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October 23, 2016 – 11:11 am | No Comment

There is a brand new CD that has come out that is a must have for any music lover by, American Hope. The CD is self titled American Hope. The CD  consists of ten songs …

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Ashley Yankello

February 26, 2017 – 6:29 am | No Comment
Ashley Yankello at stars2come

On occasion there will be someone to come forward, but not expecting it, and blow your mind. Living in Pennsylvania is one of the few that will “wow” the listener, just like the superstars did. This person is, nine year old Ashley Yankello.

Karoline Rhett, “Brave”

November 14, 2015 – 12:33 pm | No Comment
Karoline Rhett at stars2come

The anticipation is finally behind us, Karoline’s new EP “Brave” has now been released. Waiting was tough, but it was well worth it

Courtney Hadwin

August 30, 2015 – 10:00 am | 2 Comments
courtney Hadwin at stars2come

Courtney is a wonderful new rising star in the UK. She has not been out singing for very long at all, but people are taking notice.

Jenna Lee

September 21, 2014 – 8:06 am | 3 Comments
Jenna Lee at stars2come

Jenna Lee is a lovely and talented young lady. She is twelve years old and lives in Canada. Canada has a lot of cold weather, and often plummets below zero, but Jenna can warm any atmosphere,

Jack Vidgen

August 8, 2010 – 3:19 am | 19 Comments
Jack Vidgen at stars2come

Jack is another powerful voice coming from Australia and he is working to take his place among the many great artists coming out of Australia such as , Cody Simpson.

Jglia Cabilan Dajay

July 30, 2010 – 11:57 am | 18 Comments
Jglia Dajay

Jglia Cabilan Dajay thirteen years old from the Philippines with a wonderful voice and suprised everyone with it

Sabrina Carpenter : Nothing Compares 2U

July 19, 2010 – 3:27 pm | 13 Comments
sabrina carpenter

 Sabrina is one performer that continues to amaze me. Her performances are indeed some of the best. The last article I done on her she was very good , but in this short time she …

Hannah Richardson

July 16, 2010 – 4:11 pm | 4 Comments
Hannah richardson

 This adorable nine year old from Pennsylvania has one powerhouse of a voice , not only can she deliver a song but has an incredible range for her age. She has a good high range …