.  Sarah actually sang “Bound to You” for Junior Idol.  This was a local singing competition in which she won first place when she was 12 years old.

Sarah has an incredible voice and is able to wow people with her ability to sing pitch perfectly at very low amplitudes and at the peek of her crescendos.  She has some of the most amazing fluctuations in vocal modulation while shifting through keys so effortlessly.  Emulating the voices of Disney characters is another quality that Sarah has honed and perfected over the years.  The things Sarah is able to do with her voice are quite simple astonishing, and her comedic side can burst out without any prior notice.  This teenager loves life and lives at its fullest while at the same time excelling in academics.

Some of the things Sarah is hoping to start up in the next few months are: Creating a personal website, getting on iTunes and auditioning for Princess Jasmine at a local community theater.  Singing, writing and performing makes Sarah very happy because she feels confident when doing so.  For Sarah, finding out what makes a person happy and the pursuing a life of happiness is important.  As of now, Sarah can be found on 2 You Tube Channels.  One other thing you may not know is in addition to singing, Sarah also loves making people laugh.   She has a “Sarah Moss Music channel” and a “Sarah Moss Comedy channel.”  Sarah is also on Facebook, RaterBug and Twitter. Singing, writing and performing makes Sarah very happy because she feels confident when doing them.  Sarah believes it’s important to find out what makes you truly happy and then to pursue that life of happiness, and that seems to be exactly what she is doing.  If you would like to keep up with Sarah on any of her sites, then here are some links for your use: YouTube music, YouTube comedy, Facebook, RaterBug, and Twitter.

Story By: Perry Malinos a stars2come contributor

Alex Wunder

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Alex is a wonderful new star coming out of Ohio. He is a great vocalist who is breathing life back into many of the old classics. Alex does sing current songs as well, but he finds great pleasure performing the older songs and putting his own spin to them. When it comes to the classics, the older generation truly loves hearing these songs, but Alex is finding that once his generation hears them, they like them just as much. He recently found out just how much people likes the music he sings when he won Ohio’s Got Talent. This competition lasted three nights, and his first performance that landed him into the finals he sang, “How Am I Suppose To Live Without You” by Michael Bolton. Then for the finals he sang a medley of 60’s and 70’s songs. He says this was an amazing experience and one he will never forget.

Alex does enjoy the songs from the 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s and a lot of this comes from his dad who use to be a DJ when he was in college. His dad has hundreds of albums and they are what Alex grew up listening to. When ever he is looking for a new song to cover he often finds himself looking to songs from those eras. He started off singing in public when he was five at a high school festival where they had karaoke. The DJ for this didn’t want him to hold the mic, he thought Alex would drop it, but when he started to sing, the DJ pushed him out into center stage. Alex said there were a lot of high school students there and were cheering him on, he really liked it and he knew then he wanted to become a singer.

When someone has great talent people do recognize it and often the one’s with the talent do have great things that happen and that has held true for Alex. He not only won first place for Ohio’s Got talent, but also won first in Mason Idol. He got to sing the National Anthem for the sold out 8200 seat Dayton Dragons game, and last month he sang Ave Maria in Latin at a wedding. When he was in the 7th grade the high school choir director asked him to be in  a high school play. Alex was cast as Colin in the, “Secret  Garden” and in the 8th grade he played Gavroche in “Les Miserables”. All performances were accompanied by the high school orchestra, Les Miserables sold out 800 seats three out of four performances. It is evident that Alex has captured the attention of many people and they love all that he does. This past summer he participated in a three week, Lovewell Institute SummerStock Teen Productions Camp, at the Human Race Theater in Dayton Ohio. While there they wrote their own musical, including the script and music in three weeks and got to perform it to a live audience at the Loft Theater in Dayton Ohio.

Alex loves the feeling he gets when he is on stage, it is like he is a different person and free to express himself. He likes seeing people’s expressions during his performances, he knows he is making them feel good and happy. He wants to be the best he can be in anything he does, especially music. After each performance whether he wins or not he goes back and listens for mistakes to learn what he did wrong, and making sure to correct them for the next time. Now this is a winning attitude to have, if many others would follow this method they too would grow bigger and better in anything they do.  He wants music to be in his life forever, because music is a big part of his life. Alex is a hard worker and is dedicated to his music.

This past weekend his school sponsored the largest Acapella Festival in the country, 32 groups from schools from four states. His school has two groups, “Eleventh Hour” (10-11-12th graders) and “Fusion” (9-12th graders) and performed prior to the professional acapella group from Nashville (Delilah). In early December he will be performing at the 27th Annual Rock for Tots and Charity Auction. Then in mid December he will be performing in a Christmas Concert as part of a fund raising project to help build a library in Belize. Also in December he will start performing the National Anthem for the girls varsity home basketball games at his high school.

Alex is just a remarkable young man and at just fourteen years old. He has such a great future ahead of him, he is one artist that will be around for a long time to come. He has the desire and determination that makes great performers. Alex has lot of the same characteristics as Jack Vidgen, the winner of last years Australian’s Got Talent, and Alex will rise just as high here in the US, to where Alex Wunder becomes a household name. Don’t miss a thing that Alex does!