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October 23, 2016 – 11:11 am | No Comment

There is a brand new CD that has come out that is a must have for any music lover by, American Hope. The CD is self titled American Hope. The CD  consists of ten songs …

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Indiana’s Triple Threat, Adia Dant

May 28, 2017 – 9:03 am | 2 Comments
Adia and Sandy at stars2come

Introducing Indiana’s triple threat, Adia Dant. Adia is extremely skilled in dance, acting and singing. She has toured the country singing and dancing her way into people’s hearts as the beloved Annie. Here recently Adia released her first original song, Wings On Your Dreams produced in Nashville

Hannah Richardson “Daydream”

August 3, 2014 – 11:13 am | 2 Comments
Hannah Richardson at stars2come

Hannah Richardson has always been well known for her big powerful voice, and everyone that hears her still listens in amazement. While Hannah is very skillful at singing, she is brilliant at writing as well

The Toy Shoppe

December 1, 2013 – 12:38 pm | No Comment
The Toy Shoppe at stars2come

The Toy Shoppe is the hottest new show to hit Branson Missouri, starring Billy Dean and Chloe Channell from America’s Got Talent. While there are many great shows in Branson, The Toy Shoppe held at the Starlite Theater is quickly becoming a favorite to all

Gianna Nicole

July 3, 2013 – 1:58 pm | No Comment
Gianna Nicole at stars2come

Often when a small person appears on camera or walks out on stage you never really know what to expect other than, aw isn’t she or he cute. With eight year old Gianna she fits right in the cute category and what you can expect from her, is pure amazement.

Michelle Willis

April 29, 2013 – 12:32 pm | 2 Comments
Michelle Willis at stars2come

Michelle is a young lady that was born to sing and entertain others, and she does this very well. The voice that Michelle has is just incredible. Her voice is not just perfect pitch,

Sarah Moss

January 9, 2013 – 4:23 pm | 4 Comments
Sarah Moss at stars2come

Sarah Moss is a 14 year old singer, songwriter and actress from Scottsdale, Arizona; she’s been singing and acting on stage since she was 5 years old. Sarah’s mom says she was memorizing songs on the radio when she was three years old, but it really was her preschool teacher who first told her she had a really good voice and kept telling her she was going to be a star someday.

Alex Wunder

November 23, 2012 – 9:21 am | No Comment
Alex Wunder at stars2come

Alex is a wonderful new star coming out of Ohio. He is a great vocalist who is breathing life back into many of the old classics. Alex does sing current songs as well, but he finds great pleasure performing the older songs and putting his own spin to them. When it comes to the classics, the older generation truly loves hearing these songs,